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    Compare And Contrast In Musical Choral Works

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    Some large- scale choral works in the Baroque cantata and oratorio tradition were written for civic choirs that sometimes joined together in larger choral ensembles at annual choral festivals. The song for voice and piano rekindled interest and art songs were the main music for private and group entertainment at home. The art song is a solo voice and piano composition which combines poetic and musical interests. Two important composers of the nineteenth century were, Franz Schubert and Johannes Brahms. This essay will explain the differences and similarities of the two during Romanticism. Also, during the nineteenth century the arts of music were grouped into collections called “song cycles.”

    Franz Schubert had a brief but prolific life in music. He was in a choir at a young age until his voice broke. He was also taught music in violin, piano, organ, voice and musical harmony. During his teen years he was a teacher in school like his father until 1818 when he started focusing on music. Around the beginning of the 1800’s, Schubert had already composed masterpieces that he is still known for such as, the German Lied and Der Erlkönig (The Erlking).

    Franz Schubert wrote powerful symphonies and chamber music inspired by Beethoven’s music. Schubert wrote operas and church music as well. His songs are remarkable for their melodies and use of piano, bringing poetry and music together as one. Many songs by Schubert deal with romantic love. Other songs, like The Erlking, give romantic responses to nature and the supernatural in his music.

    Johannes Brahms’ music is often considered to give new life to classical forms. He was inspired by Bach, Handel, Haydn, Mozart, Schubert, Beethoven, and Schumann. Because of his inspirations he focused on writing his music about the genres they developed. Symphonies, concertos, string quartets, sonatas and songs are all also included. He brought melodies of the nineteenth century and chromatic harmonies, however Brahms did not compose program music or symphonic poems.

    Brahms’ music connects with sentimental lyricism, rich chromatics, thick organization, and cadenced separation. In any case, his seriously motivic and natural style, and his utilization of a four development symphonic model that highlights sonata, varieties, and ABA shapes is obligated to Beethoven. Also, Johannes Brahms music is regularly called ‘total’ music. The music may call to an audience’s mind any number of pictures or thoughts, yet they are of the audience’s creative energy, from the audience’s elucidation of the tunes, harmonies, rhythms, and surfaces composed by Brahms.

    The Erlking, by Franz Schubert is strikingly emotional, a specific update that music and dramatization cooperated in a few nineteenth-century kinds, regardless of whether their associations can be most completely created in a long structure, for example, a musical drama. Schubert set the expressions of a few artists of his day, and The Erlking (1815) is drawn from the verse of the most well-known: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

    The Erlking recounts the account of a dad who is surging on horseback with his sickly child to the specialist. Dazed from fever, the child hears the voice of the Erlking, a messenger of death kind of ruler of the pixies, who appears to youthful youngsters when they are going to bite the dust, tricking them into the world past. The dad endeavors to promise his child that his dread is envisioned, however when the dad and child achieve the yard of the specialist’s home, the kid is observed to be dead.

    The song is a workmanship tune that sets a sonnet for solo voice and piano. The ballad recounts the narrative of three characters, who are portrayed in the music through changes in song, concordance, and range. The piano sets general state of mind and backings the vocalist by portraying pictures from the content. However, Symphony No.1, by Johannes Schubert is lilting tuneful and change the scherzo temperament into something more sentimental. It is in ABA frame.

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