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Importance to Overcome Animal Cruelty and Animal Abuse

Vet technicians help do a lot more than they really get credit for, if we had none in the world we’d be a hopeless society. They are true help when it comes to animal abuse, and they are the ones who go through the pain of taking care of abused animals.

To become a vet tech you would need to go to a two year vet program, and then get your Associate’s degree. Most vet techs today get 16. 06 hourly, with a minimum annual salary of $33, 400. What a vet tech does is assists their actual doctor of veterinary medicine with medical exams, performs x-rays and dental procedures on animals, and prepares them for surgery. A vet tech also helps assist veterinarians during surgical procedures. The truths about becoming a vet technician is also having to deal with the aggressive animals, who can potentially harm you. Animals who are scared and don’t know how to act in the situations their in. A vet techs work schedules always changing too, and can sometimes steal your weekends and evenings.

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The unpleasant part of the job is witnessing severely injured and abused animals or watching them have to be put down when you assist the veterinarian. On the job skills that are essential, include active listening, verbal communication, organization, and problem solving. You have to be very good at listening and communicating when talking to a patient’s owner about what’s wrong and the process of what needs to be done. Being organized will always be important because they have to make sure to not mix up clients test samples, and data. Problem solving is a big one, because in a very rushed on the move place you have to able to solve problems when no one’s there to help and assist you.

Some places and some people would agree to thinking hunting and killing animals is not cruel, but killing any animal of any kind is a cruelty that should be punished for. Animal cruelty is something that must change because our pets are the most loyal beings, and the fact that we betray them by treating them less then they deserve is so sad. Also many people see animal abuse but don’t say anything, they take child abuse more serious when it should really be equal, and there should be safer laws about making sure these animals go to actual good homes.

When people stand by and watch an animal being abused, they increase the chances of death on the poor animal. Not speaking up is the wrong thing to do, youre basically letting it happen. “The animals can’t speak up for themselves so we must do it for them. ” (Morlin-yron, 2014) The number of animal cruelty cases reported now is very little, because most are not reported. The more we start to speak up for our fellow animals, we can prevent any more possible cases of abuse in the future. If we don’t stop being afraid of speaking up for our companions then we might as well let them die off already.

Its not just with regular pets either, most common cases are with dogs, cats, horses and livestock. A Lot of people take animals for granted, just because they can’t exactly speak for their own needs. Animal help us with so much in today’s world, they have always been our greatest companions. Many actually put there animals in harm’s way, which is called organized cruelty. Organized cruelty usually occurs with dog fights and cockfights, and not only puts the animals themselves in danger but people too. No one ever prevents organized cruelty from happening, not even when death is involved.

As was stated earlier, other cases of abuse such as child abuse are taken more seriously than animals abuse. When in fact they should all both be completely equal. Any case of abuse is still abuse. Many people consider their pets, their children and part of the family rather than just some animal, so why shouldn’t we equalize both cases? ”The PAWS Act would give victims of domestic abuse means to escape their abusers while keeping their companion animals safe—many victims remain in abusive households for fear of their pets’ safety. ”(Fowler, 2018)

The interesting thing about this article is that they really are trying to fix this problem of equalizing victims of abuse. By spreading the word of being able to keep your pets safe as well, and stop the pattern of violence. Which also goes back to the topic of not speaking up, now there’s a reason to be able to speak up. An experiment was actually done also where students were to read a couple of fake articles reading about abuse of a dog and a person. The thing about it was, two articles were about a puppy and a baby, while the other article was conducted with an adult dog and adult person. ”The bottom line is that the subjects did not care more about dogs than people: they cared more about creatures who were perceived as innocent and helpless, regardless of whether they had two legs or four. ”(Herzog, 2013)

Some people believe hunting of any sort is not a cruelty, but it is. ”Although it was a crucial part of humans’ survival 100, 000 years ago, hunting is now nothing more than a violent form of recreation that the vast majority of hunters do not need for subsistence. 1 Hunting has contributed to the extinction of animal species all over the world…” It’s true, people hunt for fun now and most hunters kill for the trophies they will get. If hunting doesnt stop many exotic animals we love today could potentially go extinct, and we have no one to blame but ourselves for letting it happen in the first place. Many hunters actually go for the most exotic animals if they can just because its a once and a life time opportunity. The bad thing about it is if we continue to let this happen, were unbalancing the course of nature. ”Dogs used for hunting are often kept chained or penned and are denied routine veterinary care.”

It’s not just wildlife that gets the bad end of it, dogs that are used to help hunt are just being used as helpful tools. But are they really being taken care of? A Lot of dogs are actually lost or let loose during hunting trips or when hunting trips are over. They never get proper care or checkups to see if they are even healthy, so many of them just end up dead. Hunting should not be a sport, and people need to learn the dangers and the reality of it all. Animals are not the only ones being harmed, many times do hunting trips go wrong and can end up harming the person too. Which is why hunting really isnt the best entertainment in the first place and should stop.

There should be stricter rules on homing animals to make sure they are actually going to good homes. Animal abuse is not collected by state or federal agencies so it would be hard to see just how common they are. For example some people sweet talk there way into making it seem like they’re the right person to adopt a pet, but in reality they do it so they can use the animal for dog fights per say. Then the dog will end up in a bad place that will most likely not give proper care to. ”rehomed animals, separation anxiety causes pets distress every time they are separated from their people.”

Not only do you have to worry about physical animal abuse but you also have to worry about the people who might just rehome them again. It’s not good for an animals mental health for them to just keep going from home to home with different people. Dogs especially are like us, when they keep getting moved around they can become depressed and give up, or become sick. We need to make sure these animals are going to good homes who have there best interest in mind, because no animal deserves to be treated like just some thing.

Our pets are part of our families. They have become special beings to us, the ones we go to when we cry, when we want to have fun, and companion us during difficult times. Whether it be a horse, or even a kitten they were here first and this is their world. So to the people who think hunting is okay to kill an innocent animal, it’s not okay. Its not okay to rip families apart, and leave multiple animals alone and orphaned just for “entertainment”. In order to stop this cruel act, there definitely needs action to be taken. Therefore getting other countries involved in spreading the word would help exponentially. Especially because most potures go out of state because they arent allowed to kill a certain animal here in the U. S. So if we were to make it illegal in as many states as we can than the problem of hunting would be completely solved.

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Importance to Overcome Animal Cruelty and Animal Abuse
Vet technicians help do a lot more than they really get credit for, if we had none in the world we'd be a hopeless society. They are true help when it comes to animal abuse, and they are the ones who go through the pain of taking care of abused animals. To become a vet tech you would need to go to a two year vet program, and then get your Associate's degree. Most vet techs today get 16. 06 hourly, with a minimum annual salary of $33, 400. What a vet tech does is assists their actual doctor of
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Importance to Overcome Animal Cruelty and Animal Abuse
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