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Thomas Aquinas

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Aritotle vs St Thomas Aquinas Essay


Thomas Aquinas

Words: 265 (2 pages)

Theologian St. Thomas Aquinas and philosopher Aristotle had a lot in common even though they were born about sixteen hundred years apart. They both believed in the God/s and respected them. Of course during the time of Aristotle, the many people believed in more than one God. Aristotle respected the many Gods, but still doubted…

The Existence of God: Theories of Thomas Aquinas, St. Anselm, and Wil Essay




Thomas Aquinas

Words: 2102 (9 pages)

liam PaleyThe Existence of God: Theories of Thomas Aquinas, St. Anselm, and William PaleyThe three readings that form the basis of this essay all deal with the existenceof a God, something that which nothing greater can be conceived and cannot beconceived not to exist. The three readings include: Thomas Aquinas, St. Anselm,and William Paley. First…

St. Thomas Aquinas Essay (2171 words)


Thomas Aquinas

Words: 2171 (9 pages)

I chose to write about Saint Thomas Aquinas because I have heard of his life and found it interesting. There was also a large pool of knowledge to research from, about Saint Thomas Aquinas. I also knew he is called Doctor of the church and I wanted to learn I was interested in Saint Thomas…

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