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Ch 17.2 Northern Renaissance

no place
craftsman, invented the printing press
Johann Gutenberg
most famous writer of the Elizabethan Age
William Shakespeare

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Bubonic Plague
What caused the decline of the European population by 1450?
disease that killed thousands
What is the Bubonic Plague?
after the Hundred Years War
When did the cities’ population start to increase?
city states
What was Italy divided into during the Italian Renaissance?
France and Europe
Which two countries were a part of the Northern Renaissance?
Who (government) controlled England and France?
one ruler
What is a monarch?
Francis I
Who invited DaVinci to retire to France?
Italian artists and architects
Who did Francis I hire to decorate his castle?
What was the name of Francis I castle?
showcase for Renaissance art
What did Francis I castle become?
What were the artists interested in during the Northern Renaissance?
French king invaded Northern Italy
What happened in 1494?
wanted a safer life
Why did many Italian artists leave Italy?
Albrecht Durer
Which German artist traveled to Italy to study in 1494?
woodcuts and engravings
What did Durer make when he returned to Germany?
Hans Holbein
Which artist did Durer influence?
Painting in photographic detail
What was Holbein’s specialty?
King Henry VIII and English royal family
Who did Holbein do portraits of?
Where was the artistic center of Northern Europe
support of wealthy families
What helped make Flanders the artistic center of Northern Europe?
Jan Van Eyck
Who was the first great Flemish Renaissance painter?
What paintings were common during the Northern Renaissance and spread to Italy?
realistic details and personality of subjects
What was so wonderful about Van Eyck’s work?
influenced later artists
What did Van Eyck’s art do for Northern Europe?
What was important to the humanists during the Northern Renaissance?
The Praise of Folly
What did Erasmus write in 1509?
study the bible
What did Erasmus think would improve society?
What book did Thomas More write in 1516?
What language did More use in his writings?
Who mostly attended school during the Northern Renaissance?
Christine de Pizan
Who was the first woman to become a writer during the Northern Renaissance?
Christine de Pizan
Who was the first person to disagree with treatment of boys and girls?
Elizabethan Age
What was it called when the Renaissance moved to England?
Queen Elizabeth I
Who was the time of the England Renaissance named after?
45 years
How long did Queen Elizabeth rule?
William Shakespeare
Who was the most famous writer of the Elizabethan Age?
William Shakespeare
Who is the greatest playwright of all time?
sad story
What is meant by a tragedy?
Who invented block printing and movable type?
Johann Gutenberg
Who invented the printing press?
approximately 1440
When was the printing press invented?
What was the first book Gutenberg printed?
approximately 1455
When did Gutenberg print his first book
artistic and social changes
What was so wonderful about the European Renaissance?

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Ch 17.2 Northern Renaissance
no place utopia craftsman, invented the printing press Johann Gutenberg
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Ch 17.2 Northern Renaissance
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