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    Importance of Culture Essay (1111 words)

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    We live in the globe of changes. Every day lots of talented people design something new. They by tiny steps create a culture of their land in a global way. Culture is a collection of ideas, art, language, architecture, food, family priorities and customs, the cloth that society have created and developed throughout their history of existence in the state or in the world in general. Culture is a corporate work of people. The position of the person in the world and his/her relation to the world depend on various social factors, first of all on culture. At the same time, in any historical epoch, large numbers of different cultures coexist. Their interaction and interpenetration are of great importance because they significantly determine the human life position, its approach and worldview.

    Customarily, culture has two directions: material (or actual) and spiritual. It was divided according to the main range of the life of the community. Material culture is the achievement of our ancestors who were real masters, owned various crafts, built temples, built hailstones, erected walls and forged weapons, prepared, cultivated land, collected, manufactured with their own hand’s amulets and decorations. A person is the author of material culture.

    Material culture

    Here are several things that can be called “material culture”:

    • Antiquities—the archaeological sites, discoveries and antique stuff that are the educational heritage of the land and have survived to this day. It can be the following: military, domestic, ritual, economic. They have great historical value and are a kind of relics, shrines of society. Today, a lot of such attractions are stored in the National Museum of its state. By the way, you can also see them in different historical festivals.
    • Cloth—in every country it is a unique aspect, multifaceted, colorful, sacred mean of culture. The color and symbol play in the cloth the main role. It is a symbol of elegance. It still surprises and inspires the world.
    • Cuisine—one of the main part of our wonderful cultural heritage. The cuisine of all people in the world is diverse: fatty, sweet, hot and cold, fragrant dishes. Unfortunately, today we have forgotten what a really useful, delicious food is. Our ancestors possessed an extraordinary ability to prepare a wide variety of dishes and were able to enjoy them; their cuisine was balanced and healthy, they cooked with great responsibility and inspiration. They devoted food not only to their relatives and friends but also to the gods.
    • Local history—this is a section of science that collects information about a particular territory from different points of view: geography, geology, meteorology, flora and fauna, population, economy, etc. It tells us about the cultural diversity and historical geography of any state, e.g. American. A lot of cities and villages, natural monuments with ancient history reveal facts about the life of hundreds, thousands, or even millions of years ago.
    • Art—a unique way of sensory movement of awareness of the author. It is a testimony of qualitatively new expansion, perception and production of a new reality. The fact that artistic works are really a living reality is evidenced by the ripple of energy emitted by works and felt by the viewer.
    • Music—initially, performed a ritual function, repeating the rhythm of labor movements, facilitating work and contributing to it. Music makes special short sounds that do not exist in nature and that do not exist outside of music. But the basis of its musical sound is similar to different human intonations. These intonations are always emotionally rich.

    Spiritual culture

    The spiritual culture is a collection of social consciousness forms, ways of creating and using spiritual values, forms of people conversation. Culture is a nature of meanings. Culture is a diverse, important involvement of the life of society, which includes the most significant results of the civil background of people in the progress of social life, multifaceted spiritual values. Spiritual culture is an element of spiritual life, social, spiritual relations includes values, wisdom, opinion, ideological orientations, standards, customs. At the same time, the values of spiritual culture have a national-specific, individual color and importance. As an illustration, American people strongly believe in this fact.

    But spiritual values cannot be in culture and stored in it without “figurative” (language and additional items). Plus material items can be recognized as culture only when they have social information, embody some meanings. Accordingly, the spiritual and material culture cannot exist separately.

    Others think, under the spiritual culture is only the area of the spiritual life of society — morality, art, science, and, under the material culture, the direction of material life, the production and use of material possessions. But the process of production and use of material goods (like all community life) lies outside the culture. It covers only one of its informational and semiotic sides. Therefore, it is impossible to separate and contrast each other spiritual and material culture as distinct branches because, on the one hand, the entire culture is spiritual. On the other hand, it is all material as a whole, because it is represented by “materialized” symbols, sensually perceiving codes, signs and texts.

    By the way, there is an organizational culture — it is essential convictions, values, and hypothesis that forms a unique culture of the organization. Moreover, corporate culture is a bunch of purposes, approaches, standards which are shared in organizations.

    Importance of culture

    Culture plays a very important aspect of man’s life as a person and as a citizen of his land. As we grow up, we learn about our country, about our heritage, and customs. We get to know about the importance of our education. We improve every day ourselves to be a good person, to have good relations with other people. Culture is important because we not only try to be better but also leave a great heritage for our posterity.

    Nowadays the new generation is not only preserving the culture and passively consumes the already created cultural wealth, but it also contributes to the pile of world culture, depending on what was inherited from the cultures of the past. Thus, customs and creativity in the progress of culture are organically interconnected.


    Consequently, in the broadest sense, culture is identified as a collection of all material and spiritual values produced by mankind during its existence. In this sense, the notion of culture is used in our day. However, in everyday consciousness, the term “culture” is usually used in the narrow sense. In this aspect, it concerns only spiritual life: literature, painting, theater, cinema, the culture of life, etc. Although in reality, as we have noted, the entire set of cultures is not limited to purely spiritual values.

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