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    Classical Conversations Cycle 2 History Sentences

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    Tell me about Charlemagne.
    In 800 AD, during the medieval period, Pope Leo III crowned Charlemagne Holy Roman Emperor of Europe.
    Tell me about William the Conqueror.
    After the church split into Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox, William the Conqueror defeated King Harold of England in 1066 and started feudalism.
    Tell me about the Crusades.
    Eleanor of Aquitaine and her son, Richard the Lion-hearted, fought the Turks for Jerusalem during the time of the Crusades, which occurred from 1095 to 1291.
    Tell me about the Magna Carta.
    English KIng John signed the Magna Carta in 1215, limiting the king’s power. Later, England’s King Edward III claimed to be king of France and began the Hundred Years’ War in 1337.
    Tell me about the Hundred Years’ War.
    During the Hundred Years’ War, Joan of Arc and King Charles VII led the French to defeat England at the Battle of Orleans. In the late 1340s, fleas on rats carried the Plague, which killed one out of three Europeans.
    Tell me about the Renaissance.
    During the Renaissance period, from 1350 to 1600, Da Vinci was a famous inventor, Shakespeare was a famous playwright, Michelangelo was a famous artist, and Copernicus was a famous scientist.
    Tell me about the Reformation.
    In 1517, Martin Luther began the Protestant Reformation by printing the Ninety-five Theses that made Pope Leo X excommunicate him. Later John Calvin joined the Reformation.
    Tell me about European exploration.
    Between the 1400s and the mid-1500s, Dias rounded the Cape of Good Hope, Amerigo Vespucci sailed to the Americas, Balboa crossed Central America to the Pacific, Magellan’s crew sailed around the globe, and Coronado explored the American Southwest.
    Tell me about the age of absolute monarchs.
    Between the 1500s and 1700s, Henry VIII of England, Louis XVI of France, Phillip II of Spain, Peter the Great of Russia, and Frederick the Great of Prussia ruled during the age of absolute monarchs.
    Tell me about the history of Russia
    Vladimir I brought Christianity to Russia in the 900s.
    In the late 1400s, Czar Ivan the great built the Kremlin in Moscow. Catherine the Great expanded and westernized Russia in the late 1700s.

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