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    Chemistry and Our Everyday Life

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    The evolution force makes life more colorful. The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2018 has exceeded the evolution and have a great contribution to human. Enzymes are used for pharmacy for patients now. Antibiotics can fight with a lot of diseases now. Evolution is a powerful force on Earth, which it lasted for a long time and has been filled by organisms adapted to different environments. Evolution is a part of life on earth, which it can solve many hard chemical problems. Extract materials and energies are from the organism in our environment. Fish is a development of underwater molecular glue. Some small things are new chemistry in our life, which can develop our life on earth.

    In 1979, Frances Arnold was a “newly graduated mechanical and aerospace engineer”. Frances developed a new technology to our human life. Frances worked with solar power, and some of renewable resources were from solar power in 2000, which is a US decision. New DNA technology is a part of future industry after 1981 presidential election. Frances explained how some new ways of creating material and chemistry are our basic need in our daily life. Enzyme is an idea of Frances in chemical tools, including traditional chemistry use for plastics and strong solvents requirement for heavy metals and corrosive acids. New enzymes will be catalyse chemical reactions in the Earth organism.

    At the end of 1980s, Francis tried to give some new properties for enzymes, but the molecule of enzymes are complex. There are many different types of building blocks in amino acids, which can be extremely mixed. There are many amino acids in an individual enzyme. The special three-dimensional frameworks are the part of combination of amino acids in long chains for an individual enzyme. In these frameworks, catalysing is a creation of specific chemical reaction. At the beginning of 1990s, Francis felt hard to remodelize a given enzyme new properties and decided to give up. In her opinion, evolutionary is a better chemistry in humor’s own way.

    For a few years, subtilisin was her new alternation, which it could work in an organic solvent DMF. Mutations are France’s creations of random alternations in the enzyme’s genetic code and then presented these mutated gene into bacteria that created a lot of types of subtilisin. Selection is a part of evolution. Frances exploited that milk protein, casein can be broken down by subtilism. She had selections of different subtilism that was the most active way to break down casein in a solution with 35% DMF. The new circular of random mutations were France’s introduction in this subtilism.

    Frances found a variant in the third generation of subtilisin worked much better in DMF than the first enzyme, and there are many combination in this variant. Mating or pollinant consists of different mixed individuals in one prerequisites for humor evolutionary. Robust combination is a mixture of beneficial properties. Willem was a Dutch research and entrepreneur who passed away in 2003. DNA shuffling was used a test tube identical to mating by William. In 1994, William demonstrated a lot of things from small pieces, such as the tools of DNA technologies help.

    William used DNA shuffling way to alter enzyme that is much active than the first enzyme, which means “recombination” in mating. The tools of DNA technology have been evolved many times. Frances produced enzymes in her lab. Frances thought that enzymes are really vital in many substances of manufactory. Frances did a lot of greener aid in enzymes and worked with renewable energy, such as sugars to isobutanol, biofuels for transportation, and greener plastics.

    Some pharmaceuticals can fight with diseases or cancer and neutralize poison, which are awarded the second half of 2018’s Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Bacteriophages were used by George Smith for clone genes. DNA technology is really now and the human genome was really hard to find. Some genes are body proteins’ productions. Cloning and George Smith’s idea are a bad methods to bacteriophages, but many scientists found new beneficial ways for using new genetic tools for the bacterias.

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