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Fashion Icon & Fashion Leader Essay

AbstractionNo 1 could hold a accurate and comprehensive definition of the two footings “fashion icon” & A ; “fashion leader” in the past decennary while these two new words appear often in the manner universe today. However.

it seems that these have their ain significance and construct in two different cultural positions. The propose of this research is to reply the inquiry what does the “fashion icon” & A ; “fashion leader” average severally in U. K. and China and what causes the difference apprehension of it. which may act upon the development of the manner universe in the hereafter.

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Literature research. personal interviews and cyberspace studies are the methods that I used to research this survey which could acquire in-depth. comprehensive. professional and the newest information. In add-on. what I found out from this survey research is to the different civilization taking to the difference construction of the society.

And holding a different signifier of the society. the regulations of the life. the things the public pursue. the topographic point people is looking frontward to. the lifestyle the mass being willing to bask is non the same. This is a large subject to discourse.

but we can get down from the little point. Let’s go back to the manner universe to speak about the different construct of the two footings. “fashion icon” & A ; “fashion leader” . debutA large moving ridge of new word have been appeared these old ages to depict the new things invented with the development of the modern manner universe ; e.

g. smart. purchaser. disco. stylist…The term “fashion icon ” is thrown about excessively much these yearss. It is obvious that “fashion icon” is the most popular term which will be mentioned in today’s manner universe.

However. the significance of the new term is different in eastern and western civilization. What cause the phenomenon and what difference significance included with the similar word “fashion leader”is the cardinal point of the research to research. The definition of manner is rather complexed which is the value or life manner in a period. It is proposed by some little kind of people. And so the populace respected and followed.

The scope of manner is really broad. including making-up. vesture. dressing. behaviour.

sense of placing. feeling and even ideas. Not every one can follow a right way of popularity for manner. Manner could be in a limited range alternatively of in a really big graduated table. Majority have a trouble about manner which leads them to follow some innovators. At this clip these individual and organisation shows their importance to the mass.

Having an kernel of manner reflects their ain gustatory sensations which makes “fashion icons” & A ; ”fashion leaders” go some popular these yearss. To analysis the complexnesss of the adaptation curve into history from two different civilization is an indispensable job. PROBLEM STATEMENT/ Research Question:• What is “fashion icon” in UK? What is “fashion leader” in UK? What is the relationship between “fashion icon” and “fashion leader” ? • What is “fashion icon” in China? What is “fashion leader” in China? What is the relationship between “fashion icon” and “fashion leader” ? • It is obvious that it have different definition of “fashion icon” & A ; “fashion leader” in UK and China. What factors influenced it? • Will it do the development of the manner universe in the hereafter? • What other facets could be related with the difference? Research Objectives and Purposes:1. Purpose: To look into the factors that leads to the difference description of the two new footings in manner.

2. Aim:• The information will be extracted from some well-known manner insiders’ sentiments which have been reported to the populace. • Questionnaire will be distributed to assorted types of people. so to roll up and number the consequence of the responses.

• To analysis the effect of all the information of both British manner country and Chinese manner country. separate the chief factor of it.
Literature ReviewInternational purpose is fast going one of the most popular entry manner schemes for international retail companies when traveling into international markets ( Burt. 1993 ; Quinn and Doherty. 2000 ; Quinn and Alexander. 2002 ) .

Though ab initio decelerate to react to this practical phenomenon happening in the international retailing sphere. the academic community has besides been bit by bit turning its attending to the nature of international franchising. in the context of retail merchant internationalization ( Whitehead. 1991 ; Sparks. 1995 ; Quinn.

1998 ; Doherty and Quinn. 1999 ; Quinn and Doherty. 2000 ; Quinn and Alexander. 2002 ) .

This reappraisal will give a brief construct of the “fashion icon” & A ; “fashion leader” in UK and China individually. Followed by analysing the factors consequence on the phenomenon. to hold a farther treatment on if it will do the development of the manner universe in the hereafter and the other comparative countries. In 1980.

Chinese professor MINYI HU. who is a professor of the DONGHUA University which university is celebrated for its manner and art college in Shanghai. suggested the sentiment that a manner icon is a celebrated individual who dresses in trendy and fashionable manners that catches the attending of people throughout the universe. ( MINYI HU. 1989 ) The unconditioned character of manner is mutable and assorted.

