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    Fame – Not all It’s Cracked Up to Be Essay

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    Ah, fame! We love celebrities and wish that we were like them. So that we can get paid loads of money, have everyone know what our names, know our life stories, have everyone love us and of course the greatest gift of all, entertaining people. When I was a teenager, I dreamt about being a famous filmmaker. I was always writing stories since I was child and I was getting more and more into writing when I got older. And I thought filmmaking was the thing for me and that was what I wanted to do more than anything in the world. But when I told people this, they all made fun of me.

    Even my so-called “friends”. No-one took me seriously. So my filmmaking ambition didn’t get off the ground. I thought I should give up my creativity for good. What’s the point of telling stories if no-one cares? Then I realized, you don’t need fame as filmmaker or author to show people how creative you are. So that’s why I turned to posting stories on this site. And I get a lot of views from all over the world and that makes me very happy. Now that I’m an adult, I’m actually glad I never became a big filmmaker or a celebrity.

    And here’s why: No matter where you are, people just won’t leave you alone. If you want your privacy, there is no chance. You want to have a nice quiet meal in a restaurant. Just you and your family, but fans keep interrupting you asking for your autographs. It is nice to make a fan happy, but when you have to do it over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over, it’ll drive you mad. And if you are the child of a famous star, it is like being thrown in with the lions. You will get bullied at school, just because your parent is famous.

    It’s even worse if the child does not choose fame and is born to famous family anyway. Not everyone you will meet in life is nice to you. We all know that. If you are a celebrity, anyone can know who you are, find out information on you and use them against you. If you’re one of those people who worries about what others think of you, fame is not for you. Because that’s what being famous is: Have people talk about you. Sure they say nice things such as how talented you are, but others will criticize you and say awful things about you.

    Also, tabloids will spread rumors about you. Because of stalkers and obsessed fans, being famous can be dangerous. Aside from people pestering you with autographs just because you’re a big name, you will have the obsessive fans who fantasize about you all day, every day. Imagine if someone is with you. They will look you up on the net all day, every day. They watch every video of you on Youtube, read every magazine with you in it, even if there is only one photo of you in each magazine and they will even stalk you.

    As you know, celebrities have to meet thousands of fans and if you meet that many people, you won’t remember every fan you’ve met. But if your obsessive fan has met you once before and has met you again a few years later, if you can’t remember meeting your obsessive fan before, that obsessive fan will get angry and will do the unthinkable to get his or her own revenge on you for not remembering them. It is very scary indeed. You will have to hire security. Lots of security. Choosing fame is like selling your soul to The Devil. Lots of celebrities admit that they hate being famous.

    You can do a lot of great, huge things in your life without being famous. You can travel the world, you can get married, become a parent, you can take on a really big job (not in show business), go skydiving, bungee jumping, be a doctor so that you can cure people, be a fireman or firewoman to save people’s’ lives, be a teacher and educate people, be a plumber and fix pipes, be an electrician, join the postal service and deliver letters and packages to people, or you can write a story and put it on the internet so that you can entertain readers and inspire them.

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