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    Mental Illnesses Essay (699 words)

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    There is a wide range of problems considered “psychological disorders”.

    Each is very different, and very complex in it’s own rite. Over 20 million Americans suffer from some sort of mental disorder, such as depression, anxiety disorders, OCD, and schizophrenia (Roleff 50). Most people understand that these disorders are quite difficult to live with, and indeed misfortunate. However, there simply is not enough known about Mental Illnesses Essay to make the public acutely aware of how serious these disorders really are. Each disease is very different, with different causes, different symptoms, and different treatment needed, but far too often the mentally ill are lumped into a singular category as “crazy” and left to rot. Fewer and fewer of the mentally ill are being hospitalized, which is the only solution for some (Roleff 72).

    Did you know that, in a survey conducted toward normal people only a few years ago depicted:43% of people belive that mental illness is brought on by the sufferer. 71% of those surveyed believe mental illness is caused by emotional weakness. 65% believe that mental illness is caused by bad parenting. (Sheilds 9)No wonder some scientists blow off mental illness as just a way to escape consequences to your actions (Roleff 42). .

    We need to stop trying to place blame and work on getting more help for people who need it. In order for those afflicted with mental illness to be better understood and treated, we need to be more aware of an illnesses causes, symptoms, and special needs. There are two major categories of mental illnesses-those which affect solely the mind, and those which have bodily repercussions. Examples of mental illnesses with severe mind effects areclinical depression, schizophrenia (Hebephrenic and paranoid), and mania. Examples of disorders with mental as well as physical consequences are catatonic schizophrenia, eating disorders, and another very serious disease called Fragile X Syndrome. This disease causes severe mental problems during young childhood, and eventually leads to brain degeneration.

    It starts in the mind and begins to eat at the body (Bishop B4). This disease has a definite cause, however newly discovered- one in 10 males has a weak X chromosome, which can break off during very early fetal development, causing genetic information to be lost. This disease can be tested for early in pregnancy, and sufferers as well as carriers can be easily identified (Angier 22A). Soon after this discovery, a large number of males found to have fragile X syndrome were found in psych wards. Now that there is a definite cause for such a disease, there is much hope for a definite cure. But that’s only one disease.

    . On top of all this, each person handles a disorder differently. For some people, depression is something they see a doctor and take medication for, and they are able to live their lives with minimal anguish. However, other people lay in bed, day after day, with each prescription taking place of the last in the line to numb the pain, as they contemplate death by their own hand—just to stop the mental hurt (Young 44). Without excluding either side, there must be a happy medium reached, where everyone can get the help they need. The causes of mental illnesses are largely mysterious, that is, noone can ever tell for sure, since the disease is of the mind, not a physical part of the brain (Roleff 45).

    However, for each disease there are a number of proposed causes, and therapy is based upon these. Schizophrenia, a disease characterized by multiple personalities but no real personality of one’s own, is one of the most serious mental illnesses known to scientists. There are different divisions of schizophrenics, as well, such as hebephrenics, who have childlike behavior and very “silly” attitudes but no real thinking, and catatonic schizophrenics, who are comatose but strike strange, statuesque poses and freeze for any amount of time (Young 40). This disease is said by psychologists to be caused by dysfunctional relationships between very young children and their mothers, while doctors tend to lean towards a more medical explanation: babies with low birth weight are more predisposed to schizophrenia (Preboth 2).

    This all varies according to who you ask.Eating disorders are another very common, very dangerous .

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