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    My Favorite Restaurant Essay (848 words)

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    Nowadays in order to find a place of entertainment in town, you do not need to go far, you just have to walk 10 meters from home. But to find a good restaurant that in future would be your favorite is easy said than done. Recently, people began to spend their time there much often. And it provoked rapid growth and development of this kind of business. As a result, every day a lot of restaurants appear. But why customers are so attracted by these places? After all, if desired, a tasty meal could be done at home. Customers are not even afraid of big bills. Of course, everyone has their own reasons for dining in a restaurant.

    • Firstly, in these establishments, people know for sure that food was cooked according to all technologies. For instance, I adore all kinds of cakes and other pastries, and it is possible to cook it at home, of course, but they are unlikely to be as tasty as the professionals do.
    • Secondly, at home you have to do all the dirty work by yourself: wash the dishes, cook. Being a guest in the restaurant the staff washes the entire kitchen. And in the bar or cafeteria, you just relax. What could be easier?
    • Thirdly, a good restaurant is the most suitable place where you can hold any celebration: wedding, anniversary, childbirth, engagement, corporate party, etc.

    In general, there may be hundreds of reasons to visit such enterprises, but in my opinion, these three are the most basic.

    Well, it should be noted that among the huge variety of different restaurants, the most popular are those where a pleasant atmosphere reigns, light music plays, treats delicious dishes and drinks, and waiters are attentive to each client.

    My favorite restaurant short essay example

    I often have the desire to go to a cozy cafe, to spend some time with a cup of aromatic coffee or another warm drink and to eat a pie… Or to eat a burger with cola in fast food. Yes, yes, that’s right, you heard right, I wrote in English that I like to eat tasty in fast food. I like visit to a restaurant with my family or by my own . In general, I have a lot of places that I adore. But among the most beloved, I should highlight two—Paradise and McDonald’s.

    Let’s start with Paradise. This place is located on the outskirts of the town, near the lake. Therefore, a visit there brings me great pleasure. I would say that the main descriptive word for this restaurant is atmospheric. You have no idea how beautiful the view opens from the terrace… So what the customers are doing half the evening is taking photos. Perhaps this is the main reason why I go to eat there. It is main, but not the only one. I should note elegant music and fantastic cuisine. Therefore, here you can dine with your couple, have fun with friends, celebrate a birthday or have a party. The customers of different age and with various interests and living standards come here.

    Prices there are not very low; the average dinner cost is about 20-30 dollars per person. But I appreciate the high quality and good service, that’s why I visit Paradise quite a lot.

    Friendly waiters greet you at the entrance, near the counter, and offer to choose your favorite table, if there is one. If not, customers are waiting for a table at the bar. Incidentally, Paradise has face control, so men in short pants or women in too short skirts are unlikely to be able to enter the building.

    After the customers have taken the table, the waiter comes up to them and offers to get acquainted with the menu. After the customers have made their choice and voiced it to the waiter, they will have to wait for food. Later the waiter brings out the drinks to the customers, and within 25 minutes—the rest of the food.

    Why I love McDonald’s

    My second favorite place is McDonald’s. It’s hard to admit it, but I love fast food. Where if not here can be a cheap and tasty gorge? It is loved by everyone, both children and adults. Oh, this french fries … Thanks to them, McDonald’s is always overcrowded. McDonald’s has a fairly high rate of the fulfillment of orders so that the customers do not wait very long for their food. Also, the restaurant boasts a light, welcoming atmosphere, where you can always easily find a free table and eat your favorite hamburger. Sometimes, I change my habits, because the menu of such restaurants is very diverse and consists of such food as hamburgers, french fries, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, milkshakes, salads with various sauces, chicken wings, Coca-Cola, and many other delicious dishes. So sometimes I like to eat Southwest Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Salad or Mushroom & Swiss Burger.


    I highly recommend these two places where you can relax and have a tasty meal. Let your life be without dirty plates and hesitations what to cook for dinner.

    This essay was written by a fellow student. You may use it as a guide or sample for writing your own paper, but remember to cite it correctly. Don’t submit it as your own as it will be considered plagiarism.

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