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    Dance Hall Music Essay (1069 words)

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    Danceable music is corrupting Jamaican musical expression and should not be encourage. ” Do you agree? Ban, stop orders and incarcerations. Is Jamaican music, or more specifically danceable music, under threat? The musical industry in Jamaica is corrupted by the influence and expression of danceable music and should not be endorsed. Danceable music contributes to crime and violence, deviant sexual behaviors and also paints a bad image of the music industry. Jamaican musical expression is being tainted by corruption of lyrics in danceable USIA and thus contributes to crime and violence in society.

    Some of the influential artistes in danceable music sing a lot of songs that promotes criminal elements to breed in society. The scourge of crime and gun violence that has now invaded and taken control of lives on many young Jamaican is as a result of the lyrics of these songs and is seen as some criminal’s anthem and as a result they feed upon them before carry out their act. A line from one of Busy Signal popular songs, “Real gangster a road no bow mi nun fear…. Real batman bus gunshot between boy eye, such mi kill informal and spies.

    This kind of lyrics only contributes to the rise of criminal elements and acts in society. When a man can take a gun and shoot another man because he claims that the man “disc” him, then one needs to ask if these songs are not corrupt to the musical expression of Jamaica. The recent shooting of top Danceable artistes Mad Cobra and Online Edwards of Voice Mail have resulted in renewed calls for Jamaica artistes and the nation as a whole to take a stand against the crime and violence that has overtaken the nation as a whole to take a stand against the crime and violence that has overtaken the island.

    It is definitely now time for all well thinking Jamaican and fans of danceable to withdraw their support from artistes and music and music producers who continue to produce and promote songs with lyrics that glorify guns, violence and gangsters, There is no place in today’s Jamaica for songwriters, performers and music producers who dedicate time and resources to making and promoting such songs, and who tell their fans that “Informer FL dead. ” Some lyrics of danceable music also create gangs in communities and schools. The famous “Gully’ and “Gaza” are a prime example.

    Many communities in Jamaica, especially Kingston are plagued with graffiti of which side they are associated with, whether one saying “Gaza” and the other saying “Gully’ and “Gully’ cannot venture on “Gaza” territory less is war. As a result of community segregation, it filters in the Dance Hall Music By smash influence the children need? Where is this coming from? Two of Jamaican most popular and influential artistes, Webs Karate and Moved are the trend setters of this nonsense. Another pivotal contribution that the corruption of danceable music imposes on

    Jamaican musical expression is that it exposes youth to deviant sexual behaviors. I it is a fact that some young people listen to most of Jamaican popular artiste’s songs and also emulates them. They take these artistes as their role model and practice what they preach. The lyrical contents of danceable song “Romping Shop” by spice and Webs Karate speak abuts :daggering” which means hardcore sex is only teaching the young people to adopt deviant sexual behaviors thus spoiling their reputation, character and dignity. Lady Saw’s songs “Stab up the Meat” or “Back Shot” is only exposing the young people to have the urge or the desire for sexual activities. These songs are only feeding the brains of the young people to become worthless and demoralize. Even the skimpy clothes that the young people are wearing and setting up themselves for all sorts of abuse are stemming from the songs being sung by danceable artistes who should be good role models for them to follow. Some danceable songs have blatant sexual expression. For example, lines from this popular song from Webs Karate, “Gal UCM wine up, UCM turn around and wine up.

    Pose pond De c**KY and wine up. ” These recording artistes have had and are still having a significant negative impact on the values of young people. Finally, dance hall music is a corruption of Jamaican musical expression and as a result paints a bad image of the music industry both locally and internationally. The recent announcement of a ban restricting Bounty Killer, Bennie Man and Moved from traveling to the united state is the latest in a series of what must now be worrying developments in the Jamaica music industry.

    The bans come in the wake of temporary stop order imposed on Elephant Man from leaving the island. Webb Cartel’s inability to travel to the United States and Bus Baboon’s present incarceration in Florida Jail, the current ban on these acts paints a most troubling picture of Jamaica music. What is more troublesome is the Europeans are becoming increasingly reluctant to grant visas to Jamaican acts due to what are reporting to be homophobic concerns. United States of America and other countries are making it clear that some things will not be tolerated. Stay in Jamaica and spew your bathtub lyrics.

    On the news dated Monday, November 8, 2010, SST. Andrew North police are seeking two of dancer’s most popular artistes, Webs Karate and Moved as persons of interest. This is not the first time these two names and others are sought by the police for questioning. Take for example, Ninja Man who arrested and charged for murder. This brings about a decline in revenue or remittance to the country and also exposes the musical industry to public criticism both locally and internationally. These artiste need to respect another man’s country and clean up their lyrics.

    What mind of message are these artistes sending the youths? Jamaica is in a crisis and we Even the Broadcasting Commission of Jamaica banned many of the danceable songs from air waves due to the lewd lyrical content of most of these songs to preserve the integrity of the musical industry. In closing, Jamaican musical expression is corrupted due to the lyrics of danceable music which contributes to crime and violence exposes youths of society to deviant sexual behaviors and paints a bad image on the musical industry both locally and internationally and therefore it should not be encourage in any way.

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