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    Design a variety of websites Essay

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    Aims – It is my aim to make a profit out of designing and producing websites. I also hope that my web design business shall grow and expand so that I design a variety of websites. My final aim is for the business to survive, as the costs for a web design business are very low I consider it highly unlikely that this aim will be difficult to achieve. Objectives – To make high quality and affordable websites.

    It would be extremely unrealistic to have a high market share as an objective when there are hundreds if not thousands of companies designing websites but I do aim to produce at least two high quality websites. Marketing & Production Plan I plan to produce e-commerce websites (online shop). A typical price for such a website is i?? 100 including website hosting and a domain name. I plan to charge i?? 30 because unlike professional companies I do not have the facilities to offer services such as 24/7 customer care and hosting. I will just design the websites and shall not offer extra services.

    I do not aim to be competing with large firms offering web design, instead I shall be competing with other people who design websites and sell them on listing services such as eBay and Yalgo. com. Having recently looked through these two websites I have noticed that nobody else is offering web design that includes e-commerce. I shall design the sites using ShopFactory eFlash. Websites designed with this software look highly professional and attractive and the software is well known to be used throughout the internet industry.

    The pricing of 30 per website seems a fair. The costs are very low, rental for the computer and usage of the internet are the only real costs. The software has been downloaded for free so does not carry any costs. Each website will take around 4 or 5 hours worth of time to design and the customer will most likely want changes and adjustments made to it before it is made final so i?? 30 for the time spent making the website is the right price in my opinion. And when compared to the prices of professional web design firms 30 is extremely good value.

    Resources If the service of web design is listed on yalgo. com there is absolutely no cost. Listing on eBay does however carry a cost of 30p. Rental of the computer is 10p per hour including internet. 50% of payment for the website is taken before it is made and the remaining 50% once it has been finished. So the first 50% paid will help with costs of usage of computer and for the listing fee on eBay. eBay requires the 15p to be paid at the end of the month so there is quite a lot of flexibility regarding that expense.

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