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European Society in the Age of the Renaissance

By 1300, most Italian city states were ruled by either signori or
For ordinary women, the Renaissance had
Very little impact
Florentine economic vitality rested primarily on
The wool industry

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The northern humanists believed that human nature
Was fundamentally good
The invention of movable type didn’t lead to
The use of French as the language of polite society
The official attitude toward rape indicates
It was not a serious crime towards victim or society
The Medici family ruled
The status of upper class women during the Renaissance
Actually declined from the Middle Ages
The Italian Renaissance had as one of its central components
A glorification of individual genius
Rich individuals sponsored artists and works of art
To glorify themselves and their families
Italian humanists stressed the
Study of the classics for what they reveal about human nature
According to Laura Cereta, the inferiority of women was a consequence of
Their own failure to pursue personal fulfillment
The most important factor in the emergence of the Italian renaissance was the
Rise of a wealthy, urban business elite
According to Castiglione’s Renaissance manual on courtesy and good behavior
The woman must make herself pleasing to the man
The Italian nobility were not united by
Antagonism with rural nobility
The major difference between the Italian humanists and those of Northern Europe was the
Latter’s concern for social reform based on Christian ideas
The social group that most of resisted the centralizing efforts of the new monarchs was the
The social group that most often supported the centralizing efforts of the new monarchs was the
The gravity of the problem of infanticide caused the government of France to
Create the large Foundling Hospital
The Dutch humanist Erasmus espoused two fundamental ideas: the “Philosophy of Christ” and
Education as a tool for reform
The Star Chamber
Dealt with noble threats to royal power in Europe
In order to undercut the power the aristocracy excercisrd through its control of Parliment, English kings
Used their own financial resources
The main battlefield of the Hapsburg-Valois wars was
According to Machiavelli, the sole test of good government was wether it
Was affective
Florence families began to dominate European banking as a result of their
Role as tax collectors for the papacy
Thomas Moore’s Utopia placed the blame for society’s problems on
Society itself
The Italian popolo
Desired government offices and equality of taxation
During the Renaissance, black slaves were
Highly desired for their exotic rarity
Scholars agree that the first artistic and literary manifestation of the Italian Renaissance appeared in
The term international style refers to
The spread of artistic techniques and ideals
The leaders of the Catholic Church
Readily adopted the Renaissance spirit
The works of Lorenzo Valla exemplified the
Application of scholarly criticism to textual authority
Ferdinand and Isabella introduced the Spanish Inquisition in order to
Handle the problem of backsliding conversos
Royal authority on Spain was not enhanced by
The expulsion of the Jews
Renaissance culture
Was that of a small business elite
A characteristic that wasn’t part of the Renaissance was
The league of Cambrai was formed in order to
Strip Venice of its mainland possessions
Rabelais’ Gargantua and Pantagruelcan be read on all of the following levels except as an
Attack on the excesses of the Renaissance
The Progmatic sanction of Bourges
Gave the French king control of the French church
One thing that wasn’t an aspect of the centralizing efforts of Charles VII of France was
Redistribution of Fuedal lands
The subjugation of the Italian peninsula by outside invaders was
The work of Peter Paul Vergio
Stressed the importance of education to the state
Italian balance of power diplomacy
Was designed to prevent a single Italian state from dominating the peninsula
The ultimate significance of Machiavelli’s work rests in two concepts: that politics is science and
That one permanent social order cannot be established
The Tudors won the support of the upper middle class by
Promoting peace and social order
By the middle of the fifteenth century, the two dominant Iberian Kingdoms were
Castille and Aragon

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European Society in the Age of the Renaissance
By 1300, most Italian city states were ruled by either signori or Oligarchies For ordinary women, the Renaissance had Very little impact
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European Society in the Age of the Renaissance
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