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    Dialogue of Cultures Essay (872 words)

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    Speaking about dialogues of cultures the first thing that comes to my mind is the cultural dialogue of people who live in different countries, who belong to various cultures. However, this definition can be used when we speak about members of the same family as well. What do we mean when we use the term «dialogue of cultures»? It is defined as: process of interaction of two different cultures, which includes exchanging various traditions and styles.

    Every generation has its own manners and tastes, and it is easy to explain. The whole world is developing and we see a huge amount of particles of culture every day. All that films, podcasts, books, articles, blogs, magazines and news make an impact on us. Therefore, as a consequence, culture is developing too. This is the main reason of changing. All in all, I assume that culture shapes personality. This is an integral part of people’s life, which helps us to form values and beliefs. I am one hundred percent sure that the problem of fathers and children exist in the dialogue of cultures due to my personal experience.

    So, today I would like to show you by an own example of my family a dialogue of two different cultures. I have a loving family, where we support each other, but even in our family different problems happen.

    My mother is forty-four years now and I am twenty-four years younger than she is. So, it means that we do not have many similar interests and points of view at things. For example, we listen to different music, prefer different genres of books, admire different artists and watch different shows. But why don’t we have the same tastes?

    This happens because we were born at different years and even century. My mother was born in 1975. In that time teenagers were fond of such musicians as John Lennon, Bob Marley and Bob Dylan. Besides, one of the most popular music groups «the Queen» was at peak of the career.

    What is more, I would like to tell you about cinematograph, which was popular in my mother’s youth. She and her friends watched fantastic cartoons like «Wait for it», «the Monkeys», «Vacation in Prostokvashino» and so on. Besides, the whole country watched such films as «Moscow does not believe in tears», « Love affair at work», «Cruel romance», etc.

    Now, I want to show you cultural aspect of my life. To be honest, my mother spent a lot of time with me when I was a child. She read me books every day, we went to the theatres and watched thought-provoking films, which taught me at least basic things. So, here we can see a process of cultures exchanging. That is why there are many things that we have in common between generations. However, my surrounding included not only my mother. I visited multiprofiles after school activities, where I communicated with other children and collaborated with them as a team. I had many friends, and even some of them had another religion. We influenced on each other, exchanged our interests and information, and that is why my generation has a distinctive culture.

    I can also add that dialogue of cultures always includes such point as interchanging. For example, not only my mother teaches me and shares with her generation culture, but I also give her information about modern directions and currents. I invite her to the cinema to watch up to date films and we discuss the problems in that movie later. We listen to my music, while travelling somewhere by car. Moreover, I send her modern YouTube videos in social networking sites and our the most favourite activity is visiting modern art galleries. All that activities help to learn more about the cultures of different people. Very often, my mother and I have contrary opinions and we can debate for a long time, but it is normal.

    Now, I want to consider advantages and disadvantages of the dialogue of cultures. Of course, there are more pros than cons. Firstly, by using the dialogue of culture people can collaborate and learn more about other generations. Therefore, in other words, people are developing in various directions and become versatile. People broaden their horizons while discussing various cultures with each other. Secondly, all members of society are learning how to be tolerant towards people, who have another culture. We learn how to respect views and values of other people. The last advantage, but not the least is that mixing cultures can produce a new one.

    But on the other hand there is at least one disadvantage that I can name. Dialogue of cultures in the family can cause a conflict. For example, very often parents do not accept the style, favourite music and literature of their children. That is why they start to quarrel as both sides are not ready to discuss it.

    In conclusion, I would like to sum everything up. Dialogue of cultures penetrates all spheres of our lives and it has a huge amount of benefits. I believe that dialogue of cultures especially relevant in one family, where there are two or more generations. People, who are exchanging with cultures become more versatile and flexible.

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