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How Many Pages is 1200 Words?

Writing an essay is a complicated task during studies. You will probably get such a task several times, so you have to be ready for it. If you’re wondering how should you begin the writing and how should your essay look like, should it include single-spaced pages, double-spaced pages or how many words per page should you write, this article will help you to find the answers to all of your questions.

But before you start writing, it’s a good idea to write an outline. It is important that you know that the essay can have two main objectives: one is to inform, and the other is to entertain and capture the attention of the reader. Ideally, after someone reads the text that you have written, think that you have learned something and that the essay has been very helpful.

It is a very good idea to start your assignment with a good title and a good introduction. What your audience could do to continue reading would be, for example, a question (which could only be answered after reading your article) or something that completely captures the imagination of the reader.

Remember that the title must be consistent with what is in the text. While writing, remember that you have some questions to answer (stick to your plan).

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Let us take a look at every part of an assignment and see what they are about:

  • You have to perfectly describe the subject on which you are going to write.
  • Here you should shortly outline the problem you’re going to develop in the assignment.
  • Main body. It is the part of developing your ideas and highlighting the main points.
  • It ends up summarizing why you like the topic you’ve talked about.

After you have an established plan, it is good to determine the style requirements.

If you got a task of writing an essay of 1200 words, you are probably wondering how many pages the article should consist of. Or, you can get a task to write a 5 pages assignment, without any notification of how many words should the assignment include. It is a very common problem since the number of words per page depends on many factors. These factors are the font size, used in the paper, the space between lines, the margins used in the article, the structure of an assignment, etc.

The general rule for all the articles is to use a 12-point font (Arial or Times) with standard spacing and 1-inch margins. In this case, one page will include appr. 500 words, in case of using a single space between lines. When you use double space, the number of words will decrease respectively – to appr. 250 words per page. For example, if the requirement of your 5-pages article is words single spaced, words double space would increase the number of pages to 10. That is, if you need to write a 1200 word essay, with single space between the lines it will fill almost five pages. However, if you will decide to use double spacing, your 1200 words essay would fill almost 10 pages.

Also, if you decided to order your paper online, you should pay strong attention to the spacing. Mostly all online writing services set their prices for 250-270 words per page with double spacing. So, if you have a clear instruction for your assignment to be single-spaced when ordering a paper online, make sure you check if the pages are words single-spaced; words double-spaced pages are always set as default for the online orders.

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Here is the list of words per page and the number of pages to words conversions:

  1. 500-540 words per page would fill 1 page with single spacing, and 2 pages with double spacing, with 12 point-font and 1-inch margins;
  2. 1000-1080 words per page would fill 2 pages with single spacing, and 4 pages with double spacing with 12 point-font and 1-inch margins;
  3. 2000-2160 words per page would fill 4 pages with single spacing, and 8 pages with double spacing with 12 point-font and 1-inch margins;
  4. 4000-4320 words per page would fill 8 pages with single spacing, and 16 pages with double spacing with 12 point-font and 1-inch margins;
  5. 8000-8640 words per page would fill 16 pages with single spacing, and 32 pages with double spacing with 12 point-font and 1-inch margins and so on.

After you’ve prepared a plan and checked the style requirements, you can proceed to write the final article.

Use the scheme that you have prepared before along with the draft and start writing. Remember that it is not good to exceed the number of words but also try not to fall short.

When your text is ready, you have to take some time to review it, check the grammar, spelling errors and make the necessary modifications. When reading your text, you have to see it from another perspective (as if you were the public or the examiner). Make sure you have used various words, use synonyms to avoid repeating.

Ask yourself:

  • Have I responded to what was asked in the statement?
  • How do I have the organization of the essay, does it make sense?
  • Have I used enough vocabulary?
  • How did I do with the grammar?
  • Have I used the same style (formal or informal)?
  • Is the article interesting enough?

After checking all of the points mentioned above, your essay is finally ready!

Here are some additional tips to make your assignment look even better:

  1. Make short and simple paragraphs, that is, use plain words.
  2. Write in an orderly manner and before starting, try to organize the main idea and follow a sequence. You should try to get one idea to follow the other.
  3. Read and reread what you wrote.
  4. Avoid the unnecessary use of adjectives and qualifiers.
  5. Avoid repeating words and remember that reiterations cause poverty in the text.

Congratulations! Now you know how to write a qualitative 1200 words essay, and you can start writing! Good luck!

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