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    Analytical Chemistry Essay (1193 words)

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    Nanothinc – providing information services concerning nanotechnology and related enabling technologies, which include supramolecular chemistry, protein engineering, molecular design and modelling softwareOxford Molecular Group PLC – A leading developer and marketer of computer-aided chemistry and bioinformatics software. Mac Education Software: Chemistry Math Latin Greek French SpanishProde – Data on software, computers, chemical engineering, chemistryTrinity Software – programs for chemistry, life science, and speech and communication. Program titles include curriculum supplements and research tools for both PC and MAC computers. New Technology Collaborative, Inc – educational interactive simulations for science in general and for chemistry extensively and periferally physics and earth and space science.

    Bowser-Morner, Inc. – We provide quality professional services in product evaluation and materials testing, analytical chemistry laboratory, environmental consulting, geotechnical and construction materials testing, field services, subsurface explorations, engineering consulting and design, and radon calibration. ChemSOLVE Corp. – analytical services in waste evaluation and characteriztion. specializes in analytical chemistry, environmental consulting, laboratory automation and Web Page design. Art of Health – Studies in body chemistry, human nutrition, and natural healing have brought insight into the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of humans.

    Brown, Martin, Haller & McClain – A full-service intellectual property law firm, with particular expertise in the areas of biotechnology, chemistry and semi-conductor technologies. Nanothinc – Nanothinc is a new San Francisco based company providing information about nanotechnology and the related enabling technologies, which include supramolecular chemistry, protein engineering, molecular design and modelling software, STM/AFM/etc. (nanoscopy) and even progress in the top-*down approach (which includes nanolithography and micromachines). ChemTech Publishing – offer books, journal, software on topics in chemistry: including polmers, blends, alloys, rheolog, recycling, and sealants. ChemTech Publishing – offer books, journal, software on topics in chemistry: including polmers, blends, alloys, rheolog, recycling, and sealants.

    Nevada Technical Associates, Inc. – provides short training courses for the nuclear industry in radiation safety, radiochemistry and health physicsSleeping Solutions – Jo Ann Cutler Friedrich, P. A. – nationally known medical researcher who has found a definitive link between brain chemistry, sleep, and behaviorSpartan – a molecular modelling package for computational chemistry applications produced by Wavefunction. This site introduces users to some of Spartan’s features and even allows users to inquire about free copies.

    WindowChem Software Catalog – Over 400 software products for chemistry, biochemistry, chemical engineering, spectroscopy, spectrometry, chromatography and more. . . Match.

    Com – Cyberflirting, email chemistry and online romance. Interactiva – A virtual laboratory for nucleic acid and protein chemistry. Mac Education Software: Chemistry Math Latin Greek French SpanishASAD – is a software package for building atmosphericchemistry modelsChemistry Software for MacintoshMac Education Software: Chemistry Math Latin Greek French SpanishThe Biophysical Chemistry Virtual ClassroomMac Education Software: Chemistry Math Latin Greek French SpanishNCSA Chemistry Visualization – NCSA Chemistry Visualization Project, allowing High School chemistry teachers to use supercomputers to visualize abstract parts of chemistry. Chemical Separations – Survey Course covering methods of separation. Emphasis is placed on modern chromatographic methods.

    General, Organic and Biochemistry – Two semester series of lecture slides, practice exams and chapter summaries. Dalhousie University – Department of ChemistryMasaryk University – Dept of Inorganic Chemistry – These pages contains: annual reports of reasearch and teaching activities, list of publications, chemistry related URLs, local information, email addresses of staffChemistry Department – Details of current undergraduate courses and postgraduate research work currently being undertaken. Chemistry DepartmentRecipes of the Institut of Nuclear Chemistry – in English and German. Boffa, Lisa Saunders – Undergraduate and chemistry humor from the University of Texas The SolutionBower, Charles – Includes the basic stuff, CV, links to Internet starting points, and a section of light entertainment.

