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Diving Into Immortality




Words: 2049 (9 pages)

Plato once stated that thinking is “the talking of the soul with itself.’ As a great philosopher, Plato has intrigued the minds of many people through his view on the soul as a living thing. He believes that the soul is immortal and lives on forever throughout each life. Although there are many ideas about…

The Destruction of the Human Mind


Words: 687 (3 pages)

The SoulOpen Letter of Apology:I have come to the conclusion that we are all responsible for thedestruction of the human mind. We are all at fault for breeding hate, ignorance,and worst of all any known and/or association to an –ism. Should we all band asone and focus on a better future or let the mind…

Soul Searching Essay (722 words)


Words: 685 (3 pages)

In the memoir The Girl Who Wouldn’t Sing,” Kit Yuen Quan describes her life experiences growing up as a Chinese girl in America. In her attempt to find her place in society, Quan interacted with several groups of people. Her interactions with a feminist group, two young Cambodian girls, and her own father allowed her…

The Soul of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe Essay


Words: 2669 (11 pages)

How many of us at one point have tried to convince somebody of something way out there? Whether it be the boogieman, that monster in your closet, Easter bunny, Santa Claus, or even God, it boils down to I swear I saw it! I swear! Thats how Lucy from The Lion, the Witch, and the…

Snake of the Soul Essay (495 words)


Words: 495 (2 pages)

Snake is one of Lawrences most famous poems. Although the poem seems to be about an encounter with a snake, the true theme of the poem is the conflict between emotional behavior and learned behavior. This conflict is displayed through setting and symbolism. The poem begins with a very narrative voice and is a pleasure…

Man’s Blinding Greed for money damages his soul Essay


Words: 547 (3 pages)

‘I want it all-money,fast cars,diamonds rings and champagne. ‘So says Warren G in his quadruple platinum single ‘I want it all’. Hip hop artists profess their love for money through such lyrics. They portray this love through their music videos. Flashy cars,expensive clothing,extravagant locations and money are shown with the utmost ostentation. Young people look…

Plato’s Idea of the Tripartite Soul Essay



Words: 297 (2 pages)

Plato’s idea of the tripartite soul is an analogy to understand how human nature works. It is represented in a picture of a charioteer, and two horses. One horse is white, obedient, fit and of a pure breed where the second is black, a disobedient lumbering animal. The charioteer represents ‘reasoning’. He is in control…

What is the analogy between the city and the soul in Plato’s republic? Essay


Words: 2119 (9 pages)

What is the analogy between the metropolis and the psyche in Plato’s democracy? Critically discuss why you find it converting or non converting In book two of Plato’s Republic, Socrates efforts to specify what justness is, in the psyche ; by mentioning to the nature of justness in the metropolis. He does this because he…

Three Parts of the Soul Essay (1439 words)


Words: 1439 (6 pages)

The Republic of Plato consists of a dialogue between many great philosophers that attempts to answer a couple of very important questions, one of which is what is justice? As the book moves from one argument to the next, there seems to be an ongoing debate of what exactly is meant by justice and the…

Plato’s Three Parts of The Soul Essay


Words: 584 (3 pages)

As the founder of the first university and considered the most powerful thinker in history Plato believed that the soul was made of three parts. The Three Parts of the Soul in Plat’s Republic and Phaedra are mans Appetite (Black Horse on Left), Spirited (White Horse on Right), and Reason (Charioteer). Each part of the…

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