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    Film Summary – Interview with a Vampire Essay

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    “Interview with a Vampire,” is a film that is about vampires. In this paper, my thesis is about making life choices that will influence your personality and morals. The film revolves around Louie, LaStat, and Claudia. The storyline was somewhat logical for this film. It started with Louie being a young slave owner who was lost in grief over the wife and child that he lost and he just wanted to die. LaStat found him an offered him a choice to be a vampire or to die and Louie chose to become a vampire.

    Louie went from grieving to self-loathing on what he had become he felt he became a monster. He tried to stop himself from drinking human blood to killing rats in the sewer. LaStat tried to get him to embrace his darker killer side since he was in fact a vampire that needed blood from humans to continue to live. Louie thought he killed a young girl that he had befriended when he went for a stroll through the diseased part of his town. LaStat found the girl whose name was Claudia and turned her into a vampire for him and Louie to raise.

    LaStat had found a way to keep Louie near him by raising the child vampire. Then it ended up where Claudia was tired of being under LaStat’s influence and wanted to kill him. Claudia and Louie then went searching the world for other vampires. Then to Claudia being killed by the Vampire Association for killing LaStat. The storyline just kind of jumped around and not settling into one story. LaStat enjoyed the life of being a vampire he like killing humans for their blood. He felt a rush when he killed two to three people a night.

    He liked being able to submerge himself in the darkest parts of being a vampire. Louie did not really enjoy the life of a vampire he takes joy in the life of the living he does not enjoy taking away another’s life. Claudia enjoys the life of vampire she liked killing humans, but she did not like that she would be a child forever and could never grow up to be an adult. The plot for the Interview with a Vampire was plausible and easy to follow. The plot was about the day-to-day complications of being a young vampire.

    Also learning about how to cope and adapt the morals of being a good vampire where you value life and a bad vampire who did not care about the value of life and how easily it could be taken away. Therefore, the plot for Interview with a Vampire did make sense. When it came to acting Brad Pitt who played Louie was very believable he did great with the script that he was given. He stayed true to his characters personality and he had the same beliefs as he did in the beginning of the movie. Who loved life and had empathy towards someone who was hurt.

    LaStat also did well with the script that was given to him. He was also very believable during the movie. However, the screenwriters who written it could of written his part out a little better than what they did. They made him kind of like a ruthless killer in the beginning of the movie, then made him towards a kind of loving father to Claudia, and then to him being a vampire terrified of his own shadow, and back again to his ruthless self at the end of the movie. That was kind of like having whiplash you did not know what his character was going to be like one from one moment to the next.

    Claudia the little girl vampire did an ok job in the move. There was not much of what the screenwriters of directors could have done to her character. She did not stand out in the movie she was over shadowed by Louie and LaStat. The director should have chosen another little girl to play the part who would not have been over shadowed by the dominant characters of Louie and LaStat. Louie actions were justified in the way he acted throughout the movie. Louie did not want to kill anyone he did not want to be a killer.

    LaStat’s actions in the way he acted throughout the movie were not justifiable. At others expense he wanted to show Louie how to be a vampire and how to love the killer instinct that was now inside of him. He did not want to let go of his hold that he had on Louie and Claudia. Claudia actions throughout the movie were justified. She did not understand why she was not aging. She was only eight years old when she was turned into a vampire so when she got angry she threw temper tantrums. In the movie Louie’s motive was plausible he kept LaStat from killing Claudia since she tried to kill him.

    LaStat’s motive was not plausible. He was getting annoyed that Louie did not want to be like him that he did not want to be a killer. Claudia’s motive was not plausible she did not have to kill LaStat to get away from him. All Claudia had to do was leave and he would of let her leave. Now the words in the film did not ring false and they were matched up pretty well for the year that it was pertaining to be. However, when LaStat turned Claudia into a vampire looked very cheesy. One minute she was human and the next minute she is a vampire.

    It is very unlikely that when you are turned into a being that it dead that it is not going to be easy. It definitely should look painful not like she is being made over as if she is getting a makeover. In addition, when Claudia killed LaStat he came back looking like something off the Walking Dead. How can he come back to life looking gross when LaStat was already dead? The lighting in the Interview with a Vampire was actually quite good. It really played well in certain parts of the movie. It enhanced certain scenes such as when the sun turned Claudia and her companion to stone ashes.

    The light was brilliant and looked very bright like it should of. In addition, the graphics in the movie was great as well. It felt like you were back in the late 1700’s and then in the early 1800’s. The music was also very appropriate when it was played and the music that was chosen was great as well. Interview with a Vampire was a great movie it had a lot of gore blood throughout the whole movie. The only thing that was not so great was how people was turned into vampires it should not have been that easy to do.

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