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    Freddy Got Fingered – Movie Review Essay

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    Despite the lewd title, Freddy Got Fingered is actually a wonderful movie fit for people of all ages. Well, maybe not all ages. And definitely not for the light-hearted or more timid groups of people. The fact is, Freddy Got Fingered, written and directed by MTV star Tom Green, is chocked full of crude skits and dark humor. Green’s star character is played by himself, of course. Green plays a young adult by the name of Gord Brody who just wants to follow his dreams of being a T. V. show animator.

    His mind works “differently,” however, and his father, played by Rip Torn, doesn’t understand. The opening scene features Gord skateboarding through a mall and disrupting happy shoppers on his way to meet his parents and little brother, Freddy at the bus stop. Jim (Rip Torn) gives Gord a car so that he can go to Los Angeles to become the wonderful animator he strived to be. Gord happily accepts this car and drives away without a second thought. This is where some people would say the movie went downhill. Once in Los Angeles, Gord got a job at a cheese sandwich factory.

    His abrupt, creative mind was easily bored standing behind a conveyer belt sticking cheese on bread, however, so he did what any of us would do- get fired for sticking cheese on our head and walking down the conveyer belt! None of the other workers really paid attention to him walking all over the sandwiches, however. In the next scene, Gord goes to a production company hoping to show his sketches to a producer by the name of Dave Davidson (Anthony Michael Hall). When he goes searching for Mr. Davidson, he’s informed that he’s out to lunch.

    Gord tracks him down and goes to the restaurant Mr. Davidson is at just so he can show his sketches. Mr. Davidson is annoyed by this, obviously, but takes a look at Gord’s sketchbook any way. Mr. Davidson says no to Gord wanting his own show for the sketches, but offers some constructive criticism. He says “You have to get inside of the animals. ” This line gets Gord through the rest of the movie. After being fired from the cheese sandwich factory and shot down by Dave Davidson, Gord makes the dreaded drive of failure back to his parents’ house.

    A few exciting, very comedic events take place on the drive home: Gord sees some lovely landscapes, wears a bloody deer hide, gets hit by a car, and makes it home just in time for dinner. The movie features a few more bloody, unholy scenes that may not be great for the eyes of some children. Gord, through a disturbing incident at a hospital, meets the love of his life, Betty. Betty (Marisa Coughlan) works at the front desk of the hospital, she’s an aspiring rocket scientist, and- to top everything off- she’s paralyzed from the waist down.

    The two instantly click and their love puts a very interesting perspective on the movie. Throughout the movie, Gord and his father argue and butt heads extensively. The constant feuding forces Gord’s mother (Julie Hagerty) to schedule a family therapy session. In this therapy session, the two men do not stop bickering. The therapist finally gets the noise level down and asks Gord to talk about his feelings. Gord then lies and tells the therapist that his father molests his brother, Freddy (Eddie Kaye Thomas)- hence the disturbing title. Everyone believes Gord except his father who, of course, knows it isn’t true.

    The therapist makes some calls and takes Freddy- who I might add, is actually an adult- away to a foster home. In spiraling events, Gord’s mother leaves his father, his father becomes a drunk, Gord finally gets his TV show and sends his father to Afghanistan only to be captured by a terrorist group. The movie ends with Gord and his father returning home safely and a warm welcome from the public. This movie is crude, violent, and socially unacceptable. However, all of these things make up a great movie. I give this movie a 9/10. The only problem with this movie is that it’s only 90 minutes long.

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