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A for Angel shark Ah, the angel sharks the holiest creature in the sea. Angel sharks don’t look like most sharks at all. Unlike most sharks, they have long flat bodies, broad pectoral fins, and thick pelvic fins as well. They only weigh around 60 pounds but the most massive angle shark ever found was…

Essay on The Path I’ll Take: Zoology


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The Path I’ll TakeAs a child it is immediately installed in our minds that we are expected to become something, and to find a profession we want to do for the majority of our lives. We were, and still are constantly being asked “what do you want to be when you grow up?” and “what…

Essay about Zoology (1298 words)


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The study of zoology can be viewed as a series of efforts to analyseand classify animals. Attempts at classification as early as 400 BCare known from documents in the Hippocratic Collection. Aristotle,however, was the first to devise a system of classifying animals thatrecognized a basic unity of plan among diverse organisms; he arrangedgroups of animals…

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