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The Outsiders’: The Socs, the Greasers, and the Socs’ Identities and Heroism


The Outsiders

Words: 582 (3 pages)

The Outsiders’ written by the young, and gifted S.E. Hinton, shows the multiple challenges experienced by all those in society, whether they be rich or economically challenged. It is clearly evident that The Outsiders’ explores the life of the Socs and the Greasers and their place in society. This can be proven by discussing the…

The Perception of Society on Movie Superheroes




Words: 1485 (6 pages)

Superheroes have long been the fictional idols that men and women all around the world have looked to for inspiration. “Superhero stories present and explore many important and pressing concerns such as ethics, justice, crime, punishment and social responsibility.”(Sharp, 353). These superheroes are often thought of as cultural icons (Pearson, 142). However, there is so…

The Blanche DuBois Portraying a Good Character in A Streetcar Named Desire

A Streetcar Named Desire



Words: 1706 (7 pages)

“Blanche’s tragedy is that she is caught between two worlds – the world of the past and the world of the present – unwilling to let go of the past and unable to come to terms with the present.” Do you agree? Blache DuBois is portrayed as a character who is unable to let go…

The Heroism in the Suicide of Reiko, in Yukio Mishima’s “Patriotism”



Words: 752 (4 pages)

Many people say that a person who commits suicide is weak or selfish in that they bring it upon themselves to help others but then kill themselves to get out of a tough situation the easy way. However, like everything in life there are exceptions to this. Sometimes suicide is committed for the greater good;…

Describing the Heroism of Chris McCandles in John Krakauer’s “Into the Wild”



Words: 667 (3 pages)

Was Chris McCandless a courageous and idealistic hero or was he a reckless narcissist? Throughout Into the Wild, the author, Jon Krakauer. Highlights the travels and history of Christopher Johnson McCandless. Emphasizing how he followed certain transcendentalist ideals. And how he emotionally reached various people. But the book lacks credibility as the author presents McCandless…

An Analysis of Female Literary Heroism in Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen



Words: 501 (3 pages)

Frequently found within the Jane Austen novel is a central female character. Who both challenges conceptions of femininity while also redefining the standards of literary heroism. Such is the case with Catherine Morland, whom we are told has no expectations of becoming a heroine at the onset of the novel Northanger Abbey (3). However, standing…

The Use of Naturalism in Stephen Crane’s A Mystery of Heroism



Words: 512 (3 pages)

Both naturalism and realism can be mistaken. Naturalism is an offshoot of realism. Naturalist try to portray common people and ordinary life accurately. They also try to describe the effect of natural and social forces such as instinct and environment. “A Mystery of Heroism” by Stephen Crane exemplifies the use of naturalism because of the…

The Concept of Heroism in the Classical Greek Literature



Words: 500 (2 pages)

War is mostly considered a masculine sport for it celebrates strength, stamina, and virile courage. However, the word hero is actually derived from the Greek heros which means warrior, protector, defender, Heros is actually related to Hera who was the protectress of marriage; hence one concludes that heroism is not exclusively masculine but also feminine….

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