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Machiavelli and Renaissance philosophy

Machiavelli’s job
writer and philosopher
where Machiavelli lived
Florence, Italy
time period of Machiavelli’s life
1400’s and 1500’s (Renaissance)

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family of important patrons in Florence
The DeMedecis
major reason for the wealth of Florence during the Renaissance
the study of ideas about knowledge, truth and the meaning of life
important cultures of the Classical period
ancient Greece and Rome
two great periods of art and learning
Classical period and the Renaissance
famous classical philosophers
Socrates, Plato and Aristotle
Plato’s idea of the best form of government
society should be led by a philosopher
Aristotle’s idea of the best form of government
purpose of government should be to educate people and keep them safe
time period that was rediscovered during the Renaissance
Classical period
Book which contains Machiavelli’s most famous ideas
The Prince
The form of The Prince
a letter of advice to an Italian prince, on how to be a good leader
what philosophers thought about effective leadership before Machiavelli
effective leaders should be good people
focus of Machiavelli’s thought
government and leadership
what Machiavelli thought was important for leaders
being strong and remaining in power
what Machiavelli thought ciitzens should feel for their leader
fear, not love
why “the end justifies the means” is associated with Machiavelli
He thought a leader should do anything it takes to stay in power, including lying or cheating.
famous Renaissance artists who lived in Florence
Raphael, Leonardo, Michaelangelo

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Machiavelli and Renaissance philosophy
Machiavelli's job writer and philosopher where Machiavelli lived Florence, Italy
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Machiavelli and Renaissance philosophy
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