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    mission, objectives and responsibilities of Marks and Spencer Essay

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    Footings of Reference.

    The intent of this assignment is strictly for academic grounds ; this assignment has been made chiefly to finish the faculty of “ Business Environment ” under the class HNC Business ( Management ) which I am analyzing

    Purposes and Objective

    The assignment attempts to place mission, aims and duties of an organisation with its environment. It investigates the economic, societal and planetary environment in which the organisation operates. It investigates the behaviour of organisation and the market environment. It explores the significance of International Trade and the European dimension for the UK concern.

    Research Methods

    Mark & A ; Spencer Ltd web sites articles, intelligence, instance surveies. Theoretical surveies from different books and Handouts from my coach. Personal academic cognition about Business environment

    Mission, Objectives and Responsibilities of Mark & A ; Spencer with its environment

    Developing a vision, mission and values is the foundation for the log term success, as demonstrated by Collins & A ; Porras in Built to Last. Mark and Spencer mission statement as former times and still is ‘Good quality for the penny ‘ whereby the penny turned bazars into shops.

    Mission, Values, Key aims and influence of stakeholders


    A vision helps working in end congruity. It comes from within every bit good as exterior. It accomplishes the following

    Give a sense of the hereafter

    Guides determination devising and scheme

    Creates a platform with same intent

    Laydown behaviour guidelines

    Inspire emotion

    Reflects the values

    Mark and Spencer vision is to be the criterion against which others are measured- Benchmarking


    A Mission statement is a statement reflecting what the administration concern is and what cardinal intent is at that place. – Mark and Spencer Mission are to do inspirational quality accessible to others.


    Valuess are the beliefs and norms of the administration. They underpin policies, aims and processs as they acts as an ground tackle and mention point for all the activity in the administration. – Mark and Spencer Values are Quality, Service, invention and trust –


    Key Aims

    Employee orientation – Higher outlooks that staff can lend more to the organisation. There is a demand for sequence direction. As such developing a calling way for employees. Its portion of Mark and Spencer to pull, motivate and retain high quality work force to help the transmutation of the concern and present improved public presentation.

    Organizational aims – Mark and Spencer is to recover their leading in vesture and forte nutrient. This is to be accomplishing by interpreting their graduated table and authorization into superior quality, value and entreaty.

    Gross saless objectives – Mark and Spencer belief that there is plentifulness of room for betterment in their gross revenues per pes. They saw Return per pes as a cardinal operational aim traveling frontward.

    Stakeholders influence.

    Employees -Interested in Job security, fiscal benefits, and satisfaction

    – Pursuit of systems ends instead than stockholders involvement.

    Suppliers -Interested in Profitable gross revenues, Payment for goods and Long term relationship

    -Response to put on the line refusal of recognition, tribunal action and weave down relationship

    Government – Interested in Jobs, Training and Tax.

    -Response to put on the line Tax additions, Regulation and Legal action

    Pressure Groups Society – Interested in Pollution, Rights and other.

    -Response to put on the line Publicity, Direct action, Sabotage and Pressure on Government.

    Accomplishment of stakeholders aims by organisation

    If a vision and mission is recognised by all stakeholders and affects every hiring, strategic determination and communicating: its consequence can be charming.

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    To accomplish Stakeholders objective an administration should be able to divide their involvement from each other and as such act harmonizing to the power they exert in the administration.

    Duties of organisation and effectual they are in fulfilling them

    Mark and Spencer does fulfill their stakeholders expeditiously


    They have a public assistance section established in 1930.

    Their fiscal involvement are safeguarded by fillips and additions in salary upon occupation public presentation

    Their bundle of benefits are extended, such as involvement free loans granted

    Opportunity of purchasing portions for the company at fillip or rights issue.


    Always used UK based providers, guaranting consistent quality

    Relationship to construct trust on providers

    Life long relationship.

    Common dependableness respects the specification and criterion.

    Social committedness

    Strong tradition of Corporate Social Responsibility

    Sponsorship of Charities and endorsement plans

    Community development attempts

    Government societal undertakings.

