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    Essay About Problems for “Blue Lives Matter”

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    When we go into depth about the problems that’s sought out by “Blue Lives Matter” we take a look into why the movement was formed. The movement was created by law enforcement officers to help in their time of need. It was formed to shine light on good officers and try to make a difference about police officers. However, the time that the movement was created was also a time where many officers were killing unarmed black men. It also formed due to the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

    This caused a lot of uproar in different communities around the United States. Many people do not listen with the intent to understand; rather they listen with the intent to reply (passion.) To many, that was the case for why the “Blue Lives Matter” was created. People were quick to react to the “Black Lives Matter” instead of getting a better understanding to why the movement was created. Some thought it was racist to have such a movement like this, where there were others who actually took the time to understand the meaning behind the matter. Black Lives Matter was formed to show the injustice that African Americans faced in the hands of police officers using their power to harm unarmed black people.

    As we continue to define the problems for “Blue Lives Matter” we look into the bill that protects the Police Officers, the HR5698, the “Protection and Serve Act of 2018.”. The Bill consist of establishing protection for Police Officers and establish offenses as federal crime and hate crime. With this bill many thought it was a mere slap in the face for minority groups, mainly African Americans, because African Americans are the ones that are being killed by police officers.

    So, introducing a bill as such acts against an officer is a hate crime is taunting the real picture that unarmed men and women of color can continue on with no consequences against officers causing more and more corrupted officers to get away with killing minorities as a hobby. As well as the bill being introduced at the time when the country is in chaos from officers shooting and killing unarmed black men and women and a never-ending stream from the media and captured videos of officers beating and shooting unarmed men and women. Only 15 bills were introduced in 2016 compared to 14 states have introduced 33 bills in 2017. In the year of 2018 there has been at 32 bills proposed.

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