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    Italian Renaissance – Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael

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    David 14’3″
    Cartoon for the Pieta
    The Pieta
    Sistine Chapel
    Leonardo da Vinci
    Da Vinci drawing
    Leonardo da Vinci
    Leonardo da Vinci
    Oversized Crossbow
    Leonardo da Vinci
    Leonardo da Vinci
    Head of a Woman
    (Earth, amber and white lead on wood panel 24.7 x 21 cm 1508)
    Leonardo da Vinci
    Lady with an Ermine
    (Oil on walnut panel 54×39 cm c. 1490)
    Leonardo da Vinci
    The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne
    (Oil on wood panel 66×44 in. 1508-17)
    Leonardo da Vinci
    Mona Lisa
    (Oil on cottonwood 30 x 20 in. 1503-1516)
    Leonardo da Vinci
    The Last Supper
    (tempera on gesso, pitch and mastic 460 x 880 cm, 181 x 346 in Milan, Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie)
    Madonna in the Meadow
    Sistine Madonna
    School of Athens cartoon
    Leonardo da Vinci
    from Italy
    fresh, wet plaster that would be put on the walls
    Michelangelo was an apprentice at this age
    when was David statue built?
    Michelangelo’s goal?
    David and Goliath
    Michelangelo’s David
    Donatello’s David
    pose to like like it was moving
    – counterpost – stand in a certain way
    cartoon for the pieta
    original cartoon – sketch
    the pieta final
    – mary looks bigger
    – he made her bigger because to emphasize
    – folds in the fabric
    Sistine chapel
    in the vatican pope’s chapel
    the book of genesis
    1512 when it was unveiled
    series of 9 scenes
    light from darkness
    Libyan syoil
    power, elegant, act of moving and standing
    twist of her body, color, the muscles being shown in her body (back, arms)
    marble, bronze
    pieces of art
    when was last judgment made?
    spot light to _________ lights
    Leonardo da Vinci
    painting and drawing
    born 1452, did 1519
    looks like a blue print (more structure)
    inventor – idea of a helicopter, cross bow, parashot, orina
    triangle effect – important in renaissance
    Mona Lisa
    wearing a veil
    neighbor of da vinci
    survived 4 child births
    perspective is off
    best paintings of all time
    last supper
    other side has a kitchen
    plaster/temperol (egg based paint)
    linear perspective
    judas, peter (talking about christ)
    whole story
    one point perspective
    madonna- mary mother of christ
    triangle effect for composition
    school of athens (cartoon sketch)
    one of 4 walls
    each wall is a different branch knowledge
    – poetry
    – theology
    – law
    – philosophy
    gathering of ancient philosophers
    roman quese arch’s
    vanishing point
    subject of the holy sacrament
    christ was in the halo

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