    Environment friendly

    -Mark and Spencer became the first retail merchant to take all unreal colorss and seasoning from its full nutrient and soft drinks range- April 2008

    -Mark and Spencer became the first retail merchant to establish school wear made from recycled plastic bottle

    -Despite tough economic conditions Mark and Spencer stick to Plan A. As it gives them trade name and distinction and as AL Gore said “ a sustainable concern can be profitable one ”

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    Economic, Social and Global environment

    The economic job is chiefly because of limitless wants with limited resources. It is fundamentally how states decide to distribute or apportion their resources efficaciously and expeditiously to maximize the production goods and services.

    Economic System-Allocation and Effective usage of resources.

    To cover with the inquiry of scarceness different states use different attacks or types of economic system.

    Market Economy – Private parties ( Persons or concerns ) own a huge bulk of land, mills and other economic resources.

    Centrally Planned Economy – Government owns most land, mills, and other economic resources and programs about all economic activity.

    The Mixed Economy – Balance between market forces and province intercession. Certain activities need to be regulated by the province while others can be left to the influence of the market. It comprises:

    A free enterprise- where economic determinations reflects the market forces

    Public ownership – control of cardinal cardinal industries

    Welfare sector – supply a minimal degree of medical societal and educational services for all citizens irrespective of wealth.

    Impact of societal public assistance and industrial policy enterprises and the wider community.

    Benefit and Pension – Mark and Spencer

    Once you ‘ve worked for M & A ; S for a twelvemonth you are qualified for the retirement program where you can salvage up to 100 % of your wage in the program and the company will fit it with dual part ( limited12 % ) . It therefore supply a unafraid retirement and with options to reassign your investing when you

    On top of these benefits, M & A ; S besides offer our people:

    SAYE Scheme to all its employees

    Have more vacations the longer you stay with the company

    The company besides subsidized benefits such as wellness and attention and dental attention. Particularly in the UK, the push by retail merchants to run into the demands of a turning figure of ethical shoppers has raised the profile of the ethical patterns of concerns. Marks and Spencer, for illustration, is ask foring shoppers to “ look behind the label ” at the sustainability of its merchandises, every bit good as its labour, just trade and animate being public assistance patterns

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    Benefit and Pension – Government

    Maternity allowance, Paternity allowance and acceptance allowance – Benefit for those who do non run into the demands for statutory payments.

    Child Benefit – Paid to whichever parents the kid unrecorded with.

    Child Tax Credit – Tax discount for twosome who has kids

    Guardian allowance – Tax free benefit for a kid whom one is caring for but is non your ‘s

    Disability Living allowance- Child who has attention demands or mobility jobs.

    Housing benefit – If your entire income is below threshold and you pay lease you might be qualified for lodging benefit.

    State Pension – Regular payment people claims when they get to certain age.

    Job searcher ‘s allowance – Peoples who are non working or working less than 16 hrs hebdomadal can claim this benefit.

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    The authorities besides provide Fiscal and Monetary policies for stableness.

    Fiscal policy – tools used by the authorities to act upon degree of economic activity through altering revenue enhancement or govt. disbursement. It can be targeted to a peculiar group. Fiscal policy is uneffective when investing is sensitive to involvement rates and efforts to countervail the actions of the authorities.

    Monetary policy- is an effort to command macro economic variables through usage of involvement rates. It is really weak when consumers are keeping money instead than passing them when involvement rates are really low

    Impact of macroeconomic policy and influence of planetary economic system on UK organisations and stakeholders.

    PESTEL – The External Environment

    Political – Integration of EU AND Free Trade Agreement the market has opened up for British companies opening in Europe.

    Technology – The debut of e-commerce. M & A ; S advancing people to purchase on line with inducements likes price reduction. It provides flexibleness 24hr

    Economy – Retail sector really sensitive to alterations in the involvement rates.

    Environmental – Marks and Spencer ‘s committedness to the environment put them at them within the top 10 “ green trade names ” in the UK late – * Global Warming

    Social – Changes in consumer gustatory sensation and lifestyle give rise to new market and consumers but besides menaces in footings of societal credence to alcohol

    Legal – National Health and Safety

    National Minimum Wage

    Tax Policy

    Use of renewable resources.

