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Leadership Essay Summary

Good leadership is a scarce core value in our society today. This could be attributed to the corrosion that is eating deeper into our moral studies and our long-standing guiding principles each day. The people appointed into places of responsibility have constantly displayed leadership in the most humanizing way.

 This, however, does not imply that good leadership has entirely vanished. There are still traces of exemplary governance that we would emulate. Leadership is not just about rising above other. Good leadership is about dispensing your responsibility as the head in the limelight of the society’s guiding principles and moral values. A person in a higher position with the corrupt mind is a leader for himself by himself.

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When asked to develop a leadership essay, you should seek to relook into what good leadership is. It is perhaps a good way to remind the society of the proper direction of headship and a way to restore sanity. You may also be asked to write a leadership essay under other circumstances for example for a scholarship or simply class assignments.

There are different titles of a leadership essay. These may include topics on good leadership, leadership skills, how to successfully achieve leadership goals, governance in general and good versus bad headship among others. For college students, this essay happens to be a common assignment throughout your course of study.

How to Write an Essay

You need a deeper concept of leadership to come up with a comprehensive paper. Understand what leadership is, who a leader is, leadership goals the dimensions of good governance. With these concepts clearly understood, your essay becomes easy and not as complex as students often perceive it.

For example, we would define a leader as simply a person in a position of influence and one who has the ability to motivate and exhort peers and other people in his circle of responsibility towards the achievement of set goals. We would define governance as the act of influencing, motivating and exhorting people towards a given direction in pursuit of particular goals.

You may feature the following other subtopics in your essay:

· Look into what leadership is and the defining elements of good leadership, the personality and character traits of a good leader.

· Decision making in leadership

· Look into different styles of management and examine each one of them in brief.

· You may cite a few illustrations what good leadership is in real life.

· Write about the importance of good governance and the implication of what would be bad headship.

· Summarize the concept of successful headship

Begin Writing Your Essay

Here is where the real task begins. You need to plan your essay before any writing. Come up with the outline reflecting the structure of your essay. Stick to the standard structure of essay writing. This includes providing the introduction, the thesis statement, the body, and a conclusion.

The Introduction

You need a carefully selected introduction if you want to hook your reader to the very end of your paper. An interesting introduction is achieved through a powerful presentation of your forward thoughts and ideas on the topic. A boring introduction will turn off a reader, and you may lose some credit for that. The introduction should not be too short nor too long.

Yes, grab your reader’s attention. You may give them a sample illustration on some headship experience either by yourself or by other person’s act of headship. Interestingly you may give an account of a situation under which you have found yourself prompted to draw in your leadership skills under very heated circumstances. A reader will burn with curiosity to find out how it all turned on your side as a leader and a decision maker and you will be sure to have captured much of their attention.

Make Clear Your Thesis Statement

A thesis statement brings into summation your thoughts on what leadership is. It also defines your line of thoughts for the rest of the essay and prepares the reader about what they should expect. Your thesis statement should be brief and clearly communicate your position on the topic.

The Body

The body of your essay should be crafted in about 3 to 4 paragraphs. Each paragraph should carry a unique idea. Avoid clustering of your points for clarity. Allow your reader to take in your ideas in the most organized and comprehensive manner.

Make excellent use of transition sentences from one paragraph to the next. This ensures sound connectivity and a fluent flow of your ideas.

Below is a brief review of the ideas that you may include in your body structure:

  • Give a broader concept of leadership in your on the point of view

From your various sources of knowledge, make up a solid concept of what it is to be a groundbreaker. Boring out the ideas to reflect your deep understanding and perception of the topic. Look into what leadership is, a leader as a decision maker, look into what it takes to be a successful manager including the expertise to dispense outstanding leadership.

  • Give a review of good leadership qualities using illustrative examples

An impeccable leader is in possession of unmatched habits, outstanding character traits and sound decision making. A person who is selfless and takes an outright stand with the helpless and the marginalized in the society. He whose decision making is objectively grounded on the common good.

An individual who gets things done without pressure, who unites and leads the way into achieving a group’s set goals.

Include other qualities such as being an excellent communicator, believing in their visions and ideas, strong and courageous, smart, and having an inspiring nature.

There are a lot more perspectives on what good leadership is. You are therefore not restricted to explore any of them provided you clearly communicate the point of what it takes is a better head.

  • Discuss the innovative nature of leaders and their unique way of perceiving things

Come up with illustrative examples of leaders that have gone beyond just being in possession of authority to do the extraordinary. Examine their unique way of exercising management, their innovative nature, their unique way of solving problems and decision making

This point too has several perspectives. There are quite many instances that illustrate what good leadership is. You need adequate research about a wider range of perspectives so that you just have enough to write about.

  • Look at the importance of successful leadership

Show the reader what successful leadership can accomplish, with references to earlier accounts of successful headship. You may also point out the contrast with what would be termed as the unsuccessful headship and finally stress on the importance of better governance. This will clearly bring out the importance of leadership.


Your conclusion should affirm your position in the thesis statement. Conclusion too shouldn’t be too long nor too short. For example, if you are bound to illustrate the dimensions of good leadership by your thesis statement, you should end your essay by a summation of the ingredients of unique management as discussed in the body segment. Do not complicate your conclusion with new ideas. Simply fill it with a tone of finality on what you have discussed in the body.

Review your Essay

Proofreading your essay paper is the essential thing you should do however much you trust your writing. Grammatical errors are simply inevitable. Use the APA format to cite your references in case your assignment requires you to make references.

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Leadership Essay Summary
Good leadership is a scarce core value in our society today. This could be attributed to the corrosion that is eating deeper into our moral studies and our long-standing guiding principles each day. The people appointed into places of responsibility have constantly displa
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Leadership Essay Summary
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