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Christmas Essay

Christmas is the day when Jesus’s birthday is celebrated, and as this glorious holiday approaches, this seems to be the most common question among students worldwide. Some of them are more, some less creative, but still, the task has to be done, which is why I decided to give you prompts and ideas on how to write a Christmas story.

Each text should contain some introduction, elaboration, and conclusion. No matter the titles on which you decide, here are some short examples on which you can write a thesis on.

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It is okay to describe both positive and negative feelings about this holiday. Not all the people feel the same about it.

Write from your heart. The point of any text is to express your own feelings and thoughts.

Christmas essay example 1 (500 words)

Christmas would be more meaningful without gifts

Do we need presents at Christmas?

I feel the answer to this question is no. This is the date when Jesus’s birthday is celebrated, and there isn’t really any reason to receive presents on Christmas. Would you be truly shortchanged if you weren’t able to find some gifts under the Christmas tree one December morning? If your answer is yes, maybe ask yourselves if you are true Christians. I’ll do my best to explain my view on this worldwide celebrated day and elaborate on how much better I feel Christmas mood would be without them.

Why presents are bad for Christmas

Christmas should be celebrated for all coming together and enjoying a joyous time of merriment and cheer. Whether it’s with friends, family or both, what should be celebrated are Jesus, the presence of loved ones, and letting that love give us strength and serenity.

Instead, when Christmas mood rolls around, what most everyone worries about is whether or not they have the ideal gifts for everyone. Oh no, what do you give to your parents, siblings, best friend, significant other? And then, when you manage to at least come to a decision there, you find yourself bogged down by the need to actually go shopping.

Think about it. How often do you end up happy, when shopping for Christmas presents? There’s a ton of noise, and everyone is usually willing to do anything to get to their perfect gift. You’re in the same boat. Jesus helps you if you haven’t been shopping weeks, if not months in advance. That definitely makes me cheery, the thought of having to elbow strangers in the face to get a good bottle of perfume or the ideal pair of headphones for someone.

Now, if you think online shopping might be your salvation, sure. But only if you planned way in advance, otherwise you’re going to be stuck at the whims of delivery drivers thinking of their own gift shopping, and not the Christmas that should be celebrated. Even services like same-day delivery and such will make you pay out the nose, since, hey, why shouldn’t they? You’re the one who waited, after all.

Finally, consider the corporate corruption of Christmas, as a consequence of rampant gift giving. First of all, many jobs are a lot harder when Christmas rolls around, precisely due to this, souring the experience for a lot of people. Beyond that, the costs of gifts add to the stress, especially if you have to scramble and pull late shifts or add shifts to your schedule to earn enough money.  In the end, the only winners end up being big corporations, who probably started this trend to begin with.

A better Christmas without presents

Picture a day where the entirety of it is spent enjoying life, with friends and family. Picture how you’re already calm, from a relaxing week leading up to it. There is no disappointment or people caring more for their gifts than others. This is a Christmas and true Christians’ spirit without any gifts.

Christmas essay example 2

How to choose a perfect Christmas present?

For some people getting the ideas for choosing the perfect gift for Christmas is the hardest task there is. For others, there’s nothing easier and more enjoyable in the world. How can one be sure that he/she has chosen the right one for the magnificent day ahead to be celebrated? I will tell you how I do it.

Money is not the most important thing in the world

When it comes to deciding on a present, I believe that money is not the key factor for choosing one. The main purpose of a present is to remain in someone’s memory as a token of appreciation. Having said that, sometimes I don’t have to spend money at all, I can make presents for my family and friends.

The price of the present itself won’t make it look more or less nice. People who have many family members and friends, need to buy lots of presents, but that doesn’t mean they have to spend a fortune on it. Something symbolical in the name of Jesus would be more than fine.

My main criteria for choosing present

Getting Christmas presents for my dear family and friends is really an exciting and enjoyable time every year. What matters the most to me when I think of a present is who I am going to give it to.