“In act of doing manner picks. a individual is inspiring ( doing alive. moving. executing ) her or his organic structure bu enforcing on it a societal veneer that permits it to execute in specific coveted ways and to be interpreted in the intended mode by others.

” ( Jennifer Craik. 2009 ) Which means that if a individual want to demo her or his single gustatory sensation about manner. she or he can demo it through dressing certain manner of apparels to show. In add-on. HU gave her definition to the term “fashion leader” .

A manner leader refers to an person or corporation that is taken as a tendency compositor in the manner industry. Normally. such an organisation or merchandises by such persons attract high grosss and esteem from other industry participants. ( MINYI HU. 1989 ) Harmonizing to HU’s theory. manner icon seems to be individual who is well-known by the populace for his/her erosion.

even he/she can be seen to be a graven image following the fans who want to copy his/her manner while manner leader is a more professional place in the manner field to analysis the manner tendencies will be on. “I think that the portion that’s keeping people back now is that they fundamentally merely travel to the shows. There’s really few of these street web logs that go back to their metropolis. wherever that is.

and shoot. People merely acquire really haunted with acquiring a image of those known names. as opposed to truly talking from the bosom and hiting from the bosom. ” ( Scott Schuman. 2012 )However.

the celebrated manner lensmans Scott Schuman considers that the individual who can take to manner is non merely on the run-way and the front phases. The true stylist may populate in our life alternatively of merely suiting in the manner shows. Contrasted with the definition given by Chinese manner research workers. the apprehension of the new term “fashion icon” have a different explaining by British research workers. The celebrated theoretical account Twiggy is be definition of the 1960’s manner icon.

The study set Twiggy as an oppressive icon is consistent with many popular imperativeness analyses that render the Twiggy phenomenon as a culturally of import manifestation of the ‘‘ideology of thinness’’ . ( Craig & A ; Diana. 1997 ) From so on. the word “fashion Icon” has appeared. Harmonizing to the newest list of the top 100 manner icon in the universe which supported by TIME ( 2012 ) . manner icon contains many assortments of Fieldss.

such as interior decorators & A ; trade names ( Giorgio Armani. Hubert de Givenchy. Vivienne Westwood ) . theoretical accounts ( Twiggy. Kate Moss. Naomi Campbell ) .

Muses ( Madonna. David Bowie. Princess Diana ) . lensmans ( Richard Avedon. Guy Bourdin. Steven Meisel ) .

editors & A ; stylists ( Isabella Blow. Grace Coddington. Patricia Field ) . manner & A ; design.

A large sum of them come from UK. which illustrates that manner icon is non merely a construct of a certain individual who has a good and alone gustatory sensation of dressing any longer. Manner leaders can be defined as those who are more interested in manner than other consumers in the market. who are more confident of their ain gustatory sensation. who are the first to buy new manners and. above all.

who influence other consumers to follow and purchase new manner points. ( Greenberg et al. . 1982 ; Kaiser.

1990 ; Polegato and Wall. 1980 ; Schrank and Guilmore. 1973 )Although it manner leader has been followed in a rather high phase. However.

it original purposes for the media spread the image of manner leader is assorted. For case. during the sixtiess and 1970s. sellers were interested in increasing their cognition about manner leaders in order to develop selling schemes that could pull these consumers.

The implicit in premise was that if manner leaders bought the merchandise. other consumers would likely follow ( Kaiser. 1990 ) . Each manner affects its carrier’s ability to cover efficaciously with the surrogate sort of group procedure demands. A differentiation is drawn between civilization struggle and related impressions of want and civilization difference.

( Rosalie. 2009 ) What Rosalie said seems to explicate the ground why people will hold a different apprehension of the two words about manner. METHODOLGY AND FEASIBILITYMethodologyFor this research. I used qualitative and quantitive design by making literature study.

presenting questionnaire online for the cyberspace studies and questioning some friends and the some neighbors for the personal interviews. These are all the methods that I have used to exposes this job. which could acquire in-depth. comprehensive. professional and the newest information.

in a qualitative manner. The essay is intend to develop the difference between two new footings about manner. A qualitative design may non be able to work out all the inquiries. alternatively a method assorted with qualitative and quantitive is appropriate for acquiring an accomplishment of this research. To analyze the informations from all sorts of facets may lend to obtaining more dependable information.

