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    Early Renaissance Architecture Exam 1

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    Michelozzo di Bartolommeo- Medici Palace
    Michelozzo di Bartolommeo- Medici Palace
    -Clarity, order, articulation
    -window sequence asymmetric for harmony
    -Simple building materials ( masonry, rusticated blocks, ashlar)
    -Rusticated blocks became a status symbol for its rarity and cost
    Filippo Brunelleschi- Cupola of S. Maria del Fiore
    Filippo Brunelleschi- Cupola of S. Maria del Fiore
    -Spirit of Classic Gothic
    -16 years of labor
    Brunelleschi- Lantern for cupola S. Maria del Fiore
    Brunelleschi- Lantern for cupola S. Maria del Fiore
    -Built after his 1436 model
    Brunelleschi- Exedrae for S. Maria del Fiore
    Brunelleschi- Exedrae for S. Maria del Fiore
    -Distinctly not gothic
    -They are based off of Roman temples he studied
    -Inserted rectangular impost blocks that create a sense of verticality that counteracts the visual weight of the exedrae
    Milan Cathedral
    Milan Cathedral
    -Gothic architecture
    -The cathedral has about 135 spires, each mounted with a statue depicting important people in Milan’s history and different characters in the bible.
    -Little Madonna on highest spire
    Giovanni di Agostino- Facade elevation for palazzo Sansedoni
    Ciriaco d’Ancona
    Giuliano da Sangallo (sketchbooks)
    Baptistery competition
    Baptistery depiction
    Brunelleschi- S. Maria degli Angeli
    Brunelleschi- S. Maria degli Angeli
    -Centralized church
    -First employed pure type of construction on piers
    -Conceived in terms of mass
    Brunelleschi- Sacristy of S. Lorenzo
    Brunelleschi- Sacristy of S. Lorenzo
    Brunelleschi- S. Lorenzo
    Brunelleschi- S. Lorenzo
    -Early Renaissance-style church
    -Constructed in Florence from 1421 to the 1460s, except for the facade, which was left uncompleted
    -Burial place of the Medici
    Brunelleschi- S. Spirito
    Brunelleschi- S. Spirito
    -He developed the type of centralizing basilica
    -Inherent logic of Brunelleschi’s structural members also explains the introduction of the famous imposts between the capitals and arches of S. Lorenzo’s nave, which, in the strict sequence of the elevation, correspond to the entablature of the walls
    -Happy blend of the formal austerity of Romanesque architecture with Gothic spaciousness
    -New rational handling form, spatial composition governed by a single scale of proportions
    -Corresponds exactly to the contemporary idea of a work which could hold its own beside antiquity
    Brunelleschi- Ospedale degli Innocenti
    Brunelleschi- Ospedale degli Innocenti
    -Brunelleschi’s first public building
    -Transitional style (timber roof)
    -Classical order offering a sharp contrast to the Late Gothic
    Disputed Authorship- Pazzi chapel at S. Croce
    Disputed Authorship- Pazzi chapel at S. Croce
    -Regarded as supreme example of Brunelleschi’s art & new style
    -Commissioned by Andrea Pazzi to serve as both chapter house of the monastery and assembly room of the family
    -Remarkable feature is the heightening of the outer shell of the dome (21)
    -Decoration is most ornate
    Relief of the articulating moldings is far deeper that that in S. Lorenzo
    -Play of color harmonies of majolica roundels and in spandrels against austere grey white background
    -Building became a characteristic feature of Renaissance architecture
    Michelozzo di Bartolommeo- Convent and Library of S. Marco
    -(25) Simplicity appears in a more mature and subtle form in the friary of S. Marco
    -Built in the thirties to the commission of the Medici
    -Layout is perfectly lucid and beautifully proportioned
    *First library to be built in the Renaissance and the model for many that came later
    *New formal elements-plain ionic capital, pedestals to the columns
    *Step base at the entrance to the reading pulpit is worthy of notice- intentionally weighty and uncomplicated outline, well pronounced
    Michelozzo- Santissima Annunziata Church
    -Chancel of the Annunziata was the subject of fierce controversy
    *Seemed to infringe all the aesthetic and practical rules then governing the convenience and bellezza of a religious building
    -Michelozzo left the building unfinished when he retired, temporarily resumed by Manetti, only completed under Alberti’s superintendence
    Michelozzo- Medici palace
    Michelozzo- Medici country villa at Careggi
    Michelozzo- Other Medici country villas
    Michelozzo- Villa Medici at Fiesole
    Antonio Averlino- Trattato di Architettura
    Filarete- Ospedale Maggiore
    Filarete- Ospedale Maggiore
    Filarete- Project for the Duke of Milan’s palace in Venice
    Alberti- S. Francesco (=Tempio Malatestiano)
    Alberti- Palazzo Rucellai
    Alberti- Facade of S. Maria Novella
    Alberti- Holy Sepulcher Chapel
    Alberti- S. Sebastiano
    Alberti- S. Andrea
    Pope Nicholas V- Tower and Papal apartments in the Vatican
    Under Pope Nicholas V- Project for the Borgo
    Pope Nicholas- Project for rebuilding St. Peter’s
    Pope Paul II advanced Rossellini’s choir of St. Peter’s

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