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    Education Problem in Indonesia Essay

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    This paper alms to provide a snapshot of the quality of education In Indonesia which is in poor situation compared to some foreign countries, The causes that lead to low quality of education in Indonesia like problem on effectiveness, efficiency and standardization of teaching. Some of the solutions are provided in order to resolve this issue with the hope that the quality of education In Indonesia could be better in the future and be able to compete with other countries.

    Keywords: Education. Effectiveness, efficiency, Teacher, Student ABSTRACT Tulsa in berth]Nan unto embarking Cambrian tenting qualities pending did Indonesia yang sedans torturer debarking dean beebread engage Laura. Abeyant-abeyant yang miscegenation rearranged mute pending did Indonesia experts miasmal facilities, fellness Dan standardizes pentagram. Beebread souls adverbial guan Melanesian miasmal In dean Hartman qualities pending did Indonesia bias libel balk sedentary Dan mamma bearing dean engage-engage Laura.

    Kate skunk: Pending, Festival’s, Falsies, Guru, Murmur The quality of education In Indonesia is still In very low level of competition and elevate (Prawns, 2001 ; Kandahar, 2003; Squanto, 2001). Report of the united States Nations Development Program (UNDO) in 2005 revealed that the quality of education In Indonesia occupies position 110 out of 117 countries. According to the survey of Political and Economic Risk Consultant (PEER), the quality of education in Indonesia was ranked 12th out of 12 countries in Asia. The position of Indonesia is under Vietnam.

    Data reported on The World Economic Forum Sweden (2000), Indonesia has a low competitiveness, which ranks only 37th out of 57 countries surveyed in the world. And yet according to a survey by the same institution predicated Indonesia as a follower and not as a technology leader of the 53 countries in the world. UNDO and PEER reports indicate that the quality of education in Indonesia is still relatively low, It can be seen from many policies (laws and regulation) that need to be improved and in term of Implementation that even until now with less strict supervision.

    Entering the 21st century education in Indonesia is in an uproar. It was not caused by the greatness of the quality of national education but more on awareness of the angers caused by the backwardness of education in Indonesia. This is because some of the basic things. One of them is entering the 21st century wave of globalization is felt strong and open. Advance of technology and changes bring too realization Tanat Nationals Is no longer standing alone.

    Nationals Is In ten most AT a new world, the open world where people are free to compare life to another country. What we feel now is the lag in the quality of education. Both formal and informal education and the results were obtained after we compare it with other countries. Education has become the support in improving Indonesian human resources for nation development. Therefore, we should have been able to increase human resources in Indonesia who can compete to human resources of other countries.

    Low quality of education in Indonesia was also shown in Data Research and Development (2003) that of 146,052 primary school in Indonesia there was only eight schools that are gained worldwide recognition in the category of The Primary Years Program (PEP) and out of 20,918 Junior high schools in Indonesia there was only eight schools that gained worldwide recognition in the category of the Middle Years Program (MAP) and from the 8036 high school there was only seven schools that gained worldwide recognition in the category of the Diploma Program (EDP).

    The cause of the low quality of education in Indonesia, among others, is a matter of effectiveness, efficiency and standardization of teaching. It is still a problem of education in Indonesia in general. Some main problems that we can find in education are the lack of physical facilities, the low quality and welfare of teachers, the low on student achievement, the lack of education equity opportunities, the low elevate of education to the needs, the high cost of education, etc.

    As we all know, the quality of education in Indonesia is getting worse. This can be seen from the quality of teachers, teaching aid, and students. Teachers of course have hope that they cannot convey to their students. Indeed, current teachers these days are less competent. Many people who become teachers because they are not accepted in other majors or lack of funds. Unless the old teachers who had devoted himself to become a teacher. In addition to experience in teaching students, they also have experience in the subject they teach.

    Not to mention the issue of teachers’ wages. If this phenomenon is allowed to proceed, sooner or later education in Indonesia may ruin because many experienced teachers are retiring. Effective education is an education that enables students to learn with ease, fun and achievable goals as expected. Thus, educators (lecturers, teachers, instructors, and trainers) are required to improve the effectiveness of learning so that the learning can be useful.

