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    Michael Jackson: The King Of Pop Essay

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    Many people would pass up listening to the stylesof the new/old Michael Jackson, but do you knowwhy? Why do people absolutely refuse to claim theyhave ever heard his music? Why do parents ban theirchildrens CD selection from some of his greatesthits, like Bad, or Thriller? Why do people hate him? Many reasons of course, some lies, some true, somepublic. . and some private. As the story unfolds, Michael was very famousfrom the beginning of his life}. He started at such ayoung age, he doesnt remember much.

    Hismemories are so vague, he cant remember why a lotof people began hating him at THAT age. Well, onething was that his sisters, LaToya, and Janet, werentincluded. In his book, Moonwalk, written a fewyears back, he stated that people would see them onthe streets and shun them, saying they were sexistsiblings and they should let the girls be in thegroup. Michael, of course, had no choice in thiswhole ordeal, which was hard on him, because himand Janet got along well, at the early ages.

    Seeingand hearing this stuff made Michael very optimistic,and sensitive on the situation. When Michael was in the Jackon-5, he hadabsolutely no freedoms. He would have late-nightrecordings, and would have troubles in school. Mostof his attention from his parents was on the business,they never gave him the attention he lacked, he waspretty lonely. After Michael grew up, and he moved on in hiscareer out of J-5, he was thought low of to everyonein the music/movie industry. Brooke Shields oncequoted that he was a lowly-person, who neededhelp, plus some other things that cannot be said.

    Jackson did have some people of whom thoughtvery high of him, Elizabeth Taylor was one of his bestfriends throughout the hard stages. He looked up toher, and vise versa. With the help of her, he gotthrough the depression of his family members(LaToya mostly) disliking him, and disapproving ofhim. When Michael realized that his reputation wasnot the hottest on the press, he totally gave up on hisself image, caring less on what he looked like, andbegan foolish rumors about himself.

    He use to tellreporters when they would ask him on histransformation to being white that his dad beat himto white. They of course gulped in every bit ofinformation ever said, sarcastic, or not. They couldturn his life into a big lie. Which was what Michaelwas wishing for, so that people wouldnt think of theother rumors about him. Jackson was pretty harsh on himself, he hadmany rumors about him, some of which are true, andto this day he isnt afraid/embarrassed to claim them. In his life, he has had 6 nose jobs.

    They all ruined hisnose to the point where he had to use putty totransform the nose that he once had, but wascorrupted by the irritability from the jobs. He had a undisclosed amount of Face lifts, andeye jobs. They, of which were in a short period oftime, killed many cells in his face, and made him lookeven more pale then usual. He also had bone grafted cheek bones, he hadthis done over and over many times, and he stillwasnt satisfied with his appearance, so he got aforehead lift. He was finally secured in feeling that itwas a good personal image. Now, many people find it totally and completelydisgusting and unnecessary.

    That is why he has a lowimage on people who believe that he didnt need all ofthese plastic surgeries. When Michael was going through his depressionstages, he was lonely, and sad. So, he followedthrough what his ex-father-in-law did, and he bought achimp to keep him company. His Chimps name wasBubbles.

    Michael did everything with it, and it gotfamous too. But, as time went on, Michael got worsein his position, and the chimp was suddenly morefamous then Michael himself. One day, Michael wentcrazy, and yelled at the chimp, claiming he was nowthe famous one, Michael later sent the chimp to apublic zoo for the safety of his popularity. As time drew on, Michael got lonlier, and lonlier,he started to get worse in his depression state too. Finally, he was watching TV, and saw where someonehad collected manicans.

    The TV show claimed thatthe man was crazy, but Michael saw through it, ashe was quoted in the same book. He started to collectthem too, .

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