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Confucius: Philosopher for a Harmonious Society


Words: 2005 (9 pages)

I begin my research paper on the impact and study of Confucius. Confucius was an educational inspiration to many. He reached ethical, political, social and educational realms of his society. Throughout history, Confucius is widely considered as one of the most important and influential individuals affecting the lives of humanity. He was known as the…

My Ethics vs Confucius (1085 words)



Words: 1085 (5 pages)

“A piece of advice, if I may be allowed to give it, is that no philosophy, no creed, no God is worth more than the love that one human being may give and receive in their lifetime”-Robert Cochrane (Johnson, 2009). Everyone has a personal code of ethics that guides them through life. Confucius had a…

Analects Of Confucius Essay (2455 words)



Words: 2455 (10 pages)

The history of Chinese civilization spans thousands of years and encompasses countless ideas, beliefs, and societal and political doctrines. However, from a modern standpoint one distinct perspective prevails above the rest in the manner and degree it has influenced the development of China. For the previous 2,000 years the teachings of Confucius, and the systems…

Confucius (3863 words) Essay



Words: 3814 (16 pages)

ConfuciusFOUNDERSConfucius is the founder of Confucianism. The name Confucius is the Latin name for Kong Qiu-zi. Confucius was born in the village of Zou in the country of Lu in 551 BC. He was a poor descendant of a disposed noble family. As a child, he held fake temple rituals; as a young adult, quickly…

Confucius (1950 words) Essay



Words: 1919 (8 pages)

ConfuciusAs Confucius’ philosophy still remains in the heart of many Chinese people. Hisimages of the greatest professional teacher of all time, the greatestphilosopher in Chinese history and his influence toward the future and the past2000 years of Chinese civilization has made his thought the essence of theChinese culture. He always said the importance of teaching…


Kǒng Qiū, c. 551 BCE, Zou, State of Lu, (modern-day Nanxin, Qufu, Shandong, China)


Faithfulness and sincerity are the highest things.


Main interests Ethics,Education, music, poetry, political philosophy, Social philosophy
Notable ideas Confucianism, Golden Rule
Notable students Yan Hui, Zengzi, Disciples of Confucius
Orbital period Hundred Schools of Thought, (Ancient philosophy)
Region Chinese philosophy
Resting place Cemetery of Confucius, State of Lu
School Confucianism

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