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    Bipolar disorders Essay (700 words)

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    Bipolar disorder can best be compared to a mountain range. With high peaks of euphoria and deep valleys of depression, this disorder has periods of high, or manic stages, and periods of low, or depressed stages, with some periods of normal in between. For many people this disorder begins in the adolescent stage of life and continues throughout the persons adult life. Often people suffer needlessly for years or even decades without even recognizing that they have the disorder. As long as people are informed of the disorder this suffering can be avoided.

    Bipolar disorder can be recognized by many signs, has many treatment options, but awareness is the key to the treatment. One symptom of bipolar disorder is severe irritability and mood swings. The teen “snapping” at his or her parents, common in most households, can now be taken as a sign of depression. Of course, most teens that have bipolar disorder do not have parents to snap at. This is due to the trend of sorts that severe neglect is a major cause of this affliction. Early trauma can lead to a life of unhappy irritability and mood swings.

    A “bad attitude” can be an after effect of these early life traumas and abuses. An example of this is Lauren: at four years old she had been chained to a car door and while chained was attempting to care for her younger brother who was then two years old. Her mother, a cocaine abuser, had not tended to the children in several days. Various family members undertook the task of caring for her, but her forceful and unmanageable tendencies wore them down and they were forced to pass her on to another relative. Mood swings are also common among those suffering from bipolar disorder. These are more drastic than those normal people experience.

    Normal teenagers have mood swings quite frequently; the causes can range from trouble with family, friends and boy or girl friends. These things can also cause mood swings of those suffering from manic depression, however, on a very different scale. Problems are amplified and often the beginning signs are withdrawal from family and friends, sleeping more, and trouble in school. Spotting the difference between mood swings that need to be taken seriously can be a life-altering decision made by a professional. Treatments such as electroconvulsive therapy can improve the mental state of those with this disorder. There are many signs of the manic stage of bipolar disorder.

    Some of these are apparent and, on the other hand, many are discreet. An increased energy, activity and restlessness occur, along with racing thoughts and rapid talking. A person experiencing mania has an excessive high, or euphoric outlook on life, and an unrealistic belief in their own abilities and powers. This person may also have a decreased need for sleep. Many times a person in the manic stage is extremely irritable and easily distracted. This person shows uncharacteristically poor judgement and a sustained period of behavior that is different from their usual self.

    A manic person, along with all of these experiences an increase in sexual drive, abuse of drugs (particularly cocaine, alcohol, and sleeping medications), aggressive behavior, and a denial that anything is wrong. These can all be serous signs of a problem and could possibly be life threatening. There are also many signs of depression that can be looked for. These can include a persistent sad, anxious, or empty mood, with feelings that one is hopeless. A depressed person feels restless and irritable, and is plagued by a constant feeling of fatigue. Depression makes it difficult to concentrate on and remember things, thus making decision making a difficult process.

    A person in this state may also feel as if they are worthless and helpless. A loss of interest in pleasurable activities occurs, this can also include sex. Depression can also lead to loss of appetite and weight, however sometimes it can lead to weight gain, and can lead to chronic pain and bodily symptoms not associated with a physical disease. A very unfortunate sign of depression can be suicidal thoughts, and sometimes these lead to suicidal attempts. It is very important that these signs be recognized. .

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