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    Epic Poetry And Beowulf Analysis Essay

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    The epic poem Beowulf Is one of the oldest epics In English literature. Beowulf is a great Anglo-Saxon warrior. He has super human abilities that set him apart from other men. He is a servant to Warthogs and eventually becomes a beloved king. Beowulf is a true hero in this epic because of his accomplishments In battle. Beowulf fights Greened, Grenades mother, and a dragon throughout this poem. The three battles Beowulf engages in differ by his attitude, preparation, and physical ability. In Beowulf battle against Greened, his attitude, preparation, and physical ability illustrate his confidence.

    Beowulf travels to the land of the Danes because he heard there was a demon terrorizing the Danish people. He Is very sure of himself and does not fear Greened. Beowulf Is so confident that he claims, “single-handed [he’ll] settle the strife! ” (Beowulf 16) Beowulf decides to wear no armor and bear no weapons during the fight. However, he is unaware that all weapons have no effect on Greened. HIS excuse for not using weapons Is because “Nothing [Greened] knows of noble fighting, of thrusting and hewing and hacking of shield. Rice as he Is in fury of war (24). Beowulf has a lot of faith in himself and his abilities.

    He is very young and agile but his strength is what sets him apart from other men due to the fact that “his hand-grip has thirty men’s strength” (15). With strength like this, Beowulf has no trouble taking him “with hand-grip only [he’ll] grapple with Greened; Foe against for [he’ll] fight to the death”(1 6). Beowulf travels into the swamp where Greened resides. Beowulf wins the first battle when “Greened [suffers] a grievous hurt, a wound in the holder, gaping and wide; Sine’s [snap] and bow Joints [break], and Beowulf [gains] the glory of This victory reinforces Beowulf confidence and he is honored to restore the split of Horror.

    In Beowulf battle with Grenade’s mother, he Is somewhat less confident. Grenade’s mother enters Horror and steals Hoarder’s most trusted advisor and Grenade’s severed arm. When she flees the Hall of the Hart, Beowulf vows that “she shall not In safety escape to cover, to earthy cavern, or forest fastness, or gulf of ocean, go where she may (45). Unlike his battle with Greened, Beowulf prepares to fight his mother with weapons, armor, and unfetters sword. The sword that Unfetter gives him is truly magnificent; “It’s blade [is] iron, with etched design, Tempered in blood of many a battle”(47).

    After preparing himself for battle, Beowulf travels to the Fenland’s where Grenade’s mom lives. He plunges Into the swampy water and swims “nigh unto day he [endures] the depths”(48) of the Fenland’s. Finally, he is face to face with Grenade’s mother. Beowulf attempts to use unfetters sword, but it does not penetrate the troll-wife’s flesh. Suddenly, he notices sword that was created by giants. Luckily, Beowulf Is as strong as thirty men and Is able to pick up the extremely heavy sword. In comparison to the battle with Greened, Beowulf slaughters Grenade’s mother.

    He returns to the surface and is greeted by his men. The head of Greened and the hilt of the sword that Beowulf grasps in his hands amaze the men. Beowulf confidence Is at an all time low In his final battle against the dragon. He believes that his days on earth are over. At this point In time, Beowulf is the King of Eastland and he is faced with a difficult task. A slave has 1 OFF toll a goblet from the dragon’s treasure. The dragon is furious and “[belches] fire and flame, / [Burns] the bright dwellings – the glow of the blaze / [Fills] hearts with horror” (74).

    Beowulf knew this victory would be difficult to achieve although he was “bold in spirit, [he] makes no boast / as [he] [goes] to fight the flying serpent” (81). In comparison to the battle with Grenade’s mother, Beowulf plans to bring armor and weapons. In contrast, he prepares for this battle by having a special shield made: “The lord of warriors and leader of earls / [Bids] work for him of iron and wondrous held, / Knowing full well that wood [can] not serve him / Nor linden defend him against flame” (75).

    Similar to the battle with Greened, Beowulf has to slay the dragon because it is terrorizing his people. In comparison to the other battles, Beowulf defeats the dragon. However, he is also defeated because he suffers a fatal wound. The battle with the dragon has few similarities compared to the other battles Beowulf endured. Beowulf is a great and respected hero. As a young man, he defeats two creatures that terrorize Hoarder’s people. This earns him a special place in Hoarder’s heart as his son.

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