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Cyberarts Essay

Tools/Materials used in the classroom presentation tool Science/Technology W. Webmasters program V. Benefits of social media in class VI. Social networking in the internet BIBLIOGRAPHY BOOKS Ill. Arts & education for teachers:Integrating Technology into classroom teaching. All river street. Hoboken,NJ. Wiley & sons Inc. Internet En. Westbrook_o ARTS_and_Science/Ethnology www. Magic_city_news. Com/education_10/ definition Of social media in the classroom’s. SHTML en. Wisped. Org/Wick/cybercafés Magazines/Periodicals Bailey Technology engages students earnings. Education 13 Doves,g. (2009).

Social networking on the internet,education today p. 34 CHAPTER INTRODUCTION Cybercafés is embracing the future of education. It is a program designed with the use of modern technology. Nowadays, students have been addicted different social networking sites such as face book, twitter and the likes. Without the proper usage of such, students will not benefit from it but rather give them more chance of losing a brighter future, Cybercafés can be use as an educational tool especially in the deliberation and acceptance of knowledge This term paper is beneficial for both the writer and the readers as well.

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With this study we will learn the proper way of sing the modern technology and will be oriented With the different networking sites which are essential in gathering of information and knowledge. However, if we are not properly guided With the use Of cybercafés , it wasn’t be beneficial rather lead us too more complex world. The main focus of the writer is to improve the quality Of learning by using some innovations such as cybercafés. With the use of cybercafés, there will be an active participation among the students.

The students who lacks interest in the different subjects will be lessen. And there will be a combination of artistic expression and technical experience f both the teachers and the students will learn to use the different networking sites more cautiously and beneficially. The researcher came up with these term paper with the intention that the readers will be awaken with the proper usage of cybercafés. Students often rush in the internet cater not to learn but to play and enjoy. So no learning takes place.

This is the main reason why the Miter is inspired to focus charter for her study, After the chosen topic, the researcher checked the availability of the references and consulted her instructor’s on her topic. After a facts in order to be accepted by the readers. It is with great hopes that this term paper, learning will be more enjoyable and interesting with the aid of cybercafés, CHAPTER II DISCUSSION A multi-disciplinary integrated six-year arts and technology specialized program. It has been honored by manacle’s magazines as one Of the best program in Canada.

An addition learning to arts, design , and technology. The students will be taught about important skills such as organization, work ethics, presentation skills, professionalism, career building as stated on en. Wisped. Org/wick/ cybercafés II. Tools/materials used in classroom presentation devices Sharp, V. F(2009) computer education for teachers: integrating technology into classroom teaching. State that the teacher needs a way to use computer to demonstrate a program or concept to the entire class.

Technology nowadays, like the presentation tools are becoming popular with teachers who wants to share information with small/large group of students. There are method that will used by educators interactive whiteboard it is a touch sensitive screen that is commonly white and resemble a dry-erased board. The interactive whiteboard deeds a computer, projector, interactive whiteboard, and special markers. This will be the used of the said materials users can look at images , manipulate them and add comments using a special pen or highlighted The teacher can also use his/her finger like a mouse and run application like Powering.

Ill. Arts and science/ technology We must not forget that computers are tools, not ends in themselves. This is a statement made by Diane Raving, a historian, in her article the great technology mania about the implications Of trying to succeed at maximizing student achievement through technology. She goes on to make an even bolder statement about their being ” no evidence that use Of computer or internet improves student achievement. In the field of education, it is not always a fact that the use of internet is always beneficial.

Although, computers make learning interesting, it should be noted that not all computer oriented activities brings fruitful ends. In the arts and sciences as well, computers hinders learning since there is a limitation in the use of creation thinking skills, innovations, imaginations, etc. It is still beneficial if students develop art works through the use of their own reiterative, resourcefulness and imaginative skills, If we are to prepare students tort work, computer is not always the best way to achieve success.

There are people who shove their concern that computers aren’t best way to make successful employees. According to Kuris Messing, ” people who use computers a lot slowly grow rusty in their ability to think”. V. Cyber arts program Is a specialized, mufti-disciplinary, integrated arts and technology program available in schools. It avgas created in 1995 by educators who saw a great need for enriched learning through the arts. It focuses in project based learning integrates arts and technology.

In addition to learning art, design and technology, students are also taught important skills such as organization work ethic, presentation skills, professionalism, career building. The program features an opportunity to complete authentic task that have some connection to real life problem the students will face outside the classroom. Cybercafés is committed to both formal and informal experiences in cooperative education and in the develop must of curriculum to provide “real world” project that extend beyond the classroom.

Problem based learning is the another important aspects of the program. All cybercafés student are expected to contribute to the program, school or greater community. As stated on en. Westbrook. Org/wick/ V. Benefits of social media in the classroom Many people see a social media as a harbinger for the end of critical thinking, School are banning teachers and student for using it , as evidence by the recent Missouri law Despite all the harmful effects here some benefits a professor from a Sam Houston state university gives students in her public relation course assignment on youth.

Students will watch news stories and list a question to help them analyze the content, then participate in the group discussion the following period Professor in another university of Texas at Dallas used a twitter for her history class, which took place in a large, auditorium- style classroom. Students would have a mini-discussion on a certain topic and then tweet their most important points With the established has tags for the class . And on Ontario Canada a professor created a blob for high school student Which included instruction for a backbone character projects.

Student Will create a casebook proof a fictional character from a novel they were studying. VI. Social networking in the internet According to the national school association(2007) 96% of the students using the computer online use some foam of social networking sites in the websites HTH lets individuals of similar interest spend long time together. They communicate with each other voices video conferencing , instant messages and blobs, In many instances they contact each other in person. Here some popular social networking sites Namespace offer a network of friends , personal profile ,photos, group, blob, and music.

Backbone originally targeted college students this service now connects people of similar interest. Twitter informs your friends about your daily schedule. Social networking popularity is growing and with this growth problems have been arisen. You are collecting personal information there are privacy issue. Users of these sites share information with their friends and it’s too easy for this information to fall into the hands of complete strangers. Also sexually explicit information has been displayed. CHAPTER Ill ANALYSIS Cybercafés is a very innovative tool in education.

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Cyberarts Essay
Tools/Materials used in the classroom presentation tool Science/Technology W. Webmasters program V. Benefits of social media in class VI. Social networking in the internet BIBLIOGRAPHY BOOKS Ill. Arts & education for teachers:Integrating Technology into classroom teaching. All river street. Hoboken,NJ. Wiley & sons Inc. Internet En. Westbrook_o ARTS_and_Science/Ethnology www. Magic_city_news. Com/education_10/ definition Of social media in the classroom's. SHTML en. Wi
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Cyberarts Essay
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