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    Compare And Contrast in Digital Revolution

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    It is no secret that the digital revolution has contributed a lot of new advances that has changed the way humans behave. Among others, the digital revolution has allowed society to better portray a message through technology- including social media, email, pictures, and other communication software. With all these new forms of wireless communication, doesn’t matter the location if there’s a type of signal or connection, humans can get in contact with just about anyone in a matter of seconds.

    Before the internet, communication wasn’t impossible, but it was very exceedingly slow and expensive. To stay in contact with friends and family who didn’t live near you, you were forced to send letters through the postal service. These letters would take days, maybe even weeks, to reach it’s intended receiver.

    Also, the lack of technology made it very difficult to share important news with the rest of the world. The information had to go through such a long process, traveling through many different channels, just to spread the world. Although this may seem mind blowing to today’s society, this was the reality of communication for people in the past. Since the digital age, the amount of access to different forms of communication has tremendously increased.

    Millions of emails are sent each day containing lots of valuable information on a wide variety of topics. Emails have made it possible to send a message anywhere around the world in a matter of seconds. They have made communication a lot easier, especially on a professional or business level. Emailing has made it possible to make all sorts of business connections and partner with different people from all over the world. In a society where networking is one of the best ways to enhance your career is it important to have easy access to the different people you know. Emailing helps a lot when it comes to sending a mass message, a positive for a big group of people like, staff workers, a community, my point is you can to send an email to hundreds not a text message to hundreds at one time.

    Emails are not the only form of communication that emerged from the digital revolution. Social media continues to have an impact of the way people communicate with other people around the world. It is known that humans subconsciously try to influence what another think of us. This results in people engaging in certain activities in order to convey a specific impression of themselves.

    Social media is one of the easiest ways to portray an image that you believe seems more appealing to everyone else. You can effortlessly convey a certain image by the pictures or statuses you specially post on your social media. Also, in an indirect way by the posts you quote on Twitter, pictures you like on Instagram, and posts you share on Facebook. To appear “cool” you may try to show that you keep up with the latest trends, to seem wealthy you may post pictures with expensive items, etc. This form of image maintenance often leads to what is known as catfishing, where an individual lies about who they are on the internet, mostly social media, to get the attention of another individual or group.

    The technology that stems from the digital revolution has also made it easier for people to voice their opinions and engage in conversation just from a comment section or response are just a couple of clicks a way, who share the same beliefs as them. Before, to get your story to be seen by other people it had to be approved by a newspaper that was willing to publish your article.

    Now, you can easily state your beliefs without receiving validation from anyone. You can easily say how you feel about any topic by making a post on social media or even start your own blog. This isn’t necessarily a good thing seeing as how just anyone can put information on the internet there isn’t always system in place to check the accuracy of this information. This has led to people being very skeptical and having to fact check everything they read on the internet.

    In the past, lack of proximity made it hard to exchange information with different people. This closeness also made it difficult to put on a facade about the type of person you really are. Before the digital revolution you had to actually go out and talk to people, they knew you, what you believed in, the things that peaked your interest, your strengths and weaknesses and so on.

    During the early 20th century there wasn’t a way to communicate with people that you didn’t know personally, you were forced to have lunch with someone if you wanted to discuss future business plans or ask a girl out on a date to let her know you were interested. It was almost impossible to engage in business with someone who lived in a different state, and it was also unlikely for people to participate in long distance relationships.

    This is simply because before the digital revolution there was barely any form of contact that didn’t involve talking to someone face to face. During this period, families ate dinner together and often talked about how their day went. Now after dinner is served everyone goes their separate ways and usually eats dinner while looking at some screen weather it’s a phone, tv screen or computer screen.

    The internet has had a lasting impact on the way society communicates with each other. Thousands of communication tools are now readily available to the general public which has made communication better. Phone companies, computer companies, gaming companies all type of companies are trying to find the new thing every chance they get. It is easier, cheaper, and faster to have technology then it ever has been before. The digital revolution has allowed humans to become connected on a global level and is exceeding abundantly every single day.

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