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European Renaissance Terms and Names

The Bubonic Plague-
it is the most ordinary plague seen in humans,
The Black Death-
a plague that devastated Europe during medieval times
Black Flag
towns would place the black flag to tell others that their town was infected with the disease

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a swollen lymph node for which the Bubonic Plague was named
period of time (1350-1600) when western Europeans experienced a cultural awakening
Medici Family-
prominent banking family that governed/ruled Florence
Renaissance movement based on the literature and ideas of ancient Greece and Rome, such as the worth of each individual
financial aid given to an individual or organization by an individual or organization
Baldassare Castiglione
Wrote a book called The Book of the Courtier which gave advice on good behavior for Renaissance men and women
an artistic technique for showing relationships and space between objects
Renaissance Man
a person with many talents or areas of knowledge
a Renaissance sculptor from Florence, first sculptor since ancient times to cast free standing, large nude statue
Leonardo da Vinci-
Renaissance artist, citizen of Florence, did work in Milan and Rome. Best known for the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper
well known Renaissance sculptor, was taught in Florence, went to Rome to sculpt for the pope
painted Pope Julius II School of Athens, most known for paintings of Mary, funeral mass celebrated at the Vatican, which he helped to paint.
Dante Alighieri
wrote The Divine Comedy, (an epic poem) which describes the journey from hell to heaven
language spoken by people in a certain region
Francesco Petrarch
wrote sonnets about Laura, someone who he had loved who had died during the Black Death
wrote accounts of the Black Plague through the eyes of young people in the book Decameron
wrote a book called The Prince that analyzes Renaissance Italy’s government
Filippo Brunelleschi-
worked on, and completed the dome of the Florence Cathedral, which was the first dome to be that large, and that strong
Renaissance Women
woman who is sophisticated and well educated
Francis I
had Italian architects create châteaux
Albrecht Dürer-
created paintings using both Italian techniques, and the styles of their homelands
Hans Holbein the Younger-
Engraver and painter from Germany. Most known for his portraits. Painted portraits of Henry VIII to paint portraits of possible wives
Jan van Eyck
used realistic detail to paint scenes from real life and the bible
Pieter Bruegel
created paintings using both Italian techniques, and the styles of their homelands. He painted realistic portraits, landscapes, scenes of daily life, and religious themes
Christian Humanists
groups of scholars who wanted reforms that would eliminate abuses and restore simple piety in the Catholic church
Desiderius Erasmus-
famous Christian humanist, he inspired his colleagues to learn Greek and Hebrew so that they could read earlier versions of the bible. He also made people think of society more critically using humor. One of his more famous works is The Praise of Folly.
Thomas More-
a friend of Erasmus and a statesman.He wrote a book criticizing society of the day by comparing it with an ideal society.
a book by Thomas More that compared the society of the day with an ideal society, in which all people were equal in status and prosperous. The book was written in Latin.
François Rabelais-
wrote comic tales, satires and parodies on contemporary life,and was France’s most popular Renaissance author. Believed that people should enjoy life to the fullest, and did not believe in the Middle Age’s opinion of the afterlife. Wrote on the subjects of politics, law, theology, medicine, navigation and botany.
William Shakespeare
one of the best known English Renaissance playwrights, he drew his ideas from classical mythology, medieval legends, and the histories of England, Denmark, and Ancient Rome. He used human qualities such as love, despair, jealousy and ambition.
The Elizabethan Age
an era in European history when Queen Elizabeth the first reigned
Johann Gutenberg
using moveable metal type, he printed an edition of the bible
Printing press
a machine used to print words or pictures from plates or types
Gutenberg Bible
first bible to be printed using a press instead of handwritten

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European Renaissance Terms and Names
The Bubonic Plague- it is the most ordinary plague seen in humans, The Black Death- a plague that devastated Europe during medieval times
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European Renaissance Terms and Names
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