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british literature:english renaissance

The Renaissance involved questioning the authority of the Catholic Church. Most outspoken opponents were unhappy about:
1. Corruption
2. Church teachings
3. Hierarchy
beginning and end dates of the english renaissance
What did the Renaissance prompt?
1. Arts
2. Scholars
3. Sea Exploration
british literature:english renaissance

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When did Exploration reach it’s peak? What happened?
In 1492, columbus arrived in the western hemisphere
The Renaissance began Italy
in 1350
the renaissance spread north to england in
what year did the Tudor dynasty begin?
what year did henry the 7th die?
name of english philoshoper who focused on the morality of the church
the names of henry the 8th’s six wives
Catherine of Aragon Anne Boleyn
Jane Seymour
Anne of Cleaves
Catherine Howard
Katherine Parr
during which kings reign did parliment change the nations religious practices?
Edward the 6th
who took the throne after Edward the 6th died in 1553
his sister Mary
Queen Mary became known as Bloody Mary after she did what?
killed 300 protestants
Mary died how many years into her rein?
five and a half years
In what year did the Tudor Dynasty begin
Questions were raised about the New Testament in terms of what?
What did the German Monk Martin Luther do?
1. He translated the Bible from Latin to German
2. He posted inconsistencies on the door of the Catholic Church
3. He created a split in the Catholic Church called the Protestant Reformation
4. The split gave rise to Lutherism
In what year did Henry the 7th die?
What was Henry the 7th able to do before he died?
restore the monarchy.
Who was Henry the 7th’s successor?
Henry the 8th
What religion was Henry the 8th?
What did Henry the 8th do to gain favor with the Catholic Church?
He wrote a book against the actions of Martin Luther.
How did the Catholic Church reward Henry the 8th.
The pope gave him the title Defender of the Faith
Why did the relationship between Henry the 8th and the Catholic Church disintegrate?
Because the pope refused to annul his marriage to Catherine of Aragon.
Why did Henry the 8th want to annul his marriage to Cathrine of Aragon
because it didn’t produce any sons.
What happend when the pope refused to annul Henry the 8th’s marriage.
Henry the 8th broke away from the church and created the Church of England.
What did Henry the 8th do to the Caholic Church after he broke away?
He seized the church’s property in England and executed his friend and advisor Thomas Moore because he refused to leave the catholic church.
What is the name of Henry the 8th’s 6 wives
1. Catherine of Aragon
2. Anne Boleyn
3. Jane Seymour
4. Anne of Cleaves
5. Catherine Howard
6. Katherine Parr
which of king Henry the 8th wives give birth to his only son
Jane Seymour
what was the name of king Henry the 8th only son
Edward the 6th
At what age did Edward the 6th become king
At what age did King Edward the 6th die?
How did parliment change the nations religious practices during the reign of Edward the 6th
1. English replaced Latin in Church
2. Common prayer book replaced the Anglican prayer book
3. By 1553 England was becoming a Protestant Nation
Who succeeded Mary after she died?
Her sister Elizabeth
What was significant about Elizabeth
1. She became the most prominent monarchs since William the Conquerer
2. She had a renaissance education on Greek and Roman classics.
3. She became a great patron of the Arts.
What was Elizabeth tried to do during her reign
She reinstated the monarchy control of the Church of England and tried to control both Catholics and Protestants.
Who was Elizabeth’s main obstacle?
Mary Stuart Queen of Scotland
Why was Mary Stuart Queen of Scotland an obstacle to Elizabeth?
Because Catholics did not recognize Henry’s other marriages, so they considered Mary Stuart Queen of England.
How did Elizabeth deal with Mary Stuart?
She put her in prison for 18 yrs.
What happened to Mary Stuart Queen of Scotland?
parliment eventually decided to have her executed
In what year did Elizabeth die?
Who did Queen Elizabeth name as her successor?
King James Stuart of Scotland
What religion was King James the 1st?
What was King James the 1st’s reign called?
The Jacobian Era
What two things did King James the 1st support?
the Arts and Exploration
What did King James the 1st sponser?
the first American Colony in Jamestown, Virginia
What did James the 1st and Parliment struggle for?
What did James the 1st believe in?
The divine rights of the King.
What group of people did James the 1st persecute?
the Puritans
What did the Puritans do as a result of being persecuted?
they migrated to America and established Plymouth Colony in 1620
What are the characteristics of the Elizabethian Age?
1. a burst of expression inspired by the church.
2. Architects designed structures and composers wrote hymns to fit religious services
3. German, many migrated to England where they were hired as court painters and where the art reflected the ideas of the times.
4. The most significant literary development of the times was poetry.
5. Lyric poetry was favored over narrative poems of the medieval times.
6. poets favored the sonnet
What was the most popular literary form of the Elizabethan age ?
The Sonnet Cycle
What is a Sonnet Cycle
a series of sonnets that fit together to form a story
What are some famous Elizabethan poets?
Shakespeare, Sir Philip Sydney, and Edmund Spencer.
What are the characteristic of a Sonnet
A sonnet is a 14 line poem which is in iambic pentameter and the rhyme scheme varies
How did Shakespear change the Sonnet
Shakespeare changed the pattern and rhyme scheme of the Petrarchan or Italian sonnet into a new form called the Shakespearean sonnet.
sonnet cycle
a series of sonnets that fit together to form a story
3 most famous elizabethan poets
shakespeare, sydney, and spencer
petriarchain sonnet
abba abba
cde cde
cd cd cd
shakesperian sonnet
ab ab cd cd ef ef g g
what is pastoral poetry?
idelaizes the simplicity of moral life
4 fun facts about christopher marlowe
1.populatized pastoral verse
2.he was a playwrite
3.he didnt live past the age of 30
4 fun facts about sir walter raleigh
1.he was known as a renaissance man
2.he was a writer
3.he was a soldier and explorer
3 facts about elizabethan dramas
1.turned away from religion
2.used greek and roman classics
3.reintroduced the tragedy
what took a backseat to poetry?
who wrote defense of the poesy
sir philip sydney
3 fun facts about sir francis bacon
1.leading pros writer of the renaissance
2.was government official
3.mad contributions in the area of natural science and philosphy to the king jams bible
what write wrote the unfortunate traveler?
thomas nashe
where was shakespeare born?
who was he born to?
a glovemaker
At age 18 who did shakespeare marry?
anne hathaway
what were the names of his three childeren?
judith and hamnet
what play company did shakespeare act for?
lord chamberlains men
what did the lord chamberlains men later become known as?
the kings men
in what two cities did shakespeare own homes?
london and stratford-upon-avon
conspiracy on who shakespeare really was?
1.lover of queen elizabeth
2. christopher marlowe
3.sir francis bacon
who were most of his sonet adressed too?
the dark lady and the fair lord
who was said to be a closeted catholic?
whose works were famous for their deep understanding of human nature

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british literature:english renaissance
The Renaissance involved questioning the authority of the Catholic Church. Most outspoken opponents were unhappy about: 1. Corruption 2. Church teachings 3. Hierarchy beginning and end dates of the engl
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