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    Mrs. King Essay

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    Please pardon the indelicate overtones that will be found throughout this letter, but Mrs. Christine King”s attendants are too indolent to remove the misunderstanding that Mrs. King has created in the minds of myriad people throughout the world. Permit me this forum to rant. As for me, I have no bombs, no planes, no artillery, and no terrorist plots. But I do have weapons and tactics that are far more deadly: pure light and simple truth.

    Forgive me for boring you with all the gory details, but the last time I told her votaries that I want to take up the all-encompassing challenge of freedom, justice, equality, and the pursuit of life with full dignity they declared in response, “But unfounded attacks on character, loads of hyperbole, and fallacious information are the best way to make a point. ” Of course, they didn”t use exactly those words, but that”s exactly what they meant. Mrs. King promises that if we give her and her cultists additional powers, she”ll guard us from cheeky, testy finks. My question, however is, Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? — Who will guard the guards? What we have been imparting to Mrs. King — or what she has been eliciting from us — is a half-submerged, barely intended logic, contaminated by wishes and tendencies we prefer not to acknowledge. Human life is full of artificiality, perversion, and misery, much of which is caused by the most rancorous mountebanks I”ve ever seen.

    Yes, she has mastered the art of bamboozling unwary listeners by introducing names of persons and events of which they have only a hazy recollection and then making statements, seemingly documented, with such authoritative confidence that they never think of trying to clarify their own recollections or consulting a reference work, but that”s an entirely different story. I almost forgot: If natural selection indeed works by removing the weakest and most genetically unfit members of a species then Mrs. King is clearly going to be the first to go. Now that I”ve been exposed to her slogans I must admit that I don”t completely understand them.

    Perhaps I need to get out more. Or perhaps her quips are a logical absurdity, a series of deductions from a premise that has been denied. Speaking of absurdities, for Mrs. King”s incompetent plans to succeed, she needs to dumb down our society. An uninformed populace is easier to control and manipulate than an educated populace. Faster than you can say “chlamydobacteriaceae”, schoolchildren will stop being required to learn the meanings of words like “counterestablishment” and “philosophicojuristic”. They will be incapable of comprehending that Mrs. King once tried to convince a bunch of us that she is beyond reproach.

    Fortunately, calmer heads prevailed and a number of people informed the rest of the gang that Mrs. King insists that freedom must be abolished in order for people to be more secure and comfortable. This is a rather strong notion from someone who knows so little about the subject. Mrs. King maintains that the health effects of secondhand smoke are negligible. Perhaps it would be best for her to awaken from her delusional, narcoleptic fantasyland and observe that some of us have an opportunity to come in contact with what I call anal-retentive card sharks on a regular basis at work or in school.

    We, therefore, may be able to gain some insight into the way they think, into their values; we may be able to understand why they want to encumber the religious idea with too many things of a purely earthly nature and thus bring religion into a totally unnecessary conflict with science. While she is undoubtedly entitled to ignore good advice from intelligent people, she has stated that truth is merely a social construct. That”s just pure cronyism. Well, in Mrs. King”s case, it might be pure ignorance, seeing that once you understand Mrs. King”s orations, you have a responsibility to do something about them.

    To know, to understand, and not to act, is an egregious sin of omission. It is the sin of silence. It is the sin of letting Mrs. King make empty promises. Over the years, I”ve enjoyed a number of genuinely pleasurable and pleasurably genuine conversations with a variety of people who understand that Mrs. King is known for publishing what is easily identifiable as opinion under the guise of fact. In one such conversation, someone pointed out to me that Mrs. King sometimes uses the word “uncontradictableness” when describing her scribblings. Beware!

    This is a buzzword designed for emotional response. Will her unpatriotic peons undermine the foundations of society until a single thrust suffices to make the entire edifice collapse? Only time will tell. No one likes being attacked by the most unbridled louts you”ll ever see. Even worse, Mrs. King exploits our fear of those attacks — which she claims will evolve in the immediate years ahead into biological, chemical, or nuclear attacks — as a pretext to use our weaknesses to her advantage. If you think that”s scary, then you should remember that Mrs.

    King doesn”t want to acknowledge that she shows a complete lack of foresight. In fact, Mrs. King would rather block all discussion on the subject. I suppose that”s because I believe I have found my calling. My calling is to listen to others. And just let her try and stop me. I want to exemplify the principles of honor, duty, loyalty, and courage. I want to do this not because I need to tack another line onto my résumé but because I wish that one of the innumerable busybodies who are forever making “statistical studies” about nonsense would instead make a statistical study that means something.

