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    Ch 12

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    Which of the following was a feature of the communities in Australia in the fifteenth century?
    The practice of “firestick farming”
    In the fifteenth century, what did the Igbo people in West Africa have in common with the Iroquois League in North America?
    Institutions for resolving conflict in the absence of a state
    Why did the maritime expeditions of the Indian Ocean basin sponsored by the Ming emperor suddenly stop in 1433?
    The emperor’s successors viewed expansion as a waste of resources.
    Which of the following reflected the fragmented and competitive political environment in Europe in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries?
    The Hundred Years’ War between England and France
    Which of the following was a motivation for European expansion but not for Chinese expansion in the fifteenth century
    To gain direct access to the goods and wealth of the Indian Ocean basin
    What feature did the Mughal Empire and Songhay Empire share?
    The rulers were Muslim, but the majority of the population was not
    Which empire ended the Byzantine Empire and came the closest to conquering Europe?
    Ottoman Empire
    How was Islam introduced into Southeast Asia and West Africa?
    By traveling merchants
    What did the Inca Empire do that the Aztec Empire did not do?
    Build an elaborate bureaucracy to integrate and control its subjects
    What could women do in both the Aztec and Inca Empires?
    Exercise political authority
    In the fifteenth century, long-distance trade shifted to
    East Asia, Southeast Asia, and the Indian Ocean
    Which of the following was a web of connection that linked many of the peoples in the world of the fifteenth century?
    In its efforts to recover from the disruption of Mongol rule, where did the Ming dynasty look for inspiration?
    The culture of past Chinese dynasties
    in which empire was a Shia version of Islam made the official religion in the sixteenth century?
    Safavid Empire
    Which of the following is true of the Mughal Empire?
    B) it established unified control over most of the Indian peninsula
    The wars carried out by the Aztec Empire were linked to
    C) the practice of Human sacrifice
    Which of the following pairs of societies shared a common religion
    Songhay and Ottoman
    the inca and Aztec empires practiced similar gender-based systems in which women and men operated in two separate but equal spheres, a system that scholars called
    A) gender parallelism
    in the fifteenth century, the gathering and hunting way of life associated with the Paleolithic era persisted in
    Which of the following was the most centralized, unified and prosperous of the world’s major civilization in the fifteenth century?
    Which of the following was a value emphasized in the Renaissance
    The ruler of the Songhay Empire made the pilgrimage to Mecca and asked to be given which title?
    caliph of the Land of the Blacks
    Which city emerged as a major Muslim port city in the Indian Ocean basin in the fifteenth Century
    What was the largest pastoral society in West Africa in the fifteenth century
    The Fulbe
    What was a principle underlying the Great Law of Peace of the Iroquois League?
    Limited Government
    After the fifteenth century, how did the Chinese state resolve the problem created by a growing population and land scarcity
    More intensive use of available land
    n what way were the Aztec and Inca empires similar
    Both started out as marginalized peoples who conquered and absorbed older cultures
    What did the Aztec Empire require conquered people to do
    Pay Tribute
    In which century did European peoples begin to take on a more prominent role on the global stage

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