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    Hiring TEachers Essay (703 words)

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    Recruiting New Personnel EffectivelyAnyone interested in becoming a teacher? Please follow these basic procedures. First, you must go to the school board and picked up the teacher packet. It has to be filled out completely and turned in along with three references letters and all college transcripts. Secondly, you must set up an interview with a personnel person who will go over your qualifications and ask what grade or level you want to teach.

    Third, you must then set up an interview with the Personnel Director for elementary, middle, or high school. Fourth, you will receive a call to interview with the Principals at the schools that have openings for you. Fifth, you must wait until a principal calls and says that you have a position with them. Long and tedious would be the best words to describe this method of hiring personnel, yet, I know that even just four years ago these were the basic procedures that Duval County used for Hiring TEachers Essay and other personnel. They did do some college fairs to attract attention and get a pool of people interested.

    I was hired through the local college fair, and the only step I was able to skip was step three. Other than college fairs there was no real recruitment that I am aware of, in my county. Many of these ancient ways of recruiting in modern times are not working. “The U. S. Department of Education has estimated that schools will need to hire more than two million teachers in the next decade” (Rodda, pg.

    8) Not only will many teachers be retiring, but also many new teachers leave the field of education within the first five years for several reasons such as better money and better working conditions. How are schools to compete with the business world in recruiting qualified people who will teach and who will stay for the long haul? There are two schools in California who are using new methods to hopefully solve the problem to that question. Elk Grove is a district of 41,000 students outside of Sacramento. The first thing they have done is start recruiting “their own. ” They are working with San Francisco State University’s Teacher Education Institute. By building a partnership the county is able to bring future teachers into the classroom and evaluate how they perform.

    They have plenty of time to review the candidates and decide whom they would like to hire, rather than base their selection on simply an interview. Secondly, Elk Grove, like many other schools, had a need for teachers certified in specific subjects. Like the corporate world, the county decided to offer hiring bonuses to those who were willing to come teach in their district. Although currently there is no assurance of longevity, the positions for now are filled.

    (Ibid, 8-9) Both of these methods are currently in place now in Duval County. Duval has stepped up their relationship with the University of North Florida and also the University of Florida to use their education program to view and hire qualified teachers. Duval County also offers sign on bonuses for critical shortage areas, but they even went a step further to help with the issue of longevity. Teachers in special education, math, science, and technology receive a small bonus for promising to stay in the county for another year.

    Hesperia is a district of 15,000 students that is northeast of Los Angeles. Hesperia goes further out in their method of recruiting teachers. They do nationwide searches by going to colleges and school districts in other states. Through these methods, Hesperia is able to find out where there are surplus teachers and try to recruit them to come to California.

    This enables them to target employees who are already working in the field of education and understands its demands. Things such as reciprocity between state departments of education that allows teachers to move from one state to another and be fully certified in the new state helps to attract teachers from all over the U. S. has helped them with their recruitment.

    They also use a web site to advertise on and allow interested candidates to fill out an on line application and email directly to the district. .

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