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Plato’s Idea of the Tripartite Soul Essay



Words: 297 (2 pages)

Plato’s idea of the tripartite soul is an analogy to understand how human nature works. It is represented in a picture of a charioteer, and two horses. One horse is white, obedient, fit and of a pure breed where the second is black, a disobedient lumbering animal. The charioteer represents ‘reasoning’. He is in control…

The Idea Of Originality In Postmodernism Art Essay



Words: 2527 (11 pages)

A figure of postmodern theoreticians and creative persons have questioned whether there is such thing as originality in art. Discuss this issue with mention to illustrations of the work of one or more recent creative persons who have questioned the impression of originality in their work. Postmodernism rejects the modern thought of originality as the…

Summar of “The Radical Idea of Marrying for Love, ” by Stephanie Coontz Sample Essay


Words: 993 (4 pages)

Author Stephanie Coontz writes about the thoughts of love and matrimony through out history in the article “The Radical Idea of Marrying for Love. ” Early in the article Coontz quotes an early 20th century writer by the name of George Bernard Shaw. who states. “marriage is an establishment that brings together two people under…

My Idea of a Good Life Essay (704 words)

About Me


Words: 704 (3 pages)

A good life is different for everybody. I think that the most important thing in life is happiness. You can have no money, have no friends or live in a place you don’t like and don’t feel comfortable at. But you can still be happy. Why? Because you may have a family to come home…

Chronological order is the most convincing way to convey a story or an idea Essay



Words: 974 (4 pages)

This statement sums up the majority of the essay without going into too much detail. This essay attempt to use two different books about vaguely similar topics; ‘The Plague” and “Beloved” to explore why chronological order is the best method of conveying a story or an idea. Beloved does not follow chronological order therefore this…

The idea of Monsters and Monstrosity in Frankenstein Essay



Words: 538 (3 pages)

The most common definition of a ‘monster’ is that of an animal or human grotesquely deviating from the normal shape, behaviour, or character, yet the term could also relate to a person who excites horror by wickedness or cruelty; these terms are both applied within the novel, ‘Frankenstein’ by Mary Shelley. Possibly the most obvious…

Designing a pond cost calculator



Words: 1228 (5 pages)

The first thing I will do to design this pond cost calculator will be to decide upon which software is wise to use. After I know which programs I will be using I shall then sketch out a few design ideas on paper for the layout of the calculator which will be sketched to fit…

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