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Narrative: History is a Collective Enterprise

Narrative Essay

Philosophy of Education

Teaching Philosophy

Words: 822 (4 pages)

It was the first day of the Spring 2015 semester. I made my way to the second floor of Walker Hall, Rm. 302. The space was filled with young minds, eager and anxious to learn about the Soviet past. Colleagues warned me of the intensity and demanding readings of the course, but I had always…

Teaching Philosophy in My Educational Career

Teaching Philosophy

Words: 622 (3 pages)

“What we instill in our children will be the foundation upon which they build their future.” Steve Maraboli Throughout my educational career, I have always been taught to have the mindset of how the content that I am learning could be applied to my future. From educational content and life skills, I have always been…

My Teaching Philosophy in Life (603 words)

Teaching Philosophy

Words: 603 (3 pages)

As a high school biology teacher, I believe it is important not only to educate students on the fundamental content of life sciences but also to teach every student the science of life itself. It is my goal to be able to expand the limits that these students have set for themselves by teaching them…

Philosophy and Sociology of Education

Teaching Philosophy

Words: 1654 (7 pages)

Introduction Dewey defined education as the reconstruction and reorganisation of experiences which increases ones’ ability to direct the course of subsequent experiences and these can be both active and passive. However according to Lindeman, the education experience is, first of all, doing something; second, doing something which makes a difference and third knowing what difference…

My View on Teaching Philosophy (1636 words)

Teaching Philosophy

Words: 1636 (7 pages)

I believe that children will learn and thrive best in a learning environment that fosters a diverse option of things. Within my classroom I will be welcoming to everyone and fit all students needs. I would let my students help me to redecorate the classroom to help suit their need for their environmental comfort instead…

Teaching Philosophy During My Life

Teaching Philosophy

Words: 1190 (5 pages)

I believe that learning chemistry is a difficult task for beginning students and in particular non-science major students. Therefore, my goal and philosophy as a chemistry teacher are to create an atmosphere in the class that makes the subject interesting and easy to learn. This can be achieved by communicating the topic material in an…

Teaching Philosophy in My Life (460 words)

Teaching Philosophy

Words: 460 (2 pages)

I believe that the study of mathematics is a skill and art; and that mathematics is full of beauty and patterns. I believe that most students can learn mathematics and many can master concepts and ideas. I believe that all students can learn to appreciate the beauty of mathematics. I believe that best practices of…

Teaching Philosophy My Opinion (1535 words)

Teaching Philosophy

Words: 1535 (7 pages)

I take great pride in my accomplishments as an instructor at the institutions where I have had the privilege to teach. My success and respected reputation with students are a direct result of not only having a specific educational and teaching philosophy, but living this philosophy as well. The following ideals represent how I have…

Philosophyof Teaching and Knowledge

Teaching Philosophy

Words: 639 (3 pages)

I believe that knowledge is essential for human survival, that it is transmitted via teaching, and that there are multiple kinds of knowledge. I believe that teaching is essential for the continuation of our society, and that it encompasses more than just the traditional “three R’s”.  Despite this, the philosophy I find myself agreeing with…

My Opinion About Teaching Philosophy

Teaching Philosophy

Words: 407 (2 pages)

I would like to start with an African Proverb: “If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to far go together”. This sums up my personal and professional philosophy. I have had the honor to be engaged in direct patient care, teaching, and mentoring. I have enjoyed practicing emergency medicine and pediatric…

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The Importance of Studying and Teaching The Discipline of Philosophy


Discipline Philosophy,Education
Edited by Maralee Harrell
Frequency Quarterly
History 1975–present
Language English
Publisher Philosophy Documentation Center

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How do I teach myself philosophy?
6 tips for teaching yourself philosophy
  • Start from a position of ignorance Socrates developed a way of inquiring about the world by asking participatory, open ended questions – which is still popular today through groups like Socrates Cafe. You can learn more about the Socratic Method here. ...
  • Expect to go slowly ...
  • Read when you are most alert ...
  • Pick whatever interests you the most ...
  • Get a philosophical dictionary ...
What is the best way to learn philosophy?
  1. Read through the text multiple times. Most students of philosophy will need to read through philosophical readings several times before they fully understand them.
  2. Read as much as possible. The only way to familiarize yourself with philosophy is to immerse yourself in the philosophical works of others.
  3. Consider the context of the work. All philosophy was written within the confines of a certain historical setting and culture.
  4. Determine the theses. Some theses are obvious and explicitly stated, but many are not. ...
  5. Look for supporting arguments. Supporting arguments should back up the writer's thesis. ...
  6. Assess each argument. Not every argument presented will be a valid one. Question the validity of an argument by looking at the premises and inferences it is built upon.
  7. Evaluate the argument as a whole. Once you have examined all of the premises and inferences surrounding a thesis, you will need to evaluate how successful and true the ...
What's is your teaching philosophy?
A teaching philosophy statement is a narrative that includes:
  • your conception of teaching and learning.
  • a description of how you teach.
  • justification for why you teach that way.
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