That way I know whether I need something practical and useful, or some lovely souvenir. Sometimes even a Christmas card is enough. As I said, it’s a token of appreciation, something people will remember me for.

When I have more time, I like to DIY Christmas presents, because that way they become more personal and special. It’s like I put part of myself in it. And I know that the one who gets the gifts sees and feels that.

Before I give the present away…

It’s all about making a good plan. The first thing I do is make a list of people whom I plan to give a Christmas present. Then I get down to making or buying them. This way, step by step, I solve this interesting, yet demanding task.

I think it’s very important to start doing this on time, long before the Christmas comes. When the merry atmosphere starts, it’s hard to organize well. So why not get the presents on time, so when the baby Jesus’s holiday arrives, all you do is enjoy! Christmas is all about sharing positive feelings with dear people.

Happy gift hunting and Merry Christmas!

Christmas essay example 3

What is Christmas actually?

Is this a question of personal preferences or there is some universal definition? Does this holiday mean the same to every person in this world? Do all people celebrate Christmas in the same way? Are there people who don’t celebrate it at all?

The common story goes like this…

With the million questions in my mind every single year, it’s hard to find the right answer. And as I grow older, more of them come, and it’s still hard to find the answer.

As we all know, Christmas is celebrated on 25th December, and it is the Jesus’ birth anniversary. It’s one of the most important holidays for Christians, but many people of some other religions celebrate it worldwide too. Children particularly enjoy this holiday, because they get lots of presents from Santa the night before.

It’s all accompanied by delicious food, colorful decoration, Christmas carols and so on. And it’s all about family and friends who gather together to enjoy the warm and merry atmosphere.

What does Christmas mean to me?

I don’t know if I should feel that way, but somehow Christmas and Jesus’s has a certain dose of melancholy. It reminds me that another year has passed and that we all keep growing older. And it certainly inspires me to find more time to spend with dear people and enjoy their company.

I believe that this is something, not all the Christians will admit, because they are expected to feel happy and positive. It’s not that I don’t enjoy this beautiful holiday, but it simply makes me wonder.

I will continue celebrating this wonderful holiday with a smile on my face and warmness in my heart, surrounded by all the people I love. But, I do know that all these thought and feelings will still be part of me.

Christmas essay example 4

What’s on my mind when Christmas comes?

While I decorate the Christmas tree, choose gifts for my beloved ones, prepare the delicious food that will be served, lots of things come through my mind. How would I describe those complex feelings that run through my heart? Do they mean I am sad or is it some divine happiness?

From the deepest parts of my heart…

Watching all the sparkling decoration, lights and candles, I start thinking how days go by at the speed of light. While I arrange the table for my dearest ones, I think about how precious those moments of the gathering are, all the energy that we exchange when laughing and singing Christmas carols. All the gifts and Christmas atmosphere that we give and receive, it’s like we’re exchanging parts of our hearts and feelings with the ones we love the most.

And all Christmas days we have celebrated in honor of Jesus, and all those to come will remain in my memory for my whole life. As I write this Christmas story on a cold December night, I just want to say how happy I am that there are holidays like this one. Holidays which remind us to appreciate each and every moment of our lives.

Christmas essay example 5 

How would I describe Christmas?

What I like the most about Christmas is the Christmas atmosphere and the joy that goes along. Christians and numerous people worldwide have celebrated this holiday for years, and the magic still goes on and will never stop.

That 25th December is the day when families gather together when they sing Christmas carols and exchange gifts. That’s the day when Jesus was born, and people do their best to celebrate it as festive and merry as possible.

This day is both religious and public holiday. That means that all the institutions are closed so that people can spend time with their beloved ones.

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Christmas Essay
Christmas is the day when Jesus’s birthday is celebrated, and as this glorious holiday approaches, this seems to be the most common question among students worldwide. Some of them are more, some less creative, but still, the task has to be done, which is why I decided to give you prompts and ideas on how to write a Christmas story. Each text should contain some introduction, elaboration, and conclusion. No matter the titles on which you decide, here are some short examples on which you can
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Christmas Essay
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