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    My Motivation and Passion to Pursue an MBA

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    It has been said: “Find a job you love and never work a day in your life”. The path we choose in life will define who we are, I have always believed that once you have the opportunity to go to College and graduate, the journey and the thirst for knowledge never ends there. Of course, it is great when offers for potential internships and permanent positions come right along or even before graduation, but as much as the work environment enriches us, why not better myself and make the decision of returning to university for an MBA/MS or a PHD that will set me apart and offer me better opportunities in the workplace, that will set me an asset to the prospective interviewers and their companies?

    At this point of my life, since moving to the United States in the summer of 2009, a year after I graduated college, I have worked part-time in positions that completely differ from my university studies. From customer service at entertainment venues to the retail industry: I have learned so much working in these places, interacting with knowledgeable and professional individuals, even if for short periods of time. I decided to return to school and pursuit an MBA in Business Operations because it has been almost five years since I graduated; and after seeing first hand all the opportunities that this country allows immigrants such as my self to have, I feel it is my responsibility to better myself and contribute all I can to the society I now find myself a member of.

    Realising all the different choices I have at my disposal to better myself through education, makes me feel confident that is time to focus more on my education in order to to the business world; to the office work and environment that i find so fulfilling. Friends and family have also encourage me to return to my studies, and yes! that I can do it and to embrace everything that my new home offers when it comes to education. I am aware of the level of organisation involved in Ithe education system in this country, which really pleases me, since that was that was one of the biggest obstacles in obtaining higher education in my home country. I know that here the opportunities for success and to reaching your goals are truly endless.

    There is a lot of motivation and passion in me to pursuit this MBA. I have always had the desire of going back to university, after being here in New York for almost five years and learning about school proceedings thanks to the wonderful work of the school counselors at CUNY, giving prospective students such as myself, choices and encouragement.

    I am one hundred percent sure I can be successful learning more about business operations and everything that it involves; what pushes me about this opportunity is wondering: What will I learn that I did not learn in college during my studies from 2004 through 2008? What subjects am I going to see, be able to participate in and learn from? What new projects will I take part in by going back? It is this desire of knowing what lies beyond my expectations of what i can become that picks my interest and attention. I see myself being very proactive and creative, a successful individual, more enthusiastic and complete even, working for a fortune 500 company and with a long career ahead of me upon graduation. The prospect of what can potentially become my life fills me with encouragement and excitement.

    There have been a lot of people that have seen my potential and have been very encouraging in my desire to apply for this program. Part of the preparations I have taken to prepare for this career move is to practice my English all the time. I read, speak and write in English on a daily basis and although it is not my mother tongue, I find I dominate it very well for having only been here five years. In all honestly, my mathematical skills are not the best, but I have decided to do more training online to learn and to push myself; trying to understand more and practice math, since it is so important in the career I have chosen to follow.

     I am about to start a twelve-month access to Office & Accounting Software training – Business Productivity Library which includes learning the ins and outs of Microsoft office, Quickbooks and other programs. Also The Lex Van Dam Trading Academy offers Five-Step Trading Stocks – Course with Workbook, it was interesting to me because it is something new and it gives me a broader understanding that would help me build on my résumé for this career. I know that all my effort will be worth it and I cannot wait to start.

    Once again, going back to the first sentence of this essay, doing something that you love for a living becomes a “hobby”, not really a job. The more you love it, the more effective and efficient you will be. Charisma, personality and other personal qualities are crucial too, nothing will be achieved greatly with a poor attitude or without giving one hundred and one percent in pursuing an MBA/MS or a PHD that will take me to more opportunities, more success and places that I could not see myself going before. Be better, always be better. I have heard that expression all my life, and following that principle is my intention.

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