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    The Controversy of Gender Identity

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    One of the most popular controversies for this generation is gender identity. In the years 2011 and 2012 was when transgenders and “homosexuality became so broadly accepted.” Some say a person’s gender is based on who they feel that they are, and others say it’s based on how people are born.

    People with gender dysphoria feel as if they identify to the opposite gender of what they were born or no specific gender at all. They try to compensate for their personal feelings of who they are by changing their gender permanently or dressing and acting as the opposite gender. Although transgender people face judgement every day, providing laws to protect them punishes other people and invades their privacy.

    People say that “what makes someone a man or woman is not biological sex,” but it’s the gender they feel that they should be. Although, a lot of people don’t understand that their decisions are affecting other people they are surrounded by. They believe that people should be able to be who they want to be without being discriminated against. Transgenders should be protected by laws and be accepted by the government as who they choose to be.

    They defend their beliefs by saying they are still people who deserve to be loved. These people just want to be treated normally because they cannot help that they were born with gender dysphoria. When they make these life-changing decisions they mean no harm to the people around them. They are only trying to make themselves happy and proud of who they are. Even though they do not realize they are harming people there is pain and invasion of privacy.

    Yes, they are still human beings made by God and they should be respected but, why should there be laws to protect them from discrimination when some of them disrespect normal people too. It doesn’t matter who a person is, they will be judged for how they look, act, and what they believe. Instead of compensating for everyone who gets offended, they need to teach people to brush off what people say and finding people who accept them. Society allows delicate people to control what happens when it ends up affecting others in a negative way.

    Gender identity changes have become so popular the past few years, but not because it’s actually a problem. Society has normalized it and has made it popular. Instead of making laws to protect only a certain group, they need to find new solutions to the issue.

    For example, society could take away all gender stereotypes and make children realize that it’s okay to be different and that they do not need to change to fit other people’s expectations. Many “teens…say they don’t fit traditional gender norms.” They are a boy if they have “hunter and protector tendencies that lead to roles of dominance,” and a girl if they have “feminine, care-giving identities and are naturally suited to the roles of mothering and housekeeping.”

    This is all people know and no one is willing to say it’s okay to be themselves without changing their physical features. People at a very young age feel as though they need to change for other people which is why the amount of people diagnosed with gender dysphoria has skyrocketed. Researchers have been doing different surveys and tests to see just how much this topic has affected society in the past few years.

    They did a test in Minnesota and found out that “3% of teens did not identify with traditional gender labels,” when just a year ago only .7% said they identified as something other than the gender they were born. Most importantly, before taking the easy route to end the riots, society needs to try to end the problem all together by showing that no one needs to change who they were born as to make other people happy and fit in.

    Making laws only protects one group and puts others in danger. No matter what, people will always be a little more traditional and not be comfortable with people who were once were one gender and now are another. These people do not mean to be disrespectful toward them most still accept them, but there are boundaries such as public bathrooms. Not only could it make people uncomfortable to have transgenders in the bathroom with them, it also gives predators a perfect opportunity to prey on little kids or even adults.

    By allowing trans into normal bathrooms “sexual predators could just say they’re a transgender person and easily gain access to potential victims.” There are many simple actions people could take to keep this from happening. Although many will not because they are too scared that they will offend someone by protecting others. At this point the government needs to be more concerned about people’s safety rather than their feelings.

    They could require bathrooms to be “used by people based on their biological sex,” or they could keep protect people’s feelings and keep them safe by making specific bathrooms for transgenders. The government needs to think of others before making laws demanded by certain groups. Protection for all humans is important and should be mandatory along with finding ways to compensate for everyone’s privacy.

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