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Sexism in our society essay

Sexism has always been an issue, especially nowadays, when personal barriers moved a lot during the last decades. So, basically, this phenomenon is concerned with the discrimination based on gender, and it works in both ways: toward men and women. Plus, sexism affects all age categories, as it is observed even in early childhood.

It seems that people in today’s society should be really careful of what they say in order not to offend anyone. Men and women around the globe are fighting for their rights and are sure that the discrimination is directed to them.

During the history it was mostly women who were suffering from gender discrimination,  complaining that men always get jobs they want and higher salaries and behave the way they want, while women are considered to be more conservative. Ladies are supposed to be hostesses and raise children. Even today, countries, where women have practically no rights exist. They have to hide their faces and bodies, even during hot summers, while their husbands are allowed to wear whatever they want and act in the way that is suitable for them. But in almost all European countries and Canada, the United States and Australia, sexism is minimized or doesn’t appear at all.

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Though women are not fully satisfied and still think there is a hostile attitude towards them, the situation has improved significantly. After years of strikes on the streets, articles in papers and TV shows aimed at equalizing rights of two sexes, it became possible for women to choose any occupation they want and get as much money for their work as men do. If during the twentieth century it was unacceptable for females to work as plumbers, builders, and electricians, today’s society is ready to accept the fact that women can do it even better than men.

But if you think that men don’t care about gender discrimination, you are wrong. Obviously, they have something to say in response. During the last couple of years, male role in family and society, in general, has changed, and some of them are not willing to do those things they were expected to even five or six years ago. In fact, there are men who are ready to take care of children while their wives are at work and the fact, that only women earn some money doesn’t bother them at all.

We have to accept that gender boundary became less visible. Men acquired some female qualities, and women got something from males as well. But as soon as they are okay with it, there is nothing to worry about. People should have the freedom to make their life good for themselves. If women want to act like men or do the same for a living, let’s give them the right to do it. If men want to step back from the role of breadwinner and provide comfort at home  – we shouldn’t judge them for that.

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