    SWOT ANALYSIS – Mark & A ; Spencer



    Market place

    Quality merchandises – Detail in provider control

    Internet Shopping

    Simon Marks – apprehension of clients penchants and tendencies


    Lack of newness

    Clothing- cleavage

    Laging to supply up to day of the month stylish apparels

    Using most British providers believing higher quality but low cost

    Rivals utilizing abroad providers to cut cost


    Define mark age group

    Store a new cheerful expression

    Respond to client gustatory sensation and buying power

    Improve CRM systems to retain bing clients and aim possible new clients.

    To travel planetary and spread out the concern

    Use engineering to better their operation and therefore derive competitory advantage


    Loss of market portion of intense competition

    Strong competition with Following same monetary value merchandise but more stylish

    Discount shops like Matalan

    Menace from Giant Tesco and Sainsbury who penetrate in the market to provide added value.

    ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

    Stakeholder ‘s outlooks developed harmonizing to alterations in the market. For case, M & A ; S trade name trueness construct is less likely to last where there are several replacements of same criterion in the market. As such M & A ; S has to be originative and advanced and invariably responding to the alteration in the purchasing behavior of the consumers.

    Market constructions, market forces and Competition committee and regulative organic structures

    Market constructions deviate from theoretical account of perfect competition.

    M & A ; S which has long been in this perfect competition, a market state of affairs of many Sellerss and many purchasers with similar or substitutes merchandise. The monetary value is determined by supply and demand and manufacturers are to sell their merchandises at the monetary value determined by the market. Bing in such competition the house should hold the perfect resource to bring forth and administer expeditiously as it faces ferocious competition.

    M & A ; S deviated from the perfect competition to an Oligopolistic market construction, with the heavy advertisement run for its trade name name. As they are selling same merchandise like other cardinal participants like Tesco, Asda but differentiate with its trade name. It relies strongly on trade name consciousness and trueness in a competitory market ; distinguish itself with the quality criterion with other supermarket.

    Relationship between market forces and organisational responses.

    Porter ‘s Five Forces – The Industry

    The five forces theoretical account provides a sum-up of the menaces within the immediate industry.


    Low in this Industry

    Double Sourcing



    Low Competitive

    In this



    Power – Buyers






    Branded Food


    John Lewis

    New Entrants

    Low Price Low cost


    Porter ‘s



    Behavior and competitory schemes, Competition committee and regulative organic structures.

    The consumers ‘ purchasing behavior tendencies is reflected by an ageing population and the high figure of adult females in the work force. The addition in disposable income and the life style changes recent old ages. The revolution of ‘home cyberspace users ‘ online shopping which call for multi-cultural selling. ( Deloitte:2005 Global powers of Retailing study ) .In the recent old ages because of ferocious competition M & A ; S market portion suffered a blow chiefly their vesture section.

    Unlike when you consider M & A ; S Competitor, Tesco ‘s schemes to perforate the UK market. Tesco operated on the ‘pile it High sell it Cheap formula the early 70 ‘s and thenceforth launches ‘the operation look into out ‘ which cut monetary values across their merchandise and distinguish themselves from their rivals. Then Tesco diversified there channel of distribution with Shops like ‘Tesco extra, Tesco metro ‘ and every bit good as get downing to open gasoline Stationss.

    The Competition Commission has asked the Government to enforce an ombudsman on the food market industry to govern on differences between supermarkets and their providers.

    The petition comes after it failed to hold a voluntary agreement with major retail merchants

    Merely Marks & A ; Spencer, Waitrose and Aldi backed the program. The coup d’etat of M & A ; S store card concern of ?763m by HSBC has given the Office of Fair Trading to establish a competition probe into the affair.

    Richard Fletcher, Executive Editor, Business

    Published: 8:20PM BST 04 Aug 2009 – Telegraph.CO.UK

    The Office of Fair Trading has launched a formal competition probe into HSBC ‘s ?763m coup d’etat of Marks & A ; Spencer ‘s store-card concern.

    The steadfast Freshfield might be under probe for its work reding Philip Green for abortion command for M & A ; S and the probe will be carried out by the Law Society, which regulates the British ‘s legal profession.

