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Leadership: The King’s Speech Essay

Leadership: The King’s Speech

An unbelievable leading journey is portrayed in the film “ The King ‘s Speech ” . The possible leader who is non satisfied and is at some degree puzzled about the duties is found in this movie. The King ‘s Speech touches on legion prevailing topics, yet among the most singular are leading and the behaviours of the persons who coach and empower the leaders.

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The King ‘s Speech recounts the echt narrative of Prince Albert known as “ Bertie ” yet referred to history as King George VI. He is a disinclined leader push on the throne after the stepping down of his household. Challenges faced by Bertie are amplified by a crippling “ stutter, ” a address hinderance viewed by and large as rendering him unfit to be a King. This film is significantly more determined by character than by secret plan. The movie concentrates on the transmutation of Bertie from a loath, combating war fleet officer to King George VI, a persuasive leader of wartime Britain.


King George V in the mid1930s is worried about the speedy eventual destiny of the British authorities. First in line for the throne David His eldest kid is involved with Wallis Simpson an American grass widow. Bing King of England and matrimony to a grass widow and in this manner leader of the Church of England is contradictory. What is more 2nd kid of King George V, the 2nd in line for the throne named as Bertie or Albert negotiations with something he had since his childhood a stutter. Despite the fact that a splendid and unstable adult male, Bertie does non catch the trust of the general populace on history of his stutter, which is critical if Britain does non get down a war with the government of Hitler.

Harmonizing to the statement of the King George V with respect to populate in an age of communicating by cognizing how to contend with Equus caballus equitation and looking great in a expansive uniform and a swayer can no more acquire entirely by in life. Elizabeth adoring married woman of Bertie needs to assist Bertie pick up trust entirely in his spread outing demand to speak at unfastened maps, paying small head to in the event that he gets to be a male monarch above all else or non. Elizabeth finds Lionel Logue an unusual Australian linguistic communication teacher to back up in easing stutter of Bertie with cipher else.

Relationship of Bertie and Lionel is on a regular basis an opposing because Lionel considers the demand for the two to be equivalents amid their linguistic communication therapy Sessionss as Lionel really calls him Bertie instead than utilizing the words your Highness that is inappropriate, as he is non accustomed to listen such words from an mean individual. In no clip Lionel does turn into comrade and intimate of Bertie and peculiarly from the side of Lionel as he attempts to concentrate the psychological jobs behind the hinderance of address. Lionel has an issue which he does n’t cover up to boot does non wholly uncover, may sabotage their relationship which may peculiarly be unsafe.

Leadership theories in the film

Following leading theories are depicted in the film:

Leadership Behaviors Posner and Kouzes

In the film Leadership behaviours of Posner and Kouzes are talked about. Their five constructs such as challenge the procedure, animate a shared vision, pattern the manner, promote the bosom and enable others to move are besides portrayed in the film.

Leadership Styles of Goleman

Goleman leading manners such as the followers are besides discussed:

  • The Coercive Style
  • The Authoritative Style
  • The Affiliated Style
  • The Democratic Style
  • The Pace-Setting Style
  • The Coaching Style

Monarchs as Leaderships

The first penchant of familial monarchy is the prompt patterned advance of leading and authorization. By and large, this implies that the inheritor or the beneficiary to the throne is known good in front of clip of turning into a swayer to vouch a smooth patterned advance. It is still non extraordinary for persons to be pushed into leading functions focused around their topic or specialized ability alternatively of their enterprise and leading prospective. It is non lurid, along these lines, that “ Bertie ” felt severely and ill-prepared.

These are the fortunes in which Bertie finds himself the male monarch of the hereafter as George VI and Colin Firth played this function. He is a adult male confronted with many challenges amongst the most hard authorization plants of all acquiring to be a male monarch.

“Bertie” the Supporter

It is non phenomenal for persons to be pushed into functions of leading focused around their specialized accomplishment or capable alternatively of their potency of leading. It is non amazing ; accordingly, that Bertie was non to the full prepared. The fortunes in which the hereafter King George VI Bertie ends up. He is a adult male confronted with a standout amongst the most hard occupation of leading to be a male monarch.

Bertie Positive Behavioural Traits in Leadership


The great leaders understand that there is continually something they do non hold the thought and that they can non make everything all entirely. Bertie as a leader in the terminal understands that he can non predominate entirely over his stammering and has the capacity demonstrated the modestness to backpedal to Logue and bespeak aid and support. This demonstrates modesty and a feeling of coaction.

