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    How do films tell stories? Essay

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    This seems a good way to tell the story. The background music plays a big part in the way the story is told. The choice of tune is very important. If the atmosphere was silenced the events would not seem so dramatic and agonising. This is a very good technique, which increases much excitement. Halloween movies always seem so full of potential when the lights go down and the film fades in to that ominous and slicker-than-crude-oil theme tune. From the rating of the film though it seems lacking inspiration.

    Horror thriller sequels are supposed to improve and offend and disgust even more, on every sequel produced, but it seems Halloween just continues regurgitating the failures of the previous sequels. A film rating from the internet states: Halloween: Resurrection 2 stars from a possible five shows the lack of imagination the film brings. Although if looked at in detail does have some good techniques and the story is told rather differently. On the other hand a very different type of film with a more exciting and different approach, which has a German origin, is a film called ‘Run Lola Run’.

    It is a surrealist, sort of ‘Art’ film. It is like a fantasy film with a type of approach, which is employed by a computer game. Lola has a mission to attempt to succeed but when she fails the mission she restarts it again. This happens three times before she is successful. This is like a computer game as when you die on a computer game as a specific character you start again from the beginning but learn from your previous mistakes. This is a great technique of telling a story which I have never seen before.

    It is an action and adventure genre, which is quite thrilling, but in a complete different way to Halloween: Resurrection. The mission Lola is attempting is to find 100,000 marks in a matter of twenty minutes or her boyfriend is set to face death. Lola can only do one thing – keep running and hoping. Symbolism is used to help tell the story. The story is like a circle motif or a spiral motif as it keeps going round. Lola actually wins the money on a roulette wheel, which is very symbolic. Also at the beginning of each attempt she runs down a spiral staircase that is very long.

    Also the supermarket she is meant to meet her boyfriend is called, ‘Spirale’. Time and transport are a big feature in the film too which also ties in to the fact of a computer game, as there is a time limit. The soundtrack also dominates the film and increases anticipation and excitement, which helps tell the story. Lola, who is a feminine representation who is seen as a hero figure also intimates signs of masculinity from her fast running movement and athleticism and also her choice of clothing is more often seen on a male.

    She is very active and pragmatic too. The film was produced in 1998 when computers were at their peak and in great demand. This probably being the initial reason for the making of this film. The central image is of a flame-haired girl (Lola) running and woven a tapestry of chance encounters with odd characters around it. Using a dazzling variety of visual techniques – animation, shooting on film and video, the line between what is reality, and what might become reality is quite blurring and less obvious.

    Even the tiniest of decisions become life-altering not just for Lola, but for the people she bumps into: all seen through photographic flash forwards. As the film progresses and Lola’s attempts to find the money become increasingly desperate, it’s difficult not to empathise with her plight, which means the filmmaker has been very successful. “Run Lola Run” is a kind of energetic, thrill-seeking movie that works both on a technical level and as sheer entertainment. The story line is very unusual and the way the story is told is rather strange but very effective and successful.

    It has been constructed very well and has become a popular film. An internet rating of the film shows: Run Lola Run This clearly shows its popularity and success. It s clear to see many filmmakers have their own personal preference on how they wish to tell the stories and it is clear to see how they differ. Many techniques can be used too. Different narrative strategies also are a feature but from the popularity of Run lola Run it seems the majority of the audience likes a film that is different from any other and is rather adventurous.

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