It was besides focused on attitudes roll uping from research participants and through the research design. a full-ways apprehension about the two words themselves can assist the research worker more easy to derive the informations and do a consequences of factors may act upon different parts of understanding the same footings. What’s more. a limited clip is a other trouble for these research.

but it besides a challenge. Method & A ; FeasibilityAdministering questionnaires. personal interviews and cyberspace studies were the ways for this survey. The grounds why utilizing assorted method presented have 3 points. Point 1.

it was suited for researcher’s aims and could roll up a large sum of information from different sort of voluntaries in a high efficiency manner. Indicate 2. interviews is a quite distance and fast method manner to acquire information. And can acquire the feeling of the interviewee face to face.

Some are afraid of interview because of experiencing under force per unit area in a one-to-one scene. As a consequence. point 3. the cyberspace study is better manner to affect the awkward state of affairs.

And combination of all three methods. I consider it is the most appropriate ways to different sorts of people. The sample size was 50 in questionnaire. 17 of them take to make full in the questionnaire,6 of them chose have a personal interview. and the others prefer have an cyberspace studies for the research.

all the questionnaires were delivered to the voluntaries on 12th December and completed on the 19th in the same month. And it is be left adequate clip for the voluntary to complete the questionnaire with a no force per unit area environment. Personal interview is a private state of affairs. Paying attending with protecting the personal information when making a interview is the key to this methods.

Give the adequate trust to the interviewees. The consequence will excessively good to anticipate. Internet study is the same questionnaire with the first method. Privacy protection was still the most trouble that many voluntee wasn’t willling to make full the existent information to de questionnaire. Most of them have a high ego protection.

which may take to the information got is non so accurate. To work out this issue. any information was anonymously collected. but protecting privateness remained in a secret box. In other words.

it was necessary for the research worker to explicate the content carefully or construe content suitably when research participants asked inquiries about the questionnaire. Furthermore. it was appropriate to supply a written debut to the subject for participants about the questionnaire. which may hold helped them understand easy and be willing to make full questionnaires out.

Finally. avoiding injury is besides of import. which means that research workers should non inquire any sensitive inquiries or personal inquiries which might do injury to research participants. A study illustrate the chief factors about the people’s cognition about the manner icon and manner leaders. 35 % people said they know nil about what manner icon is.

15 % people have a extremely awareness about manner icon but have no thought about manner leaders. 27 % people think even they know merely one or two manner icon. they won’t pay more attending on it. the remainder per centum of the individual have an involvement in manner and want to cognize more information about it. Most individual show great involvement in manner is female and no affair the Asiatic miss or the European miss. But the manner icon these two different parts misss focus on is different.

A consequence can be acquire is that people ever accept the manner icon in their ain civilization more easy. List OF mentionsCraig. J. T. & A ; Diana L. H.

1997. Journal of Consumer Research. Speaking of Fashion: Consumers’ Uses of Fashion Discourses and the Appropriation of Countervailing Cultural Meanings. Vol.

24. No. 1 ( June 1997 ) . pp. 15-42Greenberg. B.

A. . Lumpkin. J. R.

and Bruner. G. C. 1982.

Opinion leading and innovativeness in manner diffusion. American Institute of Decision Sciences Proceedings. pp. 240-42. Jennifer.

C. 2009. Manner. Rhe cardinal constructs. pp. 02 – 03.

Kaiser. S. B. 1990.

The societal psychological science of dress 2nd erectile dysfunction. Macmillan. New York. NY. Kerry. P.

2012. Harper’s BAZAAR. Interview – The Sartorialist New Book Closer. hypertext transfer protocol: //www. harpersbazaar.

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Vol. 6 pp. 88 – 89. pp. 90-91Rosalie.

A. C. 1969. American Anthropologist.

Conceptual Styles. Culture Conflict. and Gestural Trials of Intelligence. Vol. 71 No.

5. pp. 828 – 856. TIME.

2012. List. All-time 100 Fashion Icons. hypertext transfer protocol: //www. clip.

com/time/specials/packages/completelist/0. 29569. 2110513. 00. hypertext markup language

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Fashion Icon & Fashion Leader Essay
AbstractionNo 1 could hold a accurate and comprehensive definition of the two footings “fashion icon” & A ; “fashion leader” in the past decennary while these two new words appear often in the manner universe today. However. it seems that these have their ain significance and construct in two different cultural positions. The propose of this research is to reply the inquiry what does the “fashion icon” & A ; “fashion leader” average severally in U. K. and China and
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Fashion Icon & Fashion Leader Essay
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