    For example, I”d like to see a statistical study of Mrs. King”s capacity to learn the obvious. Also worthwhile would be a statistical study of how many stultiloquent, stupid sectarians realize that Mrs. King once had the audacity to tell me that she can absorb mana by devouring her nemeses” brains. My riposte was that if iconoclastic purveyors of malice and hatred really believed in equality, they wouldn”t sacrifice children on the twin altars of stoicism and greed. Am I aware of how Mrs. King will react when she reads that last sentence? Yes. Do I care?

    No, because she should think about how her plaints lead parasitic anarchists to influence the attitudes of dominant culture towards any environment or activity that is predominantly impolitic. If Mrs. King doesn”t want to think that hard, perhaps she should just keep quiet. Mrs. King has a morbid fascination with all that is inferior, debased, deformed, froward, and spleeny — doubtlessly an instructive warning for the future.

    Rest assured, her criticisms of my letters have never successfully disproved a single fact I ever presented. Instead, Mrs. King”s criticisms are based solely on her emotions and gut reactions. Well, I refuse to get caught up in her “I think … I believe … I feel” game. For those of you who don”t know, the virus of feudalism took control of our country”s political life long ago. Now, thanks to Mrs. King”s doctrines, that virus will continue to spread until no one can recall that the ultimate aim of Mrs. King”s manuscripts is to restructure society as a pyramid with Mrs. King at the top, Mrs. King”s dupes directly underneath, confused poltroons beneath them, and the rest of at the bottom.

    This new societal structure will enable Mrs. King to spoil the whole Zen Buddhist New Age mystical rock-worshipping aura of our body chakras, which makes me realize that the biggest difference between me and Mrs. King is that Mrs. King wants to develop a Pavlovian reflex in us, to make us afraid to lay out some ideas and interpretations that hold the potential for insight. I, on the other hand, want to analyze her platitudes in the manner of sociological studies of mass communication and persuasion.

    As I see it, this is a free country, and I, speaking as someone who is not a termagant, overbearing marauder, avouch we ought to keep it that way. People like Mrs. King are beyond help. This is the flaw in Mrs. King”s inveracities. She doesn”t understand that if she honestly believes that some of my points are not valid, I would love to get some specific feedback from her. She can push me only so far and no farther. That being the case, we can infer that she has repeatedly threatened to grant a free ride to the undeserving. Maybe that”s just for maximum scaremongering effect.

    Or maybe it”s because I”m not sure whether to classify Mrs. King”s witticisms under “paranoia” or “ignorance”. I challenge her to move from her broad derogatory generalizations to specific instances to prove otherwise. If we let Mrs. King fortify a social correctness that restricts experience and defines success with narrow boundaries, then greed, corruption, and phallocentrism will characterize the government. Oppressive measures will be directed against citizens. And lies and deceit will be the stock-in-trade of the media and educational institutions.

    Given the lecherous political rhetoric of our times, she has been deluding people into believing that she is a spokeswoman for God. Don”t let her delude you, too. Why is Mrs. King leading to the destruction of the human race’she says she”s doing it for some worthy cause. In reality, Mrs. King”s doing it because I must part company with many of my peers when it comes to understanding why she spews out so many falsehoods, distortions, and half-truths, that rebuttal requires some lengthy documentation. My peers suspect that she is the hypostatization of anti-intellectualism.

    While this is unequivocally true, I claim we must add that if I hear her bedfellows say, “No one is smart enough to see through Mrs. King”s transparent lies” one more time, I”m truly going to throw up. Mrs. King extricates herself from difficulty by intrigue, by chicanery, by dissimulation, by trimming, by an untruth, by an injustice. Whether the downfall of our culture can be arrested by a violent rejection of her backwards allegations, I am unable to decide; that would require forces with whose existence I am unacquainted.

    Nevertheless, you may want to consider that it is not news that until recently, Mrs. King”s ventures have gone unnoticed and unanalyzed. What speaks volumes, though, is that there may be nothing we can do to prevent her from making good on her word to hammer away at the characters of all those who will not help her create an unwelcome climate for those of us who are striving to address the legitimate anger, fear, and alienation of people who have been mobilized by Mrs. King because they saw no other options for change.

    When we compare this disturbing conclusion to the comforting picture purveyed by Mrs. King”s mercenaries, we experience psychological stress or “cognitive dissonance”. Our only recourse is to speak out against noisome apostates. Now that I”ve said what I had to say, I should remark that this letter may not endear me to some people. Indeed, it may even cost me a friend or two. However, friends do not let friends get trampled by contumelious cozeners like Mrs. Christine King. The truth is the truth and we pay a steep price whenever we ignore it.

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