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    Mission Impossible 2 Essay (882 words)

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    For example from the 1970s programme the spy’s car had speciel built in gadgets, like the passenger seat pulled out. The audience will see a more advanced technology in the trailer of ‘Mission Imposible 2’, like the self exploding Hi-tech cars and technical glasses that stated Mr Hunts mission. In due coarse the audience will anticipate all the new technical adaptations of the new version, as a result persuading them to watch the film. But we could also say that the film could be equally appealing to those who do not have previous knowledge of the film.

    Bearing in mind the audiences non familiarity of the plot, their curiosity will influence them to watch the film and find out. There are previews of three characters in the trailer, each revealing their status in the film. The information we obtain from the trailer about the characters are their names and the actor/actress who plays them. We also understand their positions in the films plot such as if they are the ‘bady’ or the ‘goody’. For example the character of Mr Hunt is constructed in the trailer specifically to clarify his role in the film.

    He is shown riding a motorbike through fire, climbing a cliff and basically dodging danger all of which fit the conventions of a secret service agent. Costumes is also another technique that is used to signify espionage, such as in one of the shots of Mr Hunt we see him dressed smartly to represent a intelligent and cunning spy, much like ‘James Bond’. This is done to target another group of audience that find the whole aspect of espionage interesting, as a result finding the film appealing.

    Moreover we are given more information about Mr Hunt than any other characters as he takes the leadung role in the film, this implys the supriority of Mr Hunt over the other characters. The image that the producers want to create here is to show the importance of his character. Due to this the role was given to a very popular actor, Tom Cruise. As a result it will influence the appeal of the film. As well as the visual aspects of the trailer there is also the speed of editing that conveys the action theme of this film.

    The trailer starts of in a slow pace then becomes faster as the action scenes are played. The editing of the trailer establishes the initial atmosphere by moving focus from one scene to another. This signifys the fast action and drama in the film. It will in turn increase the appeal of the film as the viewers are taken along with the action. Another non visual point of this trailer which rienforces the theme of this film, is the soundtrack. The Trailers soundtrack begins with the theme tune, then a womans computerized voice states, ”Your mission if you choose to except it”.

    At this instant there is a pause with an eerie sound then more of the womans voice is heard, following the voice of Tom Cruise; he says, ”You got to be kidding” followed by more theme tune. The theme tune is a re-mix of a modern day artist Limbizkit and the original theme tune. This soundtrack will attract new and old audience as it represents both audiences tastes. For example the line ”Your mission if you choose to except it” will be familiar with the older viewers as it is an adaptation of the 1970s TV series. But it is said by a computerized voice which also suits the interests of the younger viewers.

    Furthermore the fact that the theme tune is a mix of the old and the new it will also attract a variety of audience. In addition the voice of Anthony Hopkins is also heard in the soundtrack. He is a well known English actor, very much respscted in the film industry. The producers were clever to sneak in his voice as it makes the film look sleek to the audience. It enables the film to look more appealing to the viewers. Conclusion In conclusion the techniques that were used in the trailer was very successful to make it appeal to an audience.

    This is because varies of techniques was used to etablish the initial atmosphere of the film, such as;  Visual information.  The editing of the trailer.  The historical context.  The soundtrack. In due coarse the trailer adapts to the style and purposes of a wide range of audiences. This enables the appeal of maximum viewers of the film. Furthermore there were many Unique Selling Points of this film such as, Tom Cruise, the film genre and the fact that this was a sequel and a re-make of s 1970’s TV programme, ensures to attract the different tastes of the audience.

    In my opinion the most successful component was the editing of the trailer. Due to the fast pace of the trailer the viewers were taken along with the action and drama of the film. There was not much written text as audience will response more to visual information. In addition the information of the film was revealed apropriatly without inhibiting the viewer’s enjoyment. Moreover the genre of the film was sustained throughout the trailer as a result confirming the audience attraction of the film.

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