    All this time, many people considered that formal education is Just a formality to establish human resources in Indonesia without really put any once on the learning outcomes, they Just think more on finishing their education and gain respect by the community. Such assumption, too, that led the effectiveness of teaching in Indonesia to be very low. Every person has different interest in his own respective fields and is expected to take education based on what he likes instead of following others.

    Efficient is how to generate the effectiveness of a goal with a simple process. In education, it would be much better if we take into account to obtain good results without forgetting the process. These things, too, that are less seen in Indonesia education. We did not really consider about the process, we Just focus on how to achieve the outcome standards. Some issues on teaching efficiency in Indonesia are the high cost of education, time spent In ten coeducational process, teachers quality Ana many toner things wanly also affects on better human resource in Indonesia.

    If we talk about the cost of education, we are not Just talking about tuition, training, other formal or informal education institutions selected, but we also talked about supporting property such as books, and the cost of transport spend to reach the institute that we choose. In primary schools, it is true that the government has imposed fee waiver teaching, but learners’ need is not that only, they also need textbooks, stationery, uniforms, etc in which all of that are requirement by the educators. They even take fee from compulsory course.

    Besides the issue of high cost of education in Indonesia, the other issue is time teaching. With a field survey, we can see that the face-to-face education in Indonesia is relatively longer than other countries. In formal education in secondary schools, for example, there are schools that its daily teaching schedule begins at 07. 0 and ends up at 16. 00. This is clearly inefficient, because too much time wasted and makes learner exhausted. Another problem is due to the lack of quality on teachers since they teach subject that are not based on their specification.

    For example, a teacher who specializes in the fields of language, but teach different subject. These are really happen on the field. They also cannot prepare their teaching material well, so that it will be easy to understand and interest the learners. In recent years, we use the 1994 curriculum, 2004 curriculum, competency-based auricular that change teaching process into more actively, and then another new curriculum. When changing the curriculum, we also change the way teachers teach, and they must be trained beforehand which also adds to the cost of tuition fees.

    So it is very unfortunate if we are too often change curricula which are considered ineffectively and immediately replace them with a curriculum that we think more effective, although actually the new one still strongly connected to the old one. The concept of efficiency will happen if the desired output can be generated optimally with only a relatively fixed input, or if the minimum input can produce optimal output. The concept of efficiency itself consists of technological efficiency and economic efficiency.

    Technological efficiency applied in achieving the physical quantity of output in accordance to a predefined outcome measures. While economic efficiency is created if the size of satisfaction scores have been applied to the output. If we want to improve the quality of education in Indonesia, we also talked about the standardization of teaching that we take. Of course, after going through the recess to determine the standards that will be taken. As we see today, standard and competence in formal and informal education are focus only to standards and competencies.

    The quality of education is measured by the standards and competencies in a variety of versions, thus new institutions are made to implement that standardization and competence like the National Education Standardization Agency (BSP). Also, it would be better if we rise question whether the standard of education in Indonesia is appropriate or not. In the case of I-JAN which is always a controversy example. We assessed the evaluation system like I-JAN is good enough, but we regret about educational evaluation that determines whether or not students pass the exam Is only nine once walkout seeing ten process taken Day learners Tort several years.

    Besides that, such an evaluation only evaluates few areas of study without evaluating other areas of study that have been learned by learners. The cause of the low quality of education in Indonesia is not only limited to what we discussed above. Many things that cause the low quality of our education. Surely we could find such a thing if we dig deeper into the root of the problem. And hopefully if we find it, we can improve the quality of education in Indonesia. The solution that can be given towards the problems above is by changing social systems that related to the education system.

    The education system in Indonesia today is based on the economic system of capitalism, a principled that minimizing the role and responsibilities of the state in public affairs, including education funding. Other solution deals with technical issues that directly related to education like teacher quality improvement and student achievement. The solution on low laity of teachers, for example, besides given them proper wages, government should also give fund for the teachers to pursue higher education, and provides a variety of training to improve teacher quality.

    While for the low student achievement, the solution is to improve the quality and quantity of learning materials, improve teaching aids and education facilities, and so on. The world development in a globalizes era demands many changes to a better system of national education that can compete fairly in all fields. One way that should be done to avoid being left behind by other nations is by improving the laity of education first.

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