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    Liberal Arts Education Essay Summary

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    Second, liberal arts education gives you a chance to learn and empower you to discover the world, Also, it elevate you to increase your knowledge and teach you how to become a good leader. Finally, it shows the solitude of the Christian liberal arts education and allows to us to tint relevant quotes for different topics. Through research, have found evidence that corroborates one point of Harris’ article; in addition, my research has led me to think have grounds to challenge another claim of Harris’ refuted by another author. Liberal arts education helps us to be all that a person can be.

    An education in liberal arts can give a person many choices and opportunities concerning what kind of job he/she wants in the future. According to Harris’ ‘Once you develop good thinking habits, you will be able to perform better in any job, but more importantly, the happier life Will be” Harris suggests that liberal arts education helps to have a satisfying and comfortable life. When a person graduates from liberal arts education, he/she Will get a gratifying job that Will make him/her feel like he/she has a strong personality.

    Needle, CORBA. Wong, Greened et al (2007) point out that liberal arts education is a good choice for the future to have more options for jobs, which they expressed in their article Combining Arts and Science In ‘Arts and Sciences’ Education” published in the journal College Teaching on pages 114-120. The purpose of the article is to persuade us to study the liberal arts for a good life. The article has a positive tone because it is optimistic. The mode of the article is illustrative.

    The main idea of the article is to encourage people to study liberal arts because it can give them a better future, Needle et al states, “Today’s liberal arts education is viewed as preparing students tort the real world” (114). Needle et al suggests that graduating with a degree in liberal arts will make you ready for real life. In addition, liberal arts will teach you and make you understand more about life. I found that the two articles are similar in their goal which is to talk about liberal arts and how it is important in a person’s life because a liberal arts education gives you more opportunities for a great job and a better life.

    However, research shows that perhaps some Of Harris’ points can be disputed. Harris states that a liberal arts education can make a person life better. Harris’ article States that “While a liberal arts education may not teach you how to take out an appendix or sue your neighbor, it Will teach you how to think, which is to ay, it Will teach you how to What Harris means is that you can earn a living, but the more important thing that you can get from a liberal arts education is a good life. However through research, I think I have grounds to challenge this claim of Harris’.

    The article “Theoretical analysis of ‘Academic credibility and the hospitality curriculum’: The image problem” written by Abs L. Cole (BIBB) published in FLU Hospitality Review on pages 1-6 refutes Harris’ point. The purpose of the article is to persuade us that the liberal arts education is not good. The tone of the article is negative because it is pessimistic, The mode of the article is contrast as it compares liberal arts education to applied education. The main idea of the article is about the two types of education, applied and liberal arts education.

    Cole states that “The author believes that it is only proponents of liberal arts education who see education in applied knowledge as being less valuable than more general liberal arts education” (1). By this statement, Cole points out that only a group of people suggests that a liberal arts education is more valuable than applied education. The difference between the two articles is hat Harris’ article is for liberal arts education, but Coles article is for applied education. The three articles all have good points.

    However for me, agree with Harris that a liberal arts education is better than an applied education and those liberal arts preparedly for a good life. Have a personal story about my two cousins. Both Of my cousins All, and Fad graduated from the same high school in 2001. All chose to study in liberal arts while Fad chose to study in applied education, which was accounting. They graduated in 2005 and All had many choices for a job because he studied the liberal arts education, so he had a broad type of education.

    However, Fad had only one choice for a job, which was to become an accountant, because he only had a narrow type of education. After a few years, All found his life was much more successful and comfortable. He could change his job because he had more knowledge, whereas Fad became unsatisfied with his life. He couldn’t change his job because he only knew about accounting. I recommend that people consider studying liberal arts since it has many benefits compared to applied education. Also, you can get a better life when you choose a liberal arts education.

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