Bertie Challenges in Leadership

To take England, Bertie had the intelligence, unity, humbleness and the desire. At the same clip like most extraordinary leaders, in any instance he had discernible mistakes and scopes for development to one before he could be the King. Alternatively of sing his defect as despairing obstruction to initiative, he valorously allow it be known, tended to it and enhanced it. It is my impression that extraordinary leaders search out aid to get the better of or cover with their failings ; they do n’t ignore it or allow it regulate their patterned advance of leading. Bertie had legion imperfectnesss yet the most kept up imperfectness was communicating or correspondence.This was the defect the meddled the most with his capableness to be a male monarch and a swayer viably. Communication lack of Bertie showed itself as a stutter. This would tamper with his capableness to give orders or addresss.

The Power of Communication in Leadership

Communication is the transmittal of significance get downing with one person so onto the following or to legion persons, whether verbally or nonverbally. ( Barret 2006 ) .This is greatly critical for a Godhead when puting up his land and state for war. Great relational abilities empower, cultivate, and do the comprehension and trust of import to press others to take after a innovator. Without obliging correspondence, an decision maker is non a powerful leader. ( Barret 2006 )

Bing ready to convey successfully is the thing that permits an decision maker to travel into a place of leading ( Barret 2006 ) therefore specifying the cardinal clang in the King ‘s Speech. Bertie is aware of this issue and communicates his letdown in his impotence to pass on successfully. “If I ‘m King, where ‘s my power? Can I organize a authorities? Can I impose a revenue enhancement, declare a war? No! And yet I am the place of all authorization. Why? Because the state believes that when I speak, I speak for them. But I ca n’t speak.”

The Image of a Leader

Bertie was ever compelled by his household to move like distinction. He was a stammering, incoherent detached adult male humiliated by his ain peculiar defects. He did n’t pass on assurance and did non hold the image of a leader. Bertie earned his locality when he evacuate these hindrances and permitted his gifts to come up over his uncertainnesss.

Lionel Logue The 2nd supporter

Building Trust

Lionel assembles early certainty with a snappish win when confronted with a disbelieving and hesitating patient. While Bertie at first rejects his ain peculiar enterprises to peruse Shakespeare while listening to music as hopeless he understands shortly his perusal has, so, been immaculate. This early accomplishment sways him to come back to Logue for farther Sessionss.

Embrace creativeness

Bertie disregards to comprehend how Lionel innovativeness is a portion of his program to heading him to his ain peculiar authorization. Bertie releases Logue ‘s unexpected patterns and demanding being taught all entirely footings. He understands over clip that those originative ideas have benefits, and increasingly opens his mind to hold on them. These activities are what in the long tally make Bertie to experience certain and get down to manage his mental portion of defects.

Bertie and Emotional Intelligence

By the terminal of the movie Bertie had the capacity make notable development and promotion in the part of his enthusiastic learning ability. He found himself able to grok, and communicate, be aware of, comprehend, and place with his state, deal with solid feelings and command his driving forces, and indignation, adjust to alter and to take attention of issues of an person or a societal nature ( Bar-on & A ; Parker 2000 ) . This brought approximately expanded certainty when turn toing the crowd for the first clip as male monarch.

Bertie as an Inspirational Leader:

Bertie, as a function theoretical account, battles to pass on and leave without bumbling. Whatever the instance is, he must hold a religion that he can detect his echt voice ; the voice of echt power, the voice that motivates and engages others ; the voice that will take and bestir his state with his words and with his single attempts. War is outstanding and Inspirational leaders are persons that really motivate those around them to achieve extraordinary things, for illustration, acquire ready for war.

Lionel as a Transformational Leader:

Transformational leader suggests altering the people empower innovators and disciples to acquire high accomplishment and motive toward oneself. Mr. Logue had an exceptionally purposeful feeling of ground and vision and stayed devoted to it “ I meet with clients here, nowhere else ; I will name you Bertie ; name me Lionel ; we will run into every twenty-four hours ” . This served to level out the playing field and to show that everybody is tantamount and in this relationship there is no topographic point for position and power.

Lionel as a Servant Leader:

Logue as an effectual address teacher knew a few of the normal grounds for address hinderances were force per unit area and emphasis. Subsequently, he required to disable and often quiet his clients. At single danger, in front of agenda in their relationship, Logue demanded touching to Duke Albert as “ Bertie ” . One of the polishs of Logue that got the consideration of repute, originated from his work with war veterans. He took his linguistic communication and voice direction schemes to assist war veterans being known for his clear articulation and phase presence. Bertie was known to hold a hapless pique and uninterrupted turbulences. Be that as it may this did non halt Lionel.


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Leadership: The King's Speech Essay
Leadership: The King’s SpeechAn unbelievable leading journey is portrayed in the film `` The King 's Speech '' . The possible leader who is non satisfied and is at some degree puzzled about the duties is found in this movie. The King 's Speech touches on legion prevailing topics, yet among the most singular are leading and the behaviours of the persons who coach and empower the leaders.The King 's Speech recounts the echt narrative of Prince Albert known as `` Bertie '' y
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Leadership: The King's Speech Essay
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