    International Trade and the European Dimension

    Importance of international trade, economic integrating and planetary markets to UK concern

    International trade is making concern across national boundary lines and is the anchor of our modern computerized concern universe. These occurs chiefly because of lower production costs in one part versus another, specialised industries, deficiency of excess of natural resources and consumer gustatory sensations.

    Globalization is a procedure driven by international trade and investing. It is the tendency towards greater economic, cultural, political and technological mutuality among national establishments and economic systems. The benefits of globalisation are as follows:

    Reduces selling costs

    New market chances

    Balance in degree in income

    Access to moo – cost labour

    Access to proficient expertness

    Entree to production inputs.

    The chief drivers for Globalization are:


    World trade organization

    Regional Trade Agreements

    Technological Invention

    As M & A ; S is turning planetary and international competition has presented new challenges. The company emphasis its planetary sourcing rules amongst its selected providers and farther down the supply concatenation which sets a minimal acceptable entry criterion. M & A ; S want their providers to raise their criterion every bit good to reflect the internationally recognized standard therefore distinguishing them and basking the competitory border.

    Impact of two policies of the European Union on the UK concern organisations

    The Agricultural Policy has ever been a tenseness between members province. ‘The banned of the import of beef from the US by the EU. The EU responded illicitly harmonizing to the WTO with a refusal to follow. The US retaliated by imposing an import revenue enhancement of $ 117 m on imports of nutrient from the EU. ( Source – Undersatnding European Union 3rd edition Anforme 2002. ) Such minutess would impact the UK – United states relationship, it would adversely impact the UK economic system. Last twelvemonth merely one Banking company clang in the US and the consequence is still felt and now one can conceive of if the US starts implementing quotas, barriers and imposing revenue enhancement on imports from the UK.

    The EU directives affect the UK concerns ; even the different organic structures of the EU are non ever consentaneous about the directives set. For case, Advocate General Leendert Geelhoed from the ECJ said that EU wellness nutrients directing infringe guidelines in his sentiment. In the instance brought frontward by the industry groups the British Health Food Manufacture Association, National Association of Health Stores ( NAHS ) and Alliance for Natural Health ( ANH ) in front of the ECJ.

    ( Beginning: http// 13/04/05 )

    The Economic deduction for the UK of entry into EMU.

    The EMU was masterminded by Jacques Delores which is chiefly individual currency. The EMU is seen as a logical extension of the individual market and as a manner of doing EU more competitory and powerful in the universe market. The EURO ZONE dwelling

    Lower cost for direction of money

    Faster minutess across boundary lines

    Elimination of exchange rate fluctuations.

    Market Transparency

    The impacts of EMU on UK economic system are immense, since the major spouses of the UK are members of the EMU. The Euro comparative failings against the lb and UK export to Europe more expensive and therefore do it more hard for UK concerns to sell their merchandises. On the other side domestic consumers will purchase imported instead than domestic goods. Government subjected the Five Economic trials before sing rank.

    Euro Zone economic construction compatible to UK

    Is the UK labour market flexible to run into the demands of such development

    The consequence of the Euro Zone on the fiscal investing in the UK.

    The consequence of the individual currency on the competitory place of the City of London.

    Will the EMU be able to advance such growing, stableness and employment that the UK has accomplished by its ain.

    6.0 Conclusion and Recommendations

    M & A ; S has been a taking retail merchant in the UK, but went through a stage by 1988 which pushed the house into crisis. By 2006 M & A ; S repositing themselves in the market but could non bask the iconic trade name it one time was. They were to confront the UK ‘S largest and most profitable retail merchant in 2006 TESCO. M & A ; S respond tot the challenge with a drastic alterations in direction construction. They have to accomplish the right balance between the corporate values, strong market place and the invention to remain competitory. They need to utilize their strength ‘Brand ‘ and ‘product quality ‘ to be enabled to prolong profitableness and to be less vulnerable to alterations in the market status. M & A ; S is in a really extremely competitory and sophisticated industry, as such the demand to be cognizant of the manner tendencies, client increasing outlooks and altering gustatory sensations are more than of all time one of the most of import factor for them to see. The lowering of international barriers has promote a huge picks of merchandise available to client

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