    The page is perpetually changing, of course. Fariello, Gabriele R. – there’s a coffeeshop gallery, an art history sampler, a chemistry teaching forum and hopefully more by the ime you check it out. Hicks, Aaron – Orchids! Firefighting! Geochemistry!Marzella, Phillip [new] – Neurochemistry, documentaries and film making are my interests.

    Also my thesis on dopamine receptors and schizophrenia should appear shortly!Peisach, Daniel – Biochemistry graduate student, Brandeis University. Ramadan, Ziad [new] – contains personal information and research area in ChemistryRocha, John-David Ray – links to educational stuff, computerprogramming, Chemistry and Math. Also COOl links to Star Wars, Illuminati, Magic:the Gathering, and sci-fi/fantasy stuff. Santos, Joey – Ang Aking Kubo – If you like CHEMISTRY, The PHILIPPINES and EAGLES, then we have something in common. Turner, James – an undergraduate at California Institute of Technology. Jim plans to major in Chemistry.

    Vacek, George – Living High and Eating Low with Chemistry GeeksWang, Sam – a twist of biochemistry research. Also includes many fun and interesting linksAtlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory – AOML – The mission of the laboratory is to conduct basic and applied research programs in both coastal and open oceans, hurricane and tropical meteorology, atmospheric chemistry, acoustic applications for fisheries recruitment variability and coastal effluent plume dispersion. Langley Distributed Active Archive Center – The Langley DAAC is responsible for archiving and distributing NASA science data in the areas of radiation budget, clouds, aerosols, and tropospheric chemistry. Sandia GeochemistrySandia National Laboratory – Combustion Chemistry LaboratoryUniversity of Akron – College of NursingChemistry Information from the Rave SceneUniversity of California at San Francisco – Pharmaceutical ChemistryScrambled Word and Crossword SolverSheffield Collegiate Cricket ClubUniversity of Amsterdam – Chemistry LibraryFundamental Physical Constants / NaturkonstantenDepartment of Biochemistry [new] – A guide to the departmental programs, and list of resources for biochemistry and molecular biology. Department of ChemistryUniversity of Heidelberg-Department of Inorganic Chemistry – The group of Prof. G.

    HuttnerDepartment of ChemistryDepartment of Quantum Chemistry – Uppsala, SwedenDepartment of ChemistryCollege of Chemistry at BerkeleyChemistryChemistry Dept, San Diego State UniversityDepartment of ChemistryDepartment of Microbiology, Molecular Biology, and Biochemistry – Information about and for people interested in the department. John Koropchak’s Research Group – Research focuses on the utilization or modification of aerosols for anayltical purposes. Current projects include using thermospray, atomic emission spectrometry and light scattering detectors for detectors of various separation techinques. Department of BiochemistryDepartment of ChemistrySaint Louis University BiochemWeb – Everything one could ever ask about the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology program here at SLU can be found at this site. Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry Programs – graduate program information; faculty, staff, and student pages with research interests; seminars and other events; mailing lists; related links.

    Department of ChemistryDepartment of ChemistryDuke Department of ChemistryNorth Carolina State University – ChemistryChemistry and BiochemistryDepartment of ChemistryDepartment of ChemistryUniversity of Alabama at Birmingham – Biochemistry ; Molecular GeneticsIndex – Bio-wURLd – a user maintained collection of URLs related to molecular biology, biochemistry and bioinformaticsFrance – Institute of Biology and Chemistry of ProteinsAmino AcidsChemical Separations – Survey Course covering methods of separation. Emphasis is placed on modern chromatographic methods. Chemistry ; Biological Sciences [new] – A resource for chemical research and development solutions. Chemistry public talks – A collection of chemistry research colloquia delivered in public and available on-line as WWW slide showsChemistry Resources for TeachersConversion of UnitsElectrochemistry – Research information: Chemistry, Electrochemistry, UltrasoundGlobal Instructional Chemistry – A forum for collecting and exchanging useful information for teaching chemistryHazardous Chemical Database [new] – Searchable database of over 1300 hazardous chemicals.

    Includes names, synonyms, formula, physical data, NFPA ratings, DOT guides and registry numbers.International Global Atmospheric Chemistry (IGAC